When visiting the RES ONE Service Store.  you will see your company logo and
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Anatomy of the RES Service Store


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From shopping cart to message center, journey through the RES Service Store with this handy infographic.

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Anatomy of the RES Service Store

  1. 1. ANATOMY OF THE RES ONE SERWCE STORE When visiting the RES ONE Service Store. you will see your company logo and branding because the Service Store is wstomizable. 1. Store Your personal service store where you can shop for services that make you productive. Clicking this button brings you back to the main store. 2. Shopping Cart Click View Cart to see the services you've selected and proceed to checkout 3. Search Bar and Filters Search for specific services. or filter by category. You will only see the services you qualify for, making it easier to find what you are looking for. 4. Undoing an Action If necessary. click Undo within 5 seconds after requesting a service to cancel. 5. Requesting Services Depending on tile type of service: - Click Add to Cart. - Click Request for a service. - Click Install for an application. 6. Service Details Click More to view a descnption of the service. screenshols and more. @ Adobelilustratol umnnnpoxumousnuugppnipwmun. %w 7. Screenshots When viewing the details ofa service, screenshots with rriore information may be included. Click on the screenshot to view it full screen. 8. Launch Application Once the application is installed. it can be launched by click the Open button. 9. Canceling Services If you are already subscribed to a service. click Remove to cancel the subscription immediately. Wew the services you‘ve added to your cart 10. Remove items Click Remove to remove a single item from the cart. Altematively, select specific items and click Remove selected. 11. Checkout Click Checkout to request all services in the cart at once. 12. Clear Cart Click Clear Cart to remove all items in the cart. After clicking Checkout. the RES ONE Servie Store automatically delivers services or begins workflows. You are subscribed to a service until you no longer qualify. Then, it will be automatically retumed. 11 13. Service Panels Request services for other people. including your employees. This section is only available if you are authorized. In-4:-re : ... ... ..i«i -. e.a'$ 14. Multiple Service Panels You may have access to multiple service panels. based on your role. 15. Search Bar and Filters Search for a specific user request, or filter the requests by category. 16. Make Requests - From the People overview, click Request to request services for a specific person. - From the Services section. click Request to request a specific service for multiple people. - When seleaing people or services, use Ctrl + s to select all services/ people. 17. Undoing an Action If necessary, click Undo within 5 seconds after requesting a service to undo this action. 18. Messages View any pending messages or updates 19. Search Bar and Filters Search for a specific message. or filter the messages by type. Click Archive for more filtering options 20. Notifications Some services may need to notify you about something. Nhen you read the message. the Read button changes to Open. Nhen you move to a different section. read messages will be archived. 21. Provide lnfonnation Some services may request for additional information before they can be delivered. For example. if you request a service that lets your organization know that you have a new mobile phone number. you may need to provide this number. 22. Tasks Some services may require the completion of a list of tasks before they can be delivered. The progress bar shows the percentage of tasks that have been completed. so you know the status. 23. Approval Some services may require approval before they are delivered. You will be notified of the approval process. i. :.‘. .1'. 'ée When services are selected. the RES ONE Service Store leverages automation to execute services. deliver applications and make needed changes. 24 24. Requests View your pending requests. including status updates. 25. Search Bar and Filters Search for a specific request. or filter the requests by category Click Show all for more filtering options. 26. Request Details Click once to view the details of a request. Presented By: Where BUSiI'leSSl For more information, visit: www. ressoftware. com software