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Choosing the right outdoor signage material

Operating for almost sixty years, Trilby Misso is a well known and respected law firm.

Commercial Signage Australia has recently worked with Trilby Misso to update the firm’s branding. Giving the organisation a new lease on life, Commercial Signage Australia rebranded all of Trilby Misso’s commercial offices with an exceptional result! If you are interested in rebranding your company, contact Commercial Signage Australia for discussion on how we can assist you.

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Choosing the right outdoor signage material

  1. 1. Choosing the Right Outdoor Signage Material Commercial Signage Australia 10 Abbott Street Ascot, Queensland 4007 0414 062 995
  2. 2. Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of business promotions. It supersedes the efficiency of other types of mass communication when it comes to production cost, reach, and responsiveness. According to Outdoor Media Association, advertising messages conveyed outside establishments stimulate people better due to activity and energy they feel outdoors. The same report stated that sixty percent of consumers purchase impulsively due to signage they see while on the road. This shows how outdoor advertising greatly benefits businesses, both in brand awareness and in sales. Outdoor advertising goes a long way from store signs to promotional gimmicks. Different media can convey the brand’s messages, like billboards, transit advertisements and establishment signs. Technology provides innovations in advertising materials as well. From cardboard and fabric to plastic and electronic, businesses have more options in choosing the best mode and style of outdoor signage.
  3. 3. A few of the most common outdoor signage materials and its uses are as follows: 1. Fascia–Commonly used in roofing, this type of wood board is also applicable in advertising to create sturdier signage. Storefronts, permanent store signs, pylons, billboards, and standees uses this type of material. 2. Corflute–Made from corrugated plastic, Conflate is a lighter and more economical option for outdoor signs. This material is ideal for temporary and portable signage. Bus station billboards, construction site warnings, entertainment props, and point-of-sale displays utilize this kind of textile. 3. Mesh Banner – The lightest material for all outdoor signs, this is ideal for billboards, signage, and store window covers exposed to extreme weather conditions. Outdoor advertisement made of mesh banner can withstand storms due to the minute holes in the material that allow wind to pass through.
  4. 4. 4. Light box – Constructed with sturdy but lightweight materials, this type of signage has sets of lights to illