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Presentation given at the Responsible Tourism in Cities Conference on 6 May 2011. Given by Lynn Maggott of The Green Cab.

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The Green Cab

  1. 1. Climate change is now a fact of life on thisplanet. "The vast majority of experts, 95%,maybe even 99%, agree that climate change istaking place,“
  2. 2. "Even the most conservative estimates areprofoundly disturbing and demand action. Weare setting up a world for our children andgrandchildren that may be extremelyfrightening and turbulent."Anthony Costello, a professor of international child health and director of the Institute for Global Health at University College London. `
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONGlobal Economic Recession – living beyond ourmeansClimate Change – living beyond the Earth’scarrying capacity The average person travelling in an average carfor an average distance of 2000km per month,produces just under 5 tones of CO2 per annum
  4. 4. THE TEAM Lynn Amiene van Venetia Thope LekauMaggott der Merwe Volkwyn
  5. 5. THE MOTIVATIONTo grow a responsible tourism businessTo pioneer Green Mobility Solutions in the tourismsectorTo create awareness Green Mobility in South Africa
  6. 6. THE CHALLENGESAccess to financeAccess to MarketOperating LicencesDemand for the business exceeded supplyStaff and assetsCustomer Service Levels
  7. 7. OVERCOMING THE CHALLENGESFind InvestorsLobby with key tourism stakeholdersIdentify suppliersSet up policies & proceduresStaff Training
  8. 8. INVESTORSFerose Oaten Spier Green Capital
  9. 9. PARTNERSHIPSCape Town Routes UnlimitedCape Town TourismCity of Cape TownSouth African National Research Institute (SANERI)Tourism Enterprise Programme (TEP)Provincial Government of the Western CapeNational Business Iniciative (NBI)
  10. 10. PARTNERSHIPSCape Town Routes UnlimitedCape Town TourismSouth African National Research Institute (SANERI)Tourism Enterprise Programme (TEP)Provincial Government of the Western Cape
  11. 11. MILESTONESFormed CC in April 2008 with 4 membersJan 2009 - won on a prestigious, National AwardJuly 2009 -secured funding from Spier Green Capital and formeda PTY (LTD)Aug 2009 - secured a contract with Protea Victoria JunctionHotelSep 2009 - started operationsSep 2010 - Provincial ETEYA Winners
  12. 12. OUR CLIENTS
  13. 13. MARKETING EXPOSUREPrint Simply Green Magazine Rooi Rose Indaba Magazine Weekend Argus, Sunday Time BrochuresViral Website; Newsletter; Social NetworksRadio Radio 702; Cape Talk and SAFMTV Inside Africa on CNN & PaselaTrade Shows Meetings Africa ITB Indaba
  14. 14. WHAT IS GREEN MOBILITYThe movement of goods and people in a way that is lessharmful to the environmentReduction in Carbon DioxideNon motorised transportElectric VehiclesVehicles fuelled with alternative energy resources
  15. 15. WHAT MAKES US “GREEN”Retrofitted with a conversion kit and is fuelled by LiquefiedPetroleum Gas or LPGFuelled by a B20 Blend of Bio-dieselGreen Partners
  16. 16. PETROL VEHICLES – RETROFITTED WITH A CONVERSION KIT POWERED BY LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an alternate energy resource, amixture of propane and butane When used as a vehicle fuel it is often referred to as autogas The simple chemical make up of the gases ensures that they areclean burning
  17. 17. 30 litre tank fitted in the boot of the vehicle
  18. 18. 67 litre tank fitted underneath the vehicle
  19. 19. Dispensing unit
  20. 20. CONVERSION PROCESSA conversion kit is installed into the vehicle by an accredited SABSinstallerThe Technical Director of Hyundai South Africa approves theinstallationFull Warranty is extended by Hyundai South AfricaVehicle is fuelled by both Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and PetrolSupplier of LPG is conveniently located
  21. 21. ENVIROMENTAL BENEFITS OF LPGCompared with petrol and diesel, LPG is the best environmentalalternativeLow carbon content fuel that reduces your carbon footprintLPG produces fewer harmful emissions that impact on local airqualityEngine noise is lowLess damage to soil and water in case of spills - LPG will quicklyevaporate in the event of a fuel spill. Unlike petrol and diesel, thereis no risk of ground or water contamination
  22. 22. WHY USE LPGReduces pollution-better air qualityDecreases CO2 emissionsDiversify energy sourcesCost effectiveImmediate accessMature technologyEasy to useEstimated 15 million vehicles in use worldwide
  23. 23. DIESEL VEHICLES – FUELLED BY B20 BLENDBiodiesel is a renewable and alternative fuel for any diesel engine,manufactured from re-used cooking oil.B20 Blend – 80% Diesel & 20% BiodieselMost recommended, and can be used with the common rail injector systemsB50 Blend - 50% Biodiesel & 50% dieselCan be used in all diesel engines except those with common rail injectorsystemsB100 Diesel – 100% BiodieselCan be used in any diesel engine except those with the new common railinjector systems – not recommended for temperatures lower than 8 degreesCelsius
  24. 24. PRODUCTION OF BIO-DIESELBiodiesel is produced from Used Vegetable Oil (UVO)The oil goes through a process to reduce the free fatty acidsThen it goes to the filtration processSeparation ProcessDry WashingWet WashingPolishing
  25. 25. ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF USING BIO-DIESELMade from recycled cooking oil which does not compete with foodstocksContains no sulphur which is the major cause of engine oil degradationImproves engine performanceProvides better engine lubrication over regular diesel75% less exhaust smoke emissionsProduces less Carbon DioxideInfinitely renewable
  26. 26. WHY USE BIO-DIESELCosts less to produce than regular dieselNO engine modifications are necessaryUsers can switch between biodiesel and regular dieselEngine warrantees are still valid if you use a 5% blend of biodieselIt helps economic growth and economic empowermentIt extends engine life by up to 200%
  27. 27. GREEN PARTNERSDemand for services exceeds supply of Green VehiclesSubcontractors who operate on behalf of the Green CabGive them options as to how to “Green their Vehicles”Train suppliers in Green MobilityEco driver trainingProvide them with Systems and Business Operating ProceduresProvide tools to monitor & measure their Carbon FootprintAccreditation as a Green Suppliers, to add credibility
  28. 28. WHY WE USE GREEN PARTNERS To ensure that we adequate “Green” suppliers nationally Create business opportunities for smaller tourism operators through anational marketing platform Owner/Driver Model Real Economic, Social and Environmental Transformation
  29. 29. CURRENT INTEREST IN GREEN MOBILITY SERVICES Focus on “Event Greening” is key in The Green Cab attracting new clients The National Business Initiative (NBI) has committed to do what is necessary to mitigate the effects of climate change Long Haul visitors are become increasingly aware of their carbon footprint Cities are positioning themselves as Responsible Tourism Destinations Opportunity to be part of it
  32. 32. CONCLUSIONMake a responsible decision today to use Green Mobility Solutions and reduce your carbon footprint
  33. 33. THANK YOU – CONTACT USEmail: 0861thegreencabMobile: 084 596 9856Fax: 086 508 3443