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With Nohria taking the reins of Harvard Business School, one of the world's most iconic universities, the relationship between Harvard and Indian Academia will get strengthened and will take up new initiatives and case studies with focus on India.

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Final anunaad xx

  1. 1. Lead with Nitin Nohria, IIT-Bombay alumnus and Harvard's new business dean
  2. 2. Contents Quotes 4 RKV Sir's Message (A Message of hope) 5 IIT SNIPPETS 7 JULY - SEPTEMBER 2010 Cover Story 8 With Nohria taking the reins of Harvard Business School, one of the world's most iconic universities, the relationship between Harvard and Indian Academia will get strengthened and will take up new initiatives and case studies with focus on India. Thanks Asim, you have done a tremendous job 11 Human in Khaki 12 'How to reap the best' 14 Amazing Mathematics 15 Winners (YCCP) 16 Winners (PCCP) 17 Kamaal ki Bonding 18 Olympiad Prowess 19 Story of Guru - Shishya 20 Hard work sets the pace for VICTORY... 21 VICTORY 2010 22 Nothing can glimmer as the shimmer of success ritual at Resonance 24 Talent Hunt 25 IT-BHU 28 Reso Seeds 30 Reso Associates 31 Growth depends on hormones of entrepreneurship 32 Think To Win 34 IT-BHU alumnus at Resonance 35 Rainbow 36 Know Mania 38 Eureka 39 Khul Ja Sim-Sim 41 Snap Shots 43
  3. 3. Building A New Ideas Nation!! I ndia has a rich tradition of path breaking ideas, from the zero in abstract mathematics, to the daily jugaad, ingenious improvisation to make up for missing systems and scarce resources. Selling paint in 100 ml tins and shampoo in sachets are India's contribution to global marketing strategies. From the lowest cost car to low-cost water purifiers and dozens of tech innovations, including a way to have email on phones without GPRS, are being churned out of India these days. The power of Indian ideas has been acknowledged by TIME Magazine that inducted five Indians in this year's list of The World's 100 Most Influential People; Manmohan Singh, who is guiding India as Prime Minister in to the ranks of great powers, has made India a critical engine of global growth, a vital partner in global security and a model for democratic development. Sachin Tendulkar's act of scoring a double century-200 runs- in a one day international match- only one man to do so, has aroused a sense of awe. Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, who created a biotech company in her garage, has given new hopes to poor cancer victims by devoting $10 million to creating the 400- bed Mazumdar Shaw cancer centre in India where poor patients will be treated for free in the evenings, apart from donating $ 2 million to support help insurance coverage for 100,000 Indian villagers.Chetan Bhagat, a former investment banker broke out as a writer with his novels one night @ the call centre and 5point someone, which inspired the film 3 idiots, the biggest hit in history, has been able to inspire brave young people giving their dreams a chance. Sanjit “Bunker” Roy, 64 has nurtured a grass-roots social entrepreneurship by training more than 3 million people for jobs in the modern worlds in buildings so rudimentary; they have dirt floors and no chairs. These “barefoot professionals” then return home to use their new skills as solar engineers, teachers, weavers, architects, doctors and more. Nitin Nohria, an IIT- Bombay alumnus has broken one of the highest glass ceilings in the world with his appointment as the dean of Harvard Business School. A scholar of leadership and organizational change, Nohria is keen on forging a vision for Harvard Business School that will enable it to remain a beacon for business education for the next 100 years. The IITian turned cop Ashok Kumar has evolved the need of a pro-active people oriented approach in policing, which he has practiced in his career and brought out effectively in his book 'Human In Khaki'. We are as yet building much of social and physical infrastructure that ideas need to bloom in to creation of a new value. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: We have the power to imagine better and we have power to culminate dreams in to reality. R K Sharma Chairman Editor in chief Senior Editor R K Verma R K Sharma Vidhu Gaur Patrons Lokesh Khandelwal Production Editor Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi Dhruv Sharma Dr. Mrs. V.P. Mittal Bharat Kumar Matoria Shankarshan Tripathi Chief Impact Manager Technology Support Manoj Sharma Ashok Saini Harvinder Singh Luthra Managing Editor Reema Malhotra J.K. Pandey Kirti Singh Mahendra Chauhan Girijesh Dubey Safdar Seraj Bhuvnesh Sharma System Administrator Arun Shrimali Dy. Manager Corp. Comm. Vikas Mehta Print Management Contact at: 09352890579 for advertising space Swastik Art Printers, Kota ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 3
  4. 4. Wo rd s Wo r t h I f an egg is broken by an outside force..a life ends. If an egg breaks from within... Life begins. Great things always begin from within . -Anonymous Keep your head and your heart in the right direction and you will never have to worry about your feet.- Anonymous "You never conquer a mountain. You stand on the summit a few moments; then the wind blows your footprints away." -Arlene Blum an American mountaineer and a writer. “Strategy is about stretching limited resources to fit ambitious aspirations” – C. K. Prahlad The Management Guru August 8, 1941 April 16, 2010 wise
  5. 5. A message of hope M aking oneself distinct is the order of the day. Differentiation is necessary to survive in the era of competition. With a strong will and focused attitude we can certainly change the world around us. With this 11th April 2010, Resonance has successfully entered in its 10th year. I wish to congratulate all my old & new students and all my staff members whose persistently diligent efforts have made this possible. The hard work and labor of my students and staff members that goes in making the brand “Resonance” different, powerful and dependable is sincerely appreciable and it is very much evident from our results of IIT-JEE 2010. IIT-JEE 2010 results opined a new spectrum of progress. Crossing the mark of 1000 selections from Classroom Programmes and achieving almost 50% result of total Hindi medium selected students from the entire country have been accomplishments of remarkable significance. Appreciable increase in the result of girls from 161 in 2009 to 265 in 2010 and the increase in the result of each and every study centre such as Jaipur 86 over 47, Bhopal 42 over 18, Delhi 51 over 19, Lucknow 25 over 13, Kolkata 8 over 2, Mumbai 13 over 10 and Nagpur 27 over 5 of the previous year speak of consistent progress of Resonance. The total classroom result is increased by 25% from 859 to 1078. 14 All India Ranks in top 100 (4 from Yearlong Classroom Contact Programmes and 10 from Distance Learning Programmes) with Mehul Kumar securing AIR-19 (GEN), Gautam Sumu obtaining AIR-36 (GEN), Kanishk Katariya achieving AIR-44 in General Category and AIR-1 in SC Category and Kumar Gautam attaining AIR-60 (GEN), all from Yearlong Classroom Contact Programmes, make Resonance feel proud. Mehul Kumar Sharma, a meritorious student of Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme (YCCP) of Jaipur Study Centre of Resonance has proven the talent of a genius with distinguished mental prowess which he developed by regular practicing and quick improving. Apart from cracking IIT-JEE 2010 with All Indian Rank (AIR)-19 (GEN) and AIEEE 2010 with AIR-76, he is also one of the five finalists who got selected to represent India in the 41st International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) to be held in Zagreb, Croatia. Amit Panghal, also a student from our Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme at Jaipur Study Centre got selected for the final stage of 42nd International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) 2010 to be held from July 19th to July 28th 2010 in JAPAN. He not only qualified IIT-JEE 2010 with All India Rank (AIR) -563 (General Category) but also AIEEE with AIR 364. VICTORY, the Felicitation Function for IIT-JEE -2010 qualified students from Resonance unraveled the proverbial potential of successful students, was organized on June 8, 2010, helped the students in getting familiar with counseling procedure, selection of branches and institutes. Students and faculty members from other centres witnessed the fruits of the indubitable hard work at Resonance. I, on behalf of Resonance wish my selected students a great future ahead, full of fame, success and happiness. Resonance had taken an initiative in 2009 to support those students who had utilized their both the attempts in IIT-JEE by starting a course 'AJAY' which met its objective with 83% students succeeding with good ranks. Resonance's students from IIT-JEE division have secured 24, 76, 81, 92, & 93 in top 100 in AIEEE 2010 while cracking IIT-JEE 2010. The fact that 8678 students (Classroom Contact Programme: 6187, Distance Learning Programmes: 2416 & AJAY: 75) from Resonance have achieved success in AIEEE 2010 is an assurance to all JEE aspirants that their hard work will pay them well in other exams also. IIT-JEE 2010 cutoff has been 190 marks over 178 for the General Category, 171 marks over 161 in OBC and 95 marks over 89 in SC/ST and PD Category in 2009. The analysis reveals that the pattern of the questions was not new for Resonance students but there are few things to learn. Students should make efforts to improve the speed so that even a lengthy paper could be managed well. There were too many calculations in the questions this time. The students should therefore attempt at developing their calculation skills instead of depending on calculators while practicing at home. Here, I take an opportunity to also welcome my new students of academic session 2010-11 (VIKAAS, VISHWAAS, VISHESH, VIPUL & VIJAY courses) who have trusted in Resonance to fulfill their dreams to victoriously turn them into reality. Our 'VIJETA' students have already won half the battle. Students of 'VISHWAAS' course can learn from their predecessors who have headed for IITs with their unfailing efforts in 2010. Repeater batch students can depend on the 60% result share of Resonance's successful students of 2010. I assure that with your complete support Resonance with a pool of capable faculty team will certainly benefit you all to help you realize your dreams easily. Lets all try to differentiate ourselves with hard work, persistence and perseverance. R K Verma B.Tech., IIT-Madras, 1994 Managing Director ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 5
  6. 6. lans'k iz d`frnÙk xq.kksa dks fodflr dj fof'k"Vrk gkfly djuk ,d pqukSrhiw.kZ dk;Z gSA bl izfrLi/kkZRed ;qx esa fof'k"Vrk vftZr djus ij gh O;fDr viuh ,d vyx igpku cuk ldrk gSA n`<+ bPNk 'kfDr rFkk y{; ds izfr ,dkxzrk j[kdj ge ns'k dh le`f) esa egRoiw.kZ ;ksxnku ns ldrs gSaA bl 11 vizsy 2010 dks jst+ksusUl us lQyrkiwoZd vius 9 o"kZ iw.kZ dj 10osa o"kZ esa izos'k fd;kA eSa lHkh u;s ,oa iqjkus fo|kfFkZ;ksa ,oa esjs lkFkh x.kksa dks c/kkbZ nsuk pkgrk gw¡ ftuds fujUrj ,oa lexz iz;klksa ls gh ;g lc dqN laHko gks ik;kA lHkh ds dfBu ifjJe ds QyLo:Ik gh vkt jst+ksusUl fof'k"V] izHkkoh ,oa fo'oluh; cu ik;k gSA vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ 2010 esa gekjs vPNs ifj.kke bl rF; ds ifjpk;d gSaA jst+ksusUl us vkbZvkbZVh& tsbZbZ 2010 ds mRlkgo/kZd ifj.kkeksa ds lkFk izxfr ds u, vk;ke jps gSaA Dykl:e izksxzke ls 1078 fo|kfFkZ;ksa dk p;u rFkk fgUnh ek/;e ds ns'kHkj ls dqy p;fur 554 fo|kfFkZ;ksa esa ls yxHkx vk/ks fo|kfFkZ;ksa dk vdsys jst+ksusUl ls p;u laLFkku dh egRoiw.kZ miyfC/k;ksa dks mYysf[kr djrk gSA 2009 esa p;fur Nk=kvksa dh la[;k 161 ls c<+dj 2010 esa 265 gqbZ] lkFk gh jst+ksusUl ds izR;sd f'k{k.k dsUnz ds ifj.kkeksa esa fiNys o"kZ dh rqyuk esa iz'kaluh; 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  7. 7. IIT IIT SNIPPETS Artificial blood vessels Tomorrow's Classroom! National Aptitudes Test & higher developed from jatropha weightage for class XII marks A biodegradable polymer recently recommended by HRD Panel developed from In what may mark a major shift away Jatropha have from the current scheme of admission to attracted researchers the country's bluechip engineering from IIT-Madras to institutions, an HRD ministry panel has work towards a project in this direction. After half-a-century of being an The IITians, a Thiruvananthapuram- recommended 70% weightage to class exclusive club, the Indian Institutes of based medical institute Sree Chitra XII marks and 30% for performance in an Technology will finally open their Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & aptitude test to be conducted more than gates wider. Assigned the task of Technology (SCTIMST) and a Belgium- once a year, for the IIT-Joint Entrance based multi-national company have reaching out to more Indian students, Examination. A cut-off list on the basis of evinced interest in the polymer IIT directors are drawing up plans to the class XII result and the aptitude test developed by a Gujarat-based national set up a virtual university. will be prepared in the month of June research institute. IIT-Madras director M S Ananth said, every year and the top 40,000 will have to The Central Salt Marine Chemicals and “We basically want to make quality Research Institute (CSMCRI) located in take the additional test for IITs. Right education accessible to many more Bhavnagar district of the state has hit now, more than four lakh students students using modern tools instead of upon a process by which biodegradable appear for IIT-JEE in a single