Vineyard Hotel - Sustainable Energy Update


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As part of the Responsible Cape Town pilot project, a workshop on World Tourism Day 2012 saw several leading Responsible Tourism businesses sharing their practices and recent actions on the theme of Sustainable Energy.

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Vineyard Hotel - Sustainable Energy Update

  1. 1. Responsible Tourism Feedback September 2012 Responsible Tourism Commitment
  2. 2. The Vineyard HotelWe acknowledge as a 207 room hotel, the Vineyard Hotel &Spa has a significant environmental impact via itsconsumption of energy, water and the creation of waste.We operate & market our hotel in a manner that upholds theguiding principles for Responsible Tourism, i.e. we Minimizeany negative economic, environmental and social impact wemay have.In doing so the staff and management of Vineyard Hotel &Spa strive to continuously improve our performance in thecontext of sustainable development and management oftourism.
  3. 3. What we do concerning RT “you cannot ask hungry people to save the environment, recycle wasteand eliminate their carbon footprint. we have to take care of the social side first.” Lex petousis – group operations director – the vineyard group• We have made a commitment via Our Kids of the Cape Fund and other CSI contributions to uplift the life of children in the community, Baphumelele childrens home ,Woodside special care Centre, St Michaels home for girls.• Planting trees at schools• Alien clearing project SANP Silvermine Amy Biehl Foundation• Voluntourism: introducing the guest to the community• Cork It collection for donation of cork flooring , Woodside Centre• Up cycling: Shopping bags from Puro coffee bags• Paradise Park community project• Waste recycling facilities made available to the local community
  4. 4. Alien Clearing & Tree Planting
  5. 5. Puro Fair-trade bags
  6. 6. Uncorked Initiative
  7. 7. Progress & Monitoring• To achieve the responsible tourism sustainability objectives we have produced a water, energy & waste minimization programme which will be used to assist us in achieving our targets.• Monitor:If you can’t measure it you can’t save it.• TargetsWe have set ourselves the following targets to achieve for 2012 .Reduce water consumption by 6% .Reduce our energy consumption by 5%.Waste percentage recycled to 94%
  8. 8. RT Sustainability Monitoring 2012Triple bottom line 7 indicators Indicators Baseline Data Target 2012 Quarterly Report 2012 Total Average to date Jan- Mar Apr- Jun Jul- Sept Oct- DecEnvironment Water L per bednight 530 475 444 520 492.25 Energy kWh per bednight 34 30.5 32.5 23.6 30.15 Waste Kg per bednight 0.4 0.4 0.35 0.23 0.345 volume generated volume recycled Kg per bednight 0.35 0.33 0.30 0.28 0.315 86% 93% 89% 93%Water: consumption was up?, solution: efficient showerheads, laundry, boreholeEnergy: consumption down?, new initiatives: LED lights 6%,laundry 6%, solar,showerheads 8 %Waste: recycling up, separation at source, up cycling of Puro coffee bags, Collection ofCorks & attention to detail
  9. 9. Thank You!If theres reason for hope, it lies in mans occasional binges of co-operation . To save our planet, well need that kind of heroic effort, in which all types of people join forces for the common good - George Meyer Responsible Tourism