WWDC through the eyes of Jokton


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A brief look at Apple's WWDC through the eyes of first time attendee Jokton Strealy

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WWDC through the eyes of Jokton

  1. 1. Apple WWDC 2013
  2. 2. Arrived Sunday at 7PM and the line was short
  3. 3. Monday at 7AM and the line was Really Long
  4. 4. Line moved fast, was in by 8AM. This pic brings up... NDA
  5. 5. Cant resolve the text.. but the gist:
  6. 6. Everything at WWDC except the Keynote is under NDA But I can give my thoughts, opinions, and comment
  7. 7. Everything at WWDC except the Keynote is under NDA I will be giving a private talk to Engineering on Monday covering what I learned at the rest of the conference
  8. 8. Getting into the Keynote
  9. 9. Overflow Room Movie
  10. 10. Actually we get to go in the main room
  11. 11. They actually fit all 6000 attendees
  12. 12. Announced at Keynote • OS X Mavericks • Macbook Air • Mac Pro • iOS 7
  13. 13. iOS 7 Design
  14. 14. • Redesigned from the ground up • Refocus on the user experience, as it applies in 2013 • Motion effects and Animation key elements • Remember, its just the first beta iOS 7 Design
  15. 15. Clean, uncluttered look
  16. 16. Yahoo weather app won apple design award
  17. 17. Motion Effects
  18. 18. iOS 6 and iOS 7 Comparison
  19. 19. iOS 6 and iOS 7 Comparison
  20. 20. “The thing is, we’ve grown up. We don’t require hand- holding to tell us what to click or tap. Interactivity is a matter of invitation, and physical cues are only one specific type. iOS 7 is an iOS for a more mature consumer, who understands that digital surfaces are interactive, and who doesn’t want anything getting in the way of their content.” – Matt Gemmell, http://mattgemmell.com
  21. 21. What I got out of it • The session speakers were excellent • Topics covered were on-target • 1 on 1 help was invaluable • Met lots of great developers • Learned great things that apply directly to work at MyLife Mobile
  22. 22. Perks • Lots of events for mingling with fellow developers • Breakfast and lunch served everyday • Lunchtime speakers • Bash Lunch Speaker Bill Nye NASA Pixar, MLB, Jason Kingsly, Bill Nye iPad app
  23. 23. Questions