test. The setting up brickand-mortar polymers can be developed at almost panel headed by Damodar Acharya, campuses.'' zero-cost using one of the byproducts of director of IIT Kharagpur, that gave its Jatropha a drought-resistant perennial Ananth added that the details were report to HRD minister Kapil Sibal on plant that grows even in sandy and being to be worked out and the plan Wednesday, has also suggested that the saline conditions. would be rolled out over two years. aptitude test be an ongoing affair which The polymer could be used in spinning ''We will involve industry in thin hollow fibers which could act as a students can take more than once. administering the programme. substitute for blood vessels. However, the best score in the aptitude Moreover, we need to create labs Synthetic grafts in humans are often test -- which will have questions on where students can perform required in various vascular bypass reasoning, numerical ability and surgeries. Such surgery is done to open experiments. The IITs will take care of communication skills -- should be taken blocked arteries in one part of the body the entry, the exit and develop the into account. It is only the add-on test for by using a vessel from elsewhere in the courses,'' the top students that will have questions body. The IITs and the Bangalore-based on physics, mathematics and chemistry. However, up to 40% of patients Indian Institute of Science have HRD sources said the ministry's first task (especially those who are diabetic) don't already designed 240 courses that would be to bring all state boards as well have a vessel suitable for the procedure. In such cases, surgeons use synthetic were captured on video in studios set as CBSE on par with each other by grafts or artificial blood vessels. up in the institutes. They will develop developing a comprehensive weighted While IITians are looking to develop 1,000 more courses in the second performance index so that there is no artificial blood vessels, a Kerala-based phase. The IITs have also run pilots on gross inequality among them and institute is looking at the possibilities to virtual labs. The Union human students do not suffer. Already, a core develop nano particulate systems which resource development ministry has science and mathematics syllabus has could be used in developing medical allotted Rs 4,600 crore for three years been mooted by the HRD ministry and instruments for targeted delivery of till March 2012 and virtual labs will be drugs. approved by the Council of Board of created. The success of the polymer has also Secondary Education. "The move will attracted the country's Department of The idea of a virtual technical ensure that students from small towns Science and Technology which has university was first mooted by the P and even those who cannot afford floated a proposal to fund 70% of the Rama Rao Committee, which looked expensive coaching can aim to be in project cost, provided the institute has an at expanding quality engineering IITs," an HRD source said. industry partner who can fund the education across the country in 2006 Manoj Sharma, remaining 30% of the cost. Additional Director (A & M) Courtesy- Times of India ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 7
  8. 8. COVER STORY REKINDLING THE STRENGTH OF AN INDIAN ARDOR AT THE HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL... NEW DEAN, NITIN NOHRIA, IS TRULY PROUD OF HIS HERITAGE AND HIS DYNAMIC GROOMING AT IIT-BOMBAY "A non-doer is very often a critic- that is, someone who sits back and watches doers, and then waxes philosophically about how the doers are doing. It's easy to be a critic, but being a doer requires effort, risk, and change." Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
  9. 9. T he technocratic civilization contemporary businesses and associate dean for faculty development, has made colossal strides business education. and as co-chair of the school's leadership world over, amidst which initiative. Professor Nitin Nohria was Nohria has been able to keep the four India stands tall and proud. awarded with a medal for the drives (Drive to Acquire, Drive to Nitin Nohria, an iconic distinguished alumnus in 2007 in IIT- Bond, Drive to Learn and Drive to Indian, heads an iconic institute, Bombay. He earned the outstanding Defend) in perfect balance. He Harvard Business School, as a dean. doctoral thesis award in behavioral and pursued the first drive which is Nohria's profile is the testimony of his policy sciences while pursuing his Ph.D. achievement (drive) and feels proud of expertise not only in his subject but also in management from MIT's Sloan School his successful career. For ‘the drive to in harboring a perfect attitude of of Management. He is a co-author of 16 bond’, he feels blessed for the bonds he generosity. After graduating from the books, including “What Really Works: has with his family and friends. Being Indian Institute of Technology -Bombay The 4+2 Formula for Sustained Business an academician, he certainly pursues (IIT-B) in Chemical Engineering in 1984, Success,” which is a systematic large- the drive to learn each day and all the he went on to receive a doctoral degree scale study of management practices time and this is the most important from Massachusetts Institute of that truly differentiates business drive for him to which he is sincerely Technology (MIT) in 1988, immediately winners. His most recent, Handbook of committed. And in terms of the drive after which he joined Harvard Business Leadership Theory and Practice, is a to defend, he stood for a cause, a cause School and served in the prestigious compendium dedicated to advancing to defend the terror attacks in position of the Richard P Chapman research on leadership based on a Mumbai. Professor of Business Administration colloquium he organized during HBS's since 1999. He has also published several According to him, IIT-Bombay taught centennial celebrations. significant works in his field. him to grapple and survive under any Professor Nitin Nohria, in his own circumstance and because of which he Nitin Nohria is truly proud of his teaching and research exemplifies the has successfully survived the heritage and his dynamic grooming at school's (Harvard) strong commitment challenges at America. He feels very IIT-Bombay. He believes that he would to both academic rigor and its relevance indebted to his alma mater, IIT- not have achieved anything without the to practice. He has a global outlook and Bombay, for having prepared him for significant contribution of IIT-Bombay an instinct of collaboration across the vicissitudes of life. He completely in shaping his personality and territorial boundaries that promise to trusts that he couldn't have been at enhancing his mental dexterity. He was don the Business School with new HBS without having imbibed the able to make a big leap (by entering panorama. He not only studies leaning at IIT-Bombay. Harvard Business School) only because leadership but embodies qualities of of the strong foundation developed at Harvard President Drew Faust chose leadership in how he engages with IIT-Bombay with which he explored Professor Nitin Nohria as the tenth people and ideas, how he thinks about extraordinary opportunities with Dean of Harvard Business School. A organizational change, and how he sees Harvard Business School (HBS). Over scholar of leadership and the consequential challenges facing the last 22 years, he has traveled across organizational change, Professor business schools and the business world. the world and performed research in Nohria joined HBS in 1988 and has He is someone with both a deep almost all parts of the world. And that served the school in several capacities knowledge of HBS and its distinctive has given him a global perspective that like that of the head of the culture and a clear appetite for he thinks is very useful in shaping organizational behavior unit, as senior innovation and change in the service of ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 9
  10. 10. NITIN NOHRIA vkbvkbVh ls gkoM+ dk lQj Z Z Z izcU/ku ds {ks= esa dSfj;j cukus ds bPNqd fo|kfFkZ;ksa ds sustaining HBS's preeminence among Nohria's appointment breaks one of fy, vesfjdk fLFkr fo'o izfl) gkoZM+ fct+usl Ldwy ls business schools world wide. the highest glass ceilings in the world izcU/ku dh fMxzh gkafly djuk ,d lius ls de ugha gSA and with India's importance on the mlh gkoZM+ fct+usl Ldwy esa Mhu ds izfrf"Br in ij “I feel a profound sense of responsibility igq¡puk vius vki esa ,d xkSjoiw.kZ miyfC/k gSA bl lius global economic stage on the ascent; dks lkdkj fd;k gSA fnYyh esa tUes vkSj ogha lsUV dksyqEck with business education at an inflection point, we must strive to equip future Nohria has plans to take HBS's India Ldwy esa i<+s fufru uksgfj;k usA gkoZM+ fct+usl Ldwy ds initiatives forward. xkSjoiw.kZ 102 o"kkZsa ds bfrgkl esa ;g igyk volj gS tc leaders with competence & character,” dksbZ Hkkjrh; Mhu ds izfrf"Br in ij igq¡p ik;k gSA says Professor Nitin Nohria. With Nohria taking the reins of one of Ldwyh thou ls gh dq'kkxz fo|kFkhZ jgs fufru uksgfj;k us the world's most iconic universities, it 1984 esa vkbZvkbZVh&cksEcs ls dsfedy bathfu;jhax esa Nohria who succeeds Jay Light believes Lukrd dh fMxzh izkIr dhA fQj mUgksaus vesfjdk fLFkr that an individual has to be different and is believed that he will strengthen the eSlkP;wl~Vl baLVhV~;wV vkWQ VsDuksyksth ls MkDVjsV dh distinct in order to achieve something relationship between Harvard and mikf/k gkafly dhA 1984 ls gh mUgksaus gkoZM+ fctusl Ldwy esa ,d izksQslj ds :Ik esa f'k{k.k dk dk;Z izkjEHk substantial and should “think out of box” Indian Academia. He will take up new fd;kA blh nkSjku yUnu fct+usl Ldwy esa Hkh foft+fVax which he was lucky enough to have been initiatives and case studies that will be QSdYVh ds :Ik esa dk;Z fd;kA gkoZM+ ;wfuoflZVh ds taught by IIT-Bombay. developed at HBS with focus on India. izsflMsUV fxyfiu QksLV }kjk mUgsa 4 ebZ 2010 dks gkoZM+ fct+usl Ldwy ds 10osa Mhu ds :Ik esa fu;qfDRk iznku dhA His continuous profound sense of His experimental mind always searched Mhu ds :Ik esa mudk dk;Zdky 1 tqykbZ 2010 ls izkjEHk gks responsibility for ongoing Harvard jgk gSA for new and novel ideas. For hours Business School's proud legacy of fufru uksgfj;k dks viuh le`) Hkkjrh; laLd`fr ij xoZ gS together he used to experiment with groundbreaking ideas and vkSj os leLr miyfC/k;ksa dk vk/kkj vkbZvkbZVh&cksEcs esa different chemicals in the laboratory at f'k{kk ds nkSjku vftZr fd;s gq, xq.kksa dks nsrs gSa] tgk¡ muds IIT-Bombay. His professors did revolutionary educational O;fDrRo dk lexz fodkl gqvk rFkk ekufld {kerkvksa dks recognize his potential and understood experiences will strive to equip future ,d ubZ mM+ku feyhA that he was a perfect cut out for leaders with the competence and fiNys 22 o"kksaZ ds nkSjku mUgksaus yxHkx lewps fo'o dh character to address emerging global ;k=k dh vkSj fo'o ds lHkh Hkkxksa esa vius dk;Z{ks= ds lanHkZ management as well which he later on esa vuqla/kku fd;kA vkt O;kikj izcU/ku vkSj O;kikj proved to be the one. His academic business and social challenges. He is izcU/ku dh f'k{kk ds ckjs esa fodflr mudk fo'oO;kih interests include the theory and practice happy to work with the School's utfj;k rFkk ifjiDork blh dh nsu gSA uksgfj;k us vius faculty, staff, students, and alumni to thou esa pkj deZ 'kfDr;ksa dks vkRelkr fd;k gSA igyh of leadership, the study of human deZ 'kfDr & *Mªkbo Vw ,Dok;j* ds fo"k; esa vius cuk, gq, motivation, the analysis of management forge a vision for Harvard Business dSfj;j dks ysdj os csgn larq"V gSa] viuh nwljh deZ'kfDr practices critical to corporate success, School that will enable it to remain a & *Mªkbo Qksj cksUM~l* ds ckjs esa os vius etcwr ikfjokfjd and the strategic and organizational vkSj fe=ksa ds lkFk ikjLifjd xw<+ lEcU/kksa dks ysdj beacon for business education for the xkSjokfUor gSa] viuh rhljh deZ'kfDr& *Mªkbo Vw yuZ* ds challenges of globalization. next 100 years. ckjs esa mudk dguk gS fd os gj fnu vkSj gj le; dqN lh[krs jgus ds izfr ladfYir jgrs gSaA viuh pkSFkh deZ According to him leadership suffers An IIT-Bombay alumnus certainly 'kfDr *MªkbZo Vw fMQsUM* ds ckjs esa fufru uksgfj;k eqEcbZ intellectual neglect and has yet to be proves his mettle by occupying one of ij gky gh esa gq, vkradoknh geys tSlh ?kVukvksa ds izfr considered a serious academic discipline fo'o dk /;ku vkdf"kZr djrs gSaA uksgfj;k ds vuqlkj] the prestigious positions in the world. mUgksaus gj fo"ke ifjfLFkfr esa la?k"kZ'khy jguk rFkk viuk and as an academician he focuses on He says, “If you are generous, life vfLrRo cuk, j[kuk vkbZvkbZVh&cksEcs esa gh lh[kkA developing leaders who can make a vkbZvkbZVh&cksEcs esa f’k{kk xzg.k djus ds nkSjku mUgksaus gives you more than you can difference in the world. In his opinion, izfrLi/kkZiw.kZ ekgkSy ls vftZr xq.kksa ds ek/;e ls thou dh imagine”. ‘Generosity’ is one of the fofHkUu pqukSfr;ksa dk lQyrk iwoZd gy djus dh {kerk business leaders play a crucial role in important values that has made him a tkxzr dhA shaping industries and in turn how the good student and a renowned mUgksaus vc rd izcU/ku ij 16 iqLrdsa fy[kh ,oa lEikfnr evolving context of industries shapes dh gSa *OgkV fj;yh oDlZ*] n Qksj Iyl Vw QkWewZyk Qksj academician and a much loved leaders. lLVs.M fct+usl lDlst+* vkSj *gsUM cqd vkWQ yhMjf'ki business teacher. F;ksjh ,.M izsfDVl* budh pfpZr iqLrdksa esa ls gSaA os vius A scholar of leadership and lkFkh] gkoZM+ fct+usl Ldwy ds izksQslj jkds'k [kqjkuk rFkk organizational change, Nohria has For Nohria, to laugh often and much; fo'o vkfFkZd Qksje ds lkFk feydj ,d izcU/ku ladYi always played a significant role in his to win the respect of intelligent people ij dk;Z dj jgs gSa ftls O;kikfjd {ks= esa ,d vkpkj lafgrk cuk, j[kus ds ea= ds :Ik esa ns[kk tk ldrk gSA approach towards academia, a trend he and the affection of leave uksgfj;k thou esa ,d mnkj ,oa O;kid n`f"Vdks.k j[kus ds intends to carry forward into his the world a better know even i{k/kj gSaA muds vuqlkj] ;fn vki thou esa mnkj gSa rks administration. Nitin Nohria opines that one life has breathed easier because ftruk vki lksprs gSa mlls T;knk ik ldrs gSaA muds Harvard has always been committed to you have lived- maintaining mnkj n`f"Vdks.k us gh mUgsa egRoiw.kZ thou ewY; iznku fd;s rFkk mUgsa ,d vPNk fo|kFkhZ] ,d pfpZr f'k{kkfon~ ,oa coming into India, and he too looks simplicity and generosity are life’s csgn yksdfiz; fct+usl Vhpj cuk;kA R K Sharma forward to strengthen the ties. basic lessons. SW & PR ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 10
