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Restartup Campaigns - Campaigning in a StartupWay


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Restartup Campaigns - Campaigning in a StartupWay

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Restartup Campaigns - Campaigning in a StartupWay

  1. 1. CAMPAIGNING IN A STARTUPWAY You gain voters, we take care of a campaign CAMPAIGNS Version: 1.2
  2. 2. PROJECT GOAL StartupWay is for those who want to standas candidates, win and enforce a change orjust keep status quo. Regardless if it's a littlelocal campaign for several hundreds ofvoters or state mobilization of millions ofthem. The scale is not a problem. Crucial isyour willingness to fight for each vote andleave the campaign to professionals whoknow where to find the voter and how totalk to him.
  3. 3. PROJECT GOAL StartupWay synergically connects long- term experience of our experts from tens of election and political campaigns at home and abroad, with simple, story-based and creative solutions for startups and small firms pursued by the Restartup. Successful stories and ability to learn from our own mistakes, have taught us to be direct and simple. The complications in politics are a privilege of villains. And of course, unsuccessful candidates.
  4. 4. RECIPE FOR A GOOD CAMPAIGN Said simply, to win elections: (1) we need to know who our voter is and where he lives; (2) we need to create a clear message, why he should go to the polls, which he will spread himself; (3) we need to know how and when to get this message through efficient campaign techniques to the voter, so that on a day of elections, he decides to go to polls instead of let’s say to the park. Strategy Why? Who? Where? Tactics When? How?
  5. 5. VICTIM HERO VILLAIN NEUTRAL We have learnt that to win, you need to be a candidate with an interesting story and interested in voters. Not the one, who thinks knows a lot. RECIPE FOR A GOOD CAMPAIGN
  6. 6. Our experience proves that it's not so important to know the politics, as to know voters psychology. Their feelings, joys and worries. It's no longer possible to prepare a campaign at home, with a help of family and a few friends. Also, it doesn't make sense to sponsor advertising agencies that will compete in creative solutions, but have no clue who your voter is. We are coming up with solution, that we have tried ourselves. RECIPE FOR A GOOD CAMPAIGN
  7. 7. PACKAGES OF SERVICES “Tell me how to do it” “Set it up for me” “Lets do it for me” 1. 2. 3.
  8. 8. “Tell me how to do it” Some of the candidates just need to know how to start correctly, the rest they can handle. In that case, we will offer a consultancy and will help to make significant decisions how to invest limited resources the most effectively. We will get to know you, your strengths and weaknesses, your style of communication. We will create a profile of your core voter and potential voter. We will look into your rival. Together with you and your team, we will choose the best strategy and recommend efficient tactical solutions. We will help you and your people during your public appearances and debates, so you feel confident. We will help you to set your message and story so that it addresses your voters and potential voters. 1.
  9. 9. “Set it up for me” In this case, besides consultations, we will be your friend on a phone, or a friend next to you, so that you can start to win your voters with full force. Knowing, that your tailgate is well protected. We will set you and your campaign strategically and tactically, together with you, we will create a database and visual side of communication. We will assist you at your first steps, appearances, discussions with voters. We will show you how to do it correctly, the rest is up to you. In case you are interested, together with our partners, we will assure the production of photographs, visual solutions, web, Facebook page, campaign prints and presents. As the only ones in Slovakia, we are offering unique telephone campaigns, that will enable you personally to call all your voters at once and invite them to polls, or ask for their opinion, just a few days before elections. 2.
  10. 10. With this package, we will not only set up your campaign, but we will run it for you. You will get a 360 degree tailor made campaign. We will be your campaign manager, or we will manage your appointed campaign manager. Every day, we will be in a close contact with your team. You won't take a single step without our supervison. Together with you and through our partners, we will produce campaign materials, we will implement selected campaign techniques so that you could meet as many voters as possible and so that you have as less worries, not connected to your personal campaign, as possible. “Lets do it for me” 3.
  11. 11. PACKAGES COMPARISON 1/3 Tell me how to do it Set it up for me Lets do it for me YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE OF THREE PACKAGES OF SERVICES Consultancy during strategic setup Preparation of campaign strategy Complex strategic management Consultancy in tactical tools Preparation of tactical campaign tools Execution of campaign tactics Communication analysis of a candidate Opposition research 1. 2. 3.
  12. 12. Tell me how to do it Set it up for me Lets do it for me YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE OF THREE PACKAGES OF SERVICES Communication prep of a candidate Mastering of power plays Preparation for debates and discussions Set up of crisis communication Set up of database solution Complex data management Design of communication visuals Solutions in viral campaigns 1. 2. 3. PACKAGES COMPARISON 2/3
  13. 13. Tell me how to do it Set it up for me Lets do it for me YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE OF THREE PACKAGES OF SERVICES Assistance on a web & social networks Strategy for web & social networks Social networks content management Mobile apps for online campaign Preparation and training of the team Team leadership and management 24 hour telephone support 24 hour personal support 1. 2. 3. PACKAGES COMPARISON 3/3
  14. 14. BRIEF HOW DO WE WORK? OUR PREPARATIONW ORKSHOP TRAININGS ACTION CELEBRATION, EVALUATION AND PAYM ENT Firstly, we work transparently, in trust and discreetly. We expect that from our candidates and partners, we ourselves stick to it. We are flexible. When you select a smaller package and during a campaign you realize that you need more intensive help, we will not let you down. Victory is our common aim. When you decide for one of our packages, this will follow:
  15. 15. HOW DO WE WORK? 1. BRIEF, where we meet with you and your team to decide what will be our common aim, what it will cost you and what we will need from you, so we can get down to work as soon as possible. 2. OUR PREPARATION, during which we will get to know you as good as possible, your strengths and weaknesses, your rivals, place where you stand as a candidate and mostly, your voters, using your and our data and observations. 3. WORKSHOP, during which we will set the campaign strategy, message of the campaign, your story and tactical tools how to work with your message and your story.
  16. 16. 4. TRAININGS for you and your team, so you know how to get your message to your voters plausibly and how to use the agreed campaign tools efficiently. 5. ACTION, if you select one of our higher packages, we will assist you and your team during the field campaign and we will make sure that each detail fits into prepared strategy. In case of any crisis, when a tactical plan does not survive the first contact with reality, of course, we step in. 6. CELEBRATION, EVALUATION and PAYMENT, are a must after each campaign. We will celebrate your success, we will tell you what to learn for the future and advise you how to start, so you fulfill your message and your story. HOW DO WE WORK?
  19. 19. By researching the perpetual change and current trends.. × + ..we start the right strategies.. move up your brand, cause or people.. touch, and let us tell your story.
  20. 20. Would you like to know more or do you need a tailor made project? Let us know: Michal Novota +421 903 968 721