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Ixia anue maximum roi from your existing toolsets


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Ixia anue maximum roi from your existing toolsets

  2. 2. Anue 5200 Net Tool OptimizerOptimize Network Visibility, Tool Utilization, and Staff Productivity Nilesh Mapara Senior Sales Engineer – EMEA Ixia | Network Visibility Solutions 2
  3. 3. Security & Monitoring Challenges• A growing list of tools need network access – Application monitors, security/IDS, sniffers, VOIP analyzers, data recorders, compliance auditors, content filters, etc…1. Lack of network visibility – Not enough SPAN port and TAPs – Too many network segments & not enough visibility – Can’t access problems fast enough2. High tool cost – Many tools require “big pipe” aggregated view – Expensive to place tools at all required access points – High cost to monitor 10G networks – stuck trying to monitor a 10 / 40G network with 1 / 10G tools! Tools are lagging!3. Overloaded staff – Setup and maintenance is complex and difficult – Troubleshooting is too time consuming – 3 Change Board required for any required monitoring changes!
  4. 4. Market Driver: Network Speeds and• Multiple Switches Complexity• Multiple Analysers – IDS Systems – VOIP Analysers – Application Monitoring systems – Wireless monitoring systems – Deep Packet Inspectors – Custom Analysers Add the complications & challenges of Virtual networks / Virtual switches 4
  5. 5. Market Driver: Network Speeds and Complexity Application PreferenceDevice Choice - BYOD - Self ServedDevice Social MediaDiversity for Business Mobility Habits Day Shifting/Extending Move to Cloud & SAAS
  6. 6. Market Driver: Network Speeds and Complexity • BYOD – Its here to stay! Are you ready??? • What does BYOD entail for the Network Administrators • More traffic • More rogue devices • More customer complaints • More network strain • More network analysis • More… • Tools are struggling to keep up • Connectivity • Speeds • Data Overload • Wrong data • Not all the data 6
  7. 7. Your Network BEFORE a Network Monitoring Switch Compliance Management Tool Limited Visibility IDS Network Analyzer Minimal IT Data Security Crash Cart Technology IPS Underutilized Network Data Recorder Overloaded
  8. 8. Your Network AFTER a Network Monitoring Switch Compliance Management Tool IDS IPS Network Data Recorder Network Analyzer
  9. 9. Ixia Anue NTO Portfolio A Solution for Every Need Capability Enterprise Telecom & Carrier-Class 5288 5293High Performance 10/40G • High availability, high density • Flexible, scalable, high density 40G and 10G (NEBS) 40G & 10G • 16 x 40G or 64 x 10G (Modular) • 16 x 40G or 64 x 10G (modular) 5273 5236 Advanced Functionality • Versatile, robust 1/10G • NEBS for 10G networks • 24 x 10G & 4 x 1G • 24 x 10G & 4 x 1G 5204 NTO Entry • Copper • 4x10G + 24x1G 9
  10. 10. Anue NTO Intelligently Bridges the Gap Motivated by increasing visibility IDS / IPS needs Trustwave StillSecure Counter Snipe SIEM LogRhythmroduction Network McAfee BlueCoat DLP EMC-RSA Intrusion Inc. WebSense Trustwave Cisco Juniper Compuware APM Endace Dell HP Corvil Exfo Brocade NW Analyzers Wireshark LogRhythm SS8 NW Forensics Netwitness Niksun Imperva Web Security Fortinet McAfee Industry’s only automation integration with NMS/SIEM providers (Tivoli, CA, HP ArcSight)
  11. 11. Anue 5200 Net Tool Optimizer Benefits• Better Network Visibility – Extend the range and depth of monitoring coverage – Eliminate SPAN and TAP shortages – Increase network visibility points – Protect investment in existing network monitoring tools – Scale to meet high-density and 40G monitoring needs – Simplify monitoring with easy-to-use, configure & deploy solution• Reduced Tool Costs – Save money by reducing the number of duplicate tools – Monitor 10G links with less expensive 1G tools• Increased Staff Productivity – Eliminate the complexity of setting up and maintaining complex CLI filter code – No more roaming the data center to temporarily make and break SPAN ports• Security for Business – Add a layer access control between your core / production devices & users 11 – Secures access to sensitive data and tools with role based access control