  11. 11. Thanks Asim, you have done a tremendous job A sk people to name Asim Ghosh turned Vodafone Essar the Wharton School, University of great leaders and into India's second-largest cellular Pennsylvania in 1971. chances are they phone company. He was at the helm of He commenced his career in consumer will choose a person Vodafone Essar, earlier branded as Orange, then Hutch. goods marketing with Procter & Gamble w h o “ fou g h t t o in the U.S. and Canada, and worked improve the state of The Indian market is one of the biggest subsequently with Rothmans the world” in one way or another; revenue generators for Vodafone International as a Board member of one Gandhi, perhaps or Winston Churchill. globally. of Canada's major breweries. He moved Individuals who turn a genius within The biggest achievement of Asim to Asia in 1989 as co-Managing Director and personify it for a cause, a cause to Ghosh was the valuation of Hutchison of the Pepsi Foods start up in India. benefit the society at large are the leaders while it was being taken over by Thereafter, he was in executive positions in real sense. This means that any serious Vodafone. His strategic insights, with Hutchison in Hong Kong and in examination of what it means to be a coupled with memorable advertising, India for the past 16 years, and continued leader must include the recognition that made Vodafone a popular brand in the as the Managing Director of Vodafone one can be responsible for causing a country. Essar Limited since its acquisition. great good and exactly this has been Mr. Ghosh is likely to head the oil accomplished by the contemporary business of Canada's Husky Energy It was after he went to Hong Kong in leader who is none other than Asim owned by Hong Kong's richest man, 1991 to start a joint venture between Ghosh. business tycoon Li Ka-shing. Pepsi and Hutchison that his association While there has been a radical progress Mr. Li is also the owner of with the ports-to-telecom conglomerate with regard to consumer behavior and conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa, began. Mr. Ghosh ran Hutchison's tele-communication, analyzing the whose foray into Indian telecom in the consumer goods business for a while telecom rituals of consumers is critical to late 1990s provided Mr. Ghosh an before returning to India in 1998 as sustain brands after they have been opportunity to win his spurs as an managing director of Hutchison's created with powerful associations. uber-manager by building a profitable telecom joint venture with Analjit business in a sector known for Singh's Max India. Asim Ghosh headed Vodafone Essar's ferocious tariff cutting and cash-rich telecom operations in India, which in the His rich and mesmerizing account not rivals such as the Reliance Group and past ten years has grown from a one city only emanates his business expertise but Sunil Mittal's Bharti Airtel. licence of 140,000 subscribers to over 35 also glorifies his sound education in the Mr. Ghosh obtained an undergraduate million subscribers in a pan national Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. degree in Electrical Engineering from footprint. An indirect interest in one of Truly is he symbolic of success with the Indian Institute of Technology- the largest ever cash acquisitions in Asia, focus and determination and by any Delhi (IIT-D) in 1969 and an MBA from was acquired by Vodafone in May 2007. means is a true leader. ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 11
  12. 12. Man who made rapid literature. His other interests include Until and unless one is extremely clear inroads to help the society Badminton, Tennis, Riding and and focus in one's future goals. is truly a deserving organizing sports events. Decisions at an early stage are primarily persona to be Mr. Ashok Kumar (IPS), till recently guided by others. It's only on-the-job idealized for his has served in the capacity of Inspector when one realizes the nuances of a job determination, perseverance and his General of Police (IGP), Garwhal and and can decide on the future prospects to commitment to serve the society. IGP Kumaon. He is presently on be carried on for the rest of the life. Hailing from the small village of Kurana, deputation with the Central Reserve According to Kumar, IIT teaches one to at Panipat district in Haryana, it was 'a Police Force in Delhi. He joined the be effective, efficient and excellent in dream come true' for Ashok Kumar to be Indian Police Service in 1989 and took every walk of life, and this helped an IITian. However, when Kumar up various challenging assignments Kumar in becoming a successful IPS. He realized his interest was in serving the in the states of UP and Uttarakhand. efficiently handled the responsibilities of people, he decided to join the Indian He received the UN Medal for serving an IPS and realized that his strength lies Police Service (IPS). Kumar received his in strife torn Kosovo in the year 2001. in helping the poor, the needy and the primary education from a village school He was honored with the Indian suppressed. Police Medal in the year 2006 by the and went on to pursue a B.Tech. in President of India for his long and Mr. Kumar quips, “As I had put in more mechanical engineering and an M.Tech. meritorious services for Indian Police . years of service in the police force, at in thermal engineering from Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi He believes that it is difficult for an various stations, in various capacities, it (IIT-Delhi). He was awarded with the individual to take career decisions at became quite clear to me that despite of best writer of the year award in 1986-87 the school level as it is little tedious for all the odds, I had been able to make a at IIT-Delhi. He is an avid reader of an ordinary to introspect and decide difference in the lives of the common Hindi, English, Bangla and Russian what one wants to pursue in one's life. man and this has always been my goal.” ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 12
