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Managing Your Trust Network


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Present at CRS Sell-A-Bration in Las Vegas, NV

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Managing Your Trust Network

  1. 1. Managing Your Trust Network Jeff Turner - Zeek Interactive In The Digital Age
  2. 2. This Is The Road. We do business with people we trust.
  3. 3. The Road Has Not Changed. Reputation & trust will rule the web, just as it does “real life.”
  4. 4. The Tools We Use Have Changed. We have new ways to generate and propagate trust.
  5. 5. Today’s Tools Often Die Quickly. Focus on the tools and you’ve missed the point. It’s not about the tools.
  6. 6. The Roadmap. Awareness > Interaction > Engagement > Participation > Conversation > Community
  7. 7. Managing Your Trust Network. Is about your behavior.
  8. 8. Become The Bridge Be THE one who helps others span the digital divide.
  9. 9. Be Open. Remove the barriers to information.
  10. 10. Don’t Be Afraid To Follow The Shepherds. Just don’t act like a sheep.
  11. 11. Privacy Still Matters If your goal is trust, some conversations should be kept behind the walls.
  12. 12. Some Conversations Beg For A Crowd Your goal is to make certain your crowd is listening.
  13. 13. Managing Your Trust Network. The way we navigate the web has forever been altered.
  14. 14. Understand The River. People are deluged with status updates, links, pokes and invites.
  15. 15. Search The Stream. Operate in real-time, but find the tools that help you turn over the rocks.
  16. 16. Don’t Pollute The Stream. Location. Location. Context.
  17. 17. Be A Trust Agent “Someone who uses the web in a very human way to build influence, reputation, awareness, and who can translate that into some kind of business value.” - Chris Brogan
  18. 18. The Epiphany Use the web in a very human way.
  19. 19. My One Simple Key To managing your trust network in this new digital world?
  20. 20. Reach For Each Other. This is the key to succeeding with todays social technologies.