  13. 13. Ashok Kumar Kumar authored the book, “Human in Khaki”, with Lokesh Ohri, a writer, Khaki' is an eye-opener for not only the ,u vkbZvkbZVh;u bu [kkdh masses but also for the police officials. ,d vkbZvkbZVh;u iqfyl dh onhZ esa & FkksM+k vthc lk anthropologist and arts and heritage It talks candidly about the erosion of yxrk gS] ysfdu vkbZvkbZVh nsgyh ls ch-Vsd- djus ds activist. The book is not a biography and values in society today and also the i’pkr~ vkbZ-ih-,l- cus v’kksd dqekj us yksxksa dh iqfyl also it is not a work of research. It does struggles of a common man who wish ds ckjs esa lksp gh cny MkyhA gfj;k.kk ds ikuhir not seek to preach anyone, but just to stand up for simple yet essential ftys ds NksVs ls xk¡o dqjkuk esa tUes v'kksd dqekj dk strings together anecdotes and thoughts values that bind this country tightly, liuk cpiu ls gh yksxksa dh enn vkSj mudh lgk;rk from a policeman's life in the hope that despite its screaming contrasts and djus dk FkkA mudh bl usd bPNk us gh esdsfudy society as a whole may gain from this inequities. bathfu;jhax esa ch-Vsd- vkSj FkeZy bathfu;jhax esa effort of a written real life experience. The book makes a good policeman to vkbZvkbZVh&nsgyh ls ,e-Vsd- djus ds Ik'pkr~ Hkkjrh; Emphasizing the need of a pro-active quiz himself on the following note- iqfyl lsok ¼vkbZ-ih-,l-½ esa tkus dk liuk txk fn;kA people-oriented policing, Dr. Kiran Bedi worthy questions: vkbZvkbZVh&nsgyh esa f'k{kk xzg.k djus ds nkSjku mUgsa released the book- “Human in Khaki”, a 1986&87 esa loksZÙd`"V ys[kd dk iqjLdkj izkIr gqvkA 1. Will my actions be good for the book of 163 pages, published by society? v'kksd dqekj fgUnh] vaxzsth] caXkkyh ,oa :lh lkfgR; ds Bookworld, Dehradun. The book is v/;;u esa xgu :fp j[krs gSaA vkbZ-th- x<+oky vkSj hard-hitting as it speaks on the 2. Will my actions help the person who vkbZ-th- dqekÅ¡ ds :Ik esa dk;Z dj pqds v'kksd dqekj contemporary issues and the changing is in need? orZeku esa lsUVªy fjtoZ QkslZ ubZ fnYyh esa in LFkkfir value system of the society that bedevils gSaA o"kZ 1989 esa Hkkjrh; iqfyl lsok esa vkus ds Ik'pkr~ os 3. Will my actions bring relief to the the society today. Authored by mÙkj izns'k ,oa mÙkjk[k.M esa dbZ egRoiw.kZ inksa ij dk;Z victim? Mr. Ashok Kumar (IPS) with Mr. Lokesh dj pqds gSaA leL;kxzLr dkslksok esa pqukSfriw.kZ Ohri, the book urges the common man to 4. Will my actions deter the mÙkjnkf;Ro ds izfrQy esa ;wukbVsM us'kUl~ ls izla’kuh; know about his rights. wrongdoer? dk;Z dk esMy izkIr fd;kA dqekj dks 2006 esa viuh The Book allows the public at large to When the answers of these questions fof'k"V lsokvksa ds fy, Hkkjr ds jk"Vªifr }kjk Hkh iqfyl peep into the working of the Indian positively echo in one's heart, one can ind ls lEekfur fd;k tk pqdk gSA mudk ekuuk gS Police. The book serves as a mirror to certainly boast of being a good fd fdlh Hkh O;fDr ds fy, vius dSfj;j ds ckjs esa men in uniform. It portrays the policeman who has justified his fo|ky; Lrj ij fu.kZ; djuk FkksM+k eqf'dy jgrk gSA functioning of the Indian Police and at existence & purpose. bl Lrj ij fy, x, fu.kZ; lkekU;r% nwljksa dh lksp ls the same time also encourages the izHkkfor jgrs gSaA muds vuqlkj] dSfj;j ’kq: gksus ds The gripping narrative, written in a common man to ensure his/her safety. ckn gh O;fDr esa Hkfo"; dh jkg r; djus dh ifjiDork simple and lucid style, brings out The book's appeal holds equally for the vkrh gS vkSj og bl fn’kk esa lgh fu.kZ; ys ikrk gSA happenings of real-life situations from government officials and for the v'kksd dqekj ds vuqlkj vkbZvkbZVht+ esa v/;;u O;fDr a distinguished career, spanning over ordinary citizens who in turn expect esa fuiq.krk] dk;Z'khyrk vkSj thou ds gj {ks= esa twenty years, in the Indian Police good governance. loksZÙd`"V djus dh bPNk ’kfDr tkxzr djus dk cstksM+ Force of an IITian turned cop, who The meticulously woven stories describe adopted a humane approach to public L=ksr gSA ,d vkbZ-ih-,l- ds :Ik esa v’kksd dqekj us the varying and challenging outcomes service, trying to create a culture of 'kksf"kr oxZ ,oa xjhcksa ds mRFkku ds fy, viuh {kerk dk which could have been worse, had the iwjk mi;ksx fd;kA mUgsa eglwl gqvk fd vke vkneh people-friendly policing. “Human in officers not been sensitive and dh ftUnxh esa cnyko ykuk vkSj mls csgrj cukuk gh Khaki” is a collection of select 16 short perceptive to the needs of the ordinary muds thou dk ewy y{; gSA stories setting a precedent on how individuals approaching them without police officers uphold their human viuh iqLrd **áweu bu [kkdh**] tks mUgksaus yksds'k the usual crutches of wealth or influence. sensitivity while dealing with people vksgjh ds lkFk feydj fy[kh gS] Hkkjrh; iqfyl ds Covering all contemporary issues and look at the problem from the ekuoh; i{k dks lgtrk ls mtkxj djrh gSA iqLrd victim's point of view and it is through dh 16 dgkfu;ksa ds ek/;e ls v’kksd dqekj us bl rF; corrupting the society today- from this approach, the system in turn dh lPpkbZ dks izLrqr fd;k gS fd iqfyl dh vke vkneh terrorism to kidnaping, land grabbing to delivers the results. Undoubtedly, dks le; ij dh xbZ enn ds dkj.k gh mudh ftUnxh women's molestation, incidents of Kumar has not only proved his merit esa ldkjkRed cnyko vk,A harassment by SMSs to eve teasing, extortion to corruption, the widening by excelling in studies but beautifully Lkekt ds fofHkUu oxkZsa ds lkFk ,d lgt rky esy gap between the haves and the have-nots used the learning in a pragmatic way fcBkuk v'kksd dqekj ds O;fDrRo dk lcy i{k jgk gSA Vidhu Gaur and its impact on society - 'Human in for the benefit of the society. SW & PR ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 13
  14. 14. 'HOW TO REAP THE BEST' TIPS FROM RESO REAPER NAMAN SANDEEP KOTHARI Reso Roll No: 720244 AIR : 396 (Year : 2009) IIT- Bombay Branch: Mechanical Engineering Q 1. What is required to get into Indian may prioritize the questions to be Q7. How did you evaluate your Institutes of Technology (IIT)? attempted first. IIT-JEE paper is not an performance after each CT (cumulative Ans: According to me, sincere efforts extra ordinarily tough one but it is Test), APT (AIEEE Preparatory Test) & and commitment towards one's goal of similar to that of the papers and tests JPT (JEE Preparatory Test) while which are conducted on a regular preparing at Resonance? cracking IIT-JEE successfully are the key factors to get into IITs. Not mere basis at Resonance. The most Ans: After each exam, I used to properly intelligence but also dedication is a must important thing in the examination analyze my paper with the answer key to get into IITs and also to secure a good hall is to maintain one's cool and clam given. I would study all the answers and All India Rank (AIR). so that the IIT-JEE paper can be taken then used to check that the problems with ease and peace. attempted are right or wrong. This Q 2. How much time on an average did helped me in finding out a new ways to you devote for your preparation? What Q 5. Give some tips for increasing solve specific quest io n s. W h i l e was your daily time-table and how did one's efficiency while studying? you divide your course according to How did you refresh yourself from analyzing the paper, I used to note down your set time-table? the hectic schedule? my mistakes in a diary and every time before the exam, I would read that diary Ans: Apart from Coaching Classes, I Ans: While solving the questions, I so that the mistakes may not re-occur. used to devote 5 to 6 hours for my used to listen to music as it helped me Q 8. Whom do you wish to give the studies. I did not follow any stringent increase my efficiency. Also, I am not credit of your success? To what extent time-table. For me it all depended on the habitual of studying at a stretch and so did your family contribute in your level of toughness of the matter which I would take small breaks of a few success? used to study daily. I gave priority to my minutes in an hour because of which I notes and tried to understand them Ans: It is because of the support of my used to feel refreshed. Taking properly. I used to do DPP's and the family, my faculty members at adequate sleep is a must, and one Resonance as well as my teachers at problems in sheets rigorously. should not compromise with it. After school that I achieved AIR-396. Taking Q 3. How does one cope up with the hours of study, I would go for a walk 'International Olympiad Examination' school syllabus and preparation for with my friends and on the way we increased my morale. My parents have IIT-JEE? Did you take extra efforts to used to discuss the problems immensely contributed in my success. prepare for board examination? (questions) of the day. My mother's presence and Ans: Preparation for IIT-JEE covers most Q 6. What is your Success mantra? unconditional support in the last 3-4 of the school syllabus and so a student Give some advice to your successors months before the conduction of IIT-JEE need not take any pressure to complete at Resonance who are preparing for motivated me and helped me in the school syllabus separately. Reading IIT-JEE? maintaining my cool & calm. She helped of entire text-books is a must for both IIT- Ans: One must always be dedicated me recover from my illness Vidhu Gaur during JEE and board examinations. I paid towards the goal- “IIT-JEE”; even a winters. SW&PR special attention to English and slightest deviation from the goal may Q 9. Appearing for Open Test (OT) & prepared thoroughly for it. cause problem in achieving it. Major Test (MT), did in some way help Q 4. How many questions should an Resonance is blessed with a very good scaling your proficiency in different individual attempt to get into IITs? faculty, so all the IIT-JEE aspirants subjects for IIT-JEE? How tough is the paper? must make the best of the faculty Ans: The detailed analysis provided by Ans: One should attempt all the members. Always revise the notes Resonance after the OT and the MT questions in which one is confident. It is properly as they are a good source of helped me a lot in figuring out my weak also necessary that one should first go revision. Revision is a very important areas which required a lot of through the entire paper so that one may tool and proves useful if practiced improvement. These tests also gave me a get a fair idea about the type of questions throughout the year and rigorously in fair idea about the pattern and type of the paper contains because of which one the last 5-6 months. IIT-JEE paper. ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 14
  15. 15. @ = S q £ - / * # MATHEMATICS + ¥ Safdar Seraj HOD- Maths, Delhi Centre ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 15
  16. 16. Performance Matters Winners From Year Long Classroom Contact Programmes (YCCPs) VIJETA (Target IIT-JEE 2011) Rank-1 Rank- 2 Rank- 3 Rank- 4 Rank- 5 Shubham Mehta Mehul Goyal Divyam Bansal Archit Gupta Gaurav Pooniwala Batch: KTPIP Batch: KTPIP Batch: KTPIP Batch: KTPIP Batch: MBGOPPSRP1- CUM % (87.39 %) CUM % (84.38 %) CUM % (80.87%) CUM % (80.05%) Mumbai- Govandi CUM % (78.76%) Rank- Name (Batch- Study Centre) Mumbai- Dadar) 68.86 31- Anuj Rai (KTPPA1) 64.63 44- Shruti Agrawal (KTPPA1) 62.04 CUM% 19- Anant Kekre (BPPP1- Bhopal) 68.45 32- Shivanshu Agarwal (KTPPA1) 64.23 44- Sonali Singh (KTPPA1) 62.04 6- Nisheet Lahoti (KTPIP) 78.11 20- Neeraj Yadav (KTPPA1) 67.13 33- Rakshit Gautam (KTPPA1) 64.15 46- Shujaat Ishaq (KTPPA1) 61.94 7- Akash Anand (KTPIP) 75.56 21- Shubham Jain (KTPPA1) 66.84 34- Moulik Gupta (KTPPA1) 63.63 47- Dev Priyam (KTPPA1) 61.54 8- Utkarsh Sanjau Patange (KTPIP) 75.45 22- Gaurav Ahuja (KTPPA1) 66.65 35- Akarsh Singh (NPPP1- Nagpur) 63.55 48- Anmol Garg (KTPPA1) 61.44 9- Arihant Agrawal (KTPPH1) 71.86 23- Mohit Senapaty (KTPPA1) 66.56 36- Sahil Grover (KTPPB1) 62.93 49- Rajan Mantri (KTPPH1) 61.33 10- Ankit O Mundada (KTPIP) 71.66 50- Rishi Yadav (DLSPW-1- Delhi- South) 24- Charchit Gaur (KTPIP) 66.43 37- Arushi Agarwal (KTPPA1) 62.83 61.28 11- Lohit Jain (KTPIP) 71.55 24- S.S. Kausik (MBGOPPSRP1- Mumbai- 38- Jeet Deepak (MBADPPA1- Mumbai- 51- Ashray Malhotra (MBGOPPSRP1- 12- Ram Agrawal (KTPPA1) 71.35 Govandi) 66.43 Andheri) 62.54 Mumbai- Govandi) 61.24 13- Vaibhav Devmurari (KTPIP) 71.16 26- Mridul Garg (KTPPA1) 66.04 38- Jay Prakash Nagar (KTPPA1) 62.54 52- Akshat Jain (KTPPA1) 61.04 14- Vaibhav Gupta (KTPPA1) 71.05 27- Astha Agrawal (JPPIJP- Jaipur Centre) 40- Rahul Balani (JPPIJP- Jaipur Central) 53- Chirag Chutani (KTPPA1) 61.03 15- Tapan Bohra (KTPIP) 69.85 65.25 62.53 54- Pratik Deogekar (MBTHPPT1- Mumbai- 15- Naveen Pal Singh (KTPPA1) 69.85 28- Vivek Bhargav (KTPPB1) 65.14 41- Navin Lalwani (KTPPA1) 62.43 Thane) 60.43 17- Anirudh Krishnan (KTPPB1) 69.26 29- Vivek Agarwal (KTPPB1) 65.05 42- Vikram Rathi (KTPPB1) 62.34 55- Anurag Bhatt (KTPPA1) 60.24 18- Anshul Avasthi (MBDDPPRUIA- 30- Abhinav R (DLEP-1- Delhi- East) 64.94 43- Shahrukh Khan (KTPPA1) 62.24 56- Vinay Tilwani (BPPP1- Bhopal) 60.08 VIKAAS-A (Target IIT-JEE 2012) Rank- 1 Rank- 2 Rank- 3 Rank- 4 Rank- 5 Himangi Saraogi Anusha Chowdhury Nishant Sunil Chafle Shubham Jain Vikas Meena Batch: MBGOAAG1 Batch: KKAW1- Kolkata Batch: MBGOAAG1 Batch: MBTHAAT1 Batch: KTAIA Mumbai- Govandi CUM% (75.28%) Mumbai- Govandi Mumbai- Thane CUM% (73.4 %) CUM% (76.94%) CUM% (74.25 %) CUM % (74.04 %) Rank- Name (Batch- Study Centre) 13- Adtitya Raste (MBTHAAT1- Mumbai- Mumbai- Govandi) 63.6 28- G Roshan Lal (MBGOAAG1- Mumbai- CUM% Thane) 68.36 21- Himanshu Goyal (KTAIA) 63.33 Govandi) 62.5 6- Abhinav Garg (BPAA1- Bhopal) 73.25 14- Vikas Garg (KTAIA) 67.97 22- Nimit Kumar Singh (JPAA1- Jaipur 29- Pankaj Goyal (KTAIA) 62.24 7- Rohit Pruthi (A-1- Delhi- North-West) 15- Siddharth Sharma (KTAIA) 67.82 Central) 63.32 30- Ankit Kumar Sinha (KTAIA) 62.04 72.42 16- Somya Mehdiratta (A-1- Delhi- North- 23- Aman Singhal (KTAIA) 63.2 31- Saurabh Raj (KTAIA) 61.94 8- Rohit Kumar Gupta (KTAIA) 72.09 West) 67.26 24- Vaibhav Garg (JPAA1- Jaipur Central) 32- Rajat Jain (KTAIA) 61.64 9- Abhilash Kulkarni (MBTHAAT1- Mumbai- 17- Udit Agrawal (UDAAI- Udaipur) 65.02 63.02 33- Bhanu Pratap Singh Tanwar (KTAIA) Thane) 70.68 18- Kshitiz Vijayvargiya (BPAA1- Bhopal) 25- Priyanshu Sheth (MBCGAAC1-Mumbai- 61.56 10- Tushar Marda (KTAIA) 70.41 64.9 Churchgate) 62.9 34- Shalaka Shinde (NPAA1- Nagpur) 61.44 11- Deepanshu Pathak (A-1- Delhi- North- 19- Shreyas Vishwanathan (BPAA1- 26- Krishan Mittal (JPAA1- Jaipur Central) 35- Anadi Misra (MBADAAA2 Mumbai- West) 70.04 Bhopal) 64.38 62.73 Andheri) 60.31 12- Kumar Saurav (KTAIA) 68.91 20- Shubham Singhal (MBGOAAG1- 27- Soumyo Biswas (KTAIA) 62.65 VISHWAAS-F (Target IIT-JEE 2011) Rank- Name (Batch- Study Centre) CUM% 6- Giridhar Kulkarni (KTFF1) 70.26 6- Vinay Bagul (KTFF1) 70.26 8- Anand V Pandya (KTFF1) 68.66 9- Avinash Kumar Yadav (DLEF-1- Delhi- East) 67.86 9- Sameer Tale (KTFF1) 67.86 11- Ankush Kothari (UDFFI- Udaipur) 66.27 12- Sangeet Gharai (KTFF1) 65.27 Rank- 1 Rank- 2 Rank- 3 Rank- 4 Rank- 5 Ayush Bandil Jagriti Singh Isha Batra Narendra Nagar Bhavik Jain 13- Tulsi Jain (KTFF2) 64.47 Batch: KTFF1 Batch: KTFF1 Batch: KTFF1 Batch:KTFFH1 Batch: UDFFI- 14- Aditya Saini (KTFF1) 63.67 CUM% (84.83%) CUM% (83.83%) CUM% (83.43%) CUM % (77.05 %) Udaipur 15- Naman (KTFF1) 63.07 CUM% (72.85 %) 16- Garvit Kandpal (KTFF1) 62.67 17- Amit Kumar (KTFFH1) 60.28 ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 16
  17. 17. Winners From Resonance Pre- Foundation Career Care Programmes (PCCPs) VINOD [Class: VII] Rank- 1 Rank- 2 Rank- 3 Rank- 4 Rank – 4 Swapnil Gaur Akshat Mittal Divyanshu Mittal Kavya Bhandari Abhay Jyot Singh Batch- SWE Batch- UW-1 Batch- WE-1 Batch- UW-1 Batch- WE-1 (CUM%: 97.78), (CUM%: 96.67), (CUM%: 95.56), (CUM%: 94.44), (CUM%: 94.44), SC: Kota, Station SC: Udaipur SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Udaipur SC: Talwandi, Kota VIMAL [Class: VIII] Rank- 1 Rank- 2 Rank- 3 Rank- 4 Rank- 5 Dhawal Jethwani Kritika Agrawal Raunak Nandy S John S Irfan Mohammad Khilji Batch- ZE-1 Batch- ZE-1 Batch- ZE-1 Batch- SZE Batch- RZE (CUM%: 95.56) (CUM%: 85.00) (CUM%: 84.00) (CUM%: 83.00) (CUM%: 82.00) SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Station, Kota SC: RAPP Rank- 5 Rank- 5 Rank- 5 Rank- 5 Sanchita Jain Naman Tiwari Shaleen Mundra Varun Gupta Batch- SZE Batch- ZE-1 Batch- ZE-1 Batch- ZE-1 (CUM%: 82.00) (CUM%: 82.00) (CUM%: 82.00) (CUM%: 82.00) SC: Station, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota VINAY [Class: IX] Rank: 1 Rank: 2 Rank: 3 Rank: 3 Rank: 3 Rank: 3 Parth Sharma Diksha Agarwal M. Karan Akash Gupta Gurmandeep Singh Bedi Abhijeet Pratap Singh Batch: SYE Batch: YE-1 Batch: YE-1 Batch: YE-1 Batch: YE-1 Batch: YE-1 (CUM%: 97.78) (CUM%: 95.56) (CUM%: 94.44) (CUM%: 94.44) (CUM%: 94.44) (CUM%: 94.44) SC: Station, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota VIGYAAN [Class: X] Rank: 1 Rank: 1 Rank: 1 Rank: 4 Rank: 4 Palak Jain Bhanu Chaturvedi Deepak Goyadi Abhinav Gupta Shudhatma Jain Batch: UX-2 Batch: XE-1 Batch: XE-1 Batch: SXE-1 Batch: XE-1 (CUM%: 93.33) (CUM%: 93.33) (CUM%: 93.33) (CUM%: 92.22) (CUM%: 92.22) SC: Udaipur, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota SC: Station, Kota SC: Talwandi, Kota ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 17
  18. 18. KAMAALKIB NDING Various Hybridisations: Coordination Geometry Orbitals hybridised Example number + 2 linear s, pz Ag[(NH3)2i - 3 trigonal planar s, px, py [HgI3] 4 tetrahedral s, pX, py, pz Ni(CO)4 [Ni(CN) ] - 2 square planar dX2- y2, s, pX, py 4 3 3- 5 trigonal bipyramidal dz2, s, p [CuCl5] 3 3- square pyramidal dX2- y2, s, p [Ni(CN)5] 3 3+ 6 octahedral dz2, dX2- y2, s, p [Co(NH3)6] 5 3 trigonal prismatic d , s or dxz, dyz,s, p Mo(S2C2Ph2)3 3 4- 7 pentagonal bipyramidal dxy, dX2- y2, dz2, s, p [V(CN)7] 3 2- capped trigonal prism dxy, dxz, dz2, s, p [NbF7] 3 3- 8 cube s, p ,dxy, dxz, dyz, fxyz [PaF8] 3 4- dodecahedron dz2, dxy, dxz, dyz, s, p [Mo(CN)8] 3 3- square antiprism dX2- y2,dxy, dyz, dxz, s, p [TaF8] 5 3 2- 9 face-centred trigonal prism d , s, p [ReH9] Crystal Field Splitting in various types of complexes: dx2-y2 Energy D1= Do Dt dxy dyz dxz Do dxy Energy dx2-y2 dz2 dz2 Tetrahedral Octahedral field Spherical field field dxz dyz Square planer field dx2-y2 dxy dyz dxz dxz dyz dz2 Energy Energy dz2 dxy dx2-y2 dxy dxy dx2- y2 dx2-y2 dz2 dz 2 dxz dyz dxz dyz Square Square Pyramidal Spherical field Trigonal bi-pyramidal Cubic field Spherical field Anti prism Hemant Maheshwari B.Tech. (IT-BHU) Reso-Faculty, Chemistry ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 18
  19. 19. H OLYMPIAD PROWESS omi Bhabha Centre for Mathematics: Regional Mathematical Olympiad Science Education (HBCSE) is a (RMO ), Indian National Mathematical Olympiad National Centre of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Examination (INMO), International Research, Mumbai. Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp Three decades after its inception, HBCSE has (IMOTC), Pre-departure Training Camp for IMO, emerged as the premier institution in the country for International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). research and development in Science and Technology Eligibility Criteria- For Physics, Chemistry, and education in Mathematics. It is India's nodal Mathematics and Biology: All the students of centre for Olympiad programs in Mathematics, classes XI and XII (Science stream) are eligible to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy. appear. A student may appear more than once as Stages of Examination: Following are the stages for per the examination schedule. Students who have the aspirants of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and passed class XII are not eligible. For Astronomy: Astronomy: National Standard Examination, Indian Students of age group 13 to 14 years, studying in National Olympiad Examination, Orientation cum classes VIII & IX can qualify for junior groups Selection Camp, Pre- departure training and whereas students of age group 15 to 16 years Reso PCCP Initiative participation in International Olympiad. studying in classes, X and XI can qualify for Following are the stages for the aspirants of senior groups. (For VII, VIII, IX & X) Olympiad Physics: Birbal Sharma Reso PCCP Faculty- Physics Olympiad Chemistry: Sangeeta Agarwal Reso PCCP Faculty- Chemistry Olympiad Math: Kamal Singh Chauhan (For Solution, please refer page 'Khul-Ja-Sim-Sim') Reso PCCP Faculty- Math ANUNAAD, July- September 2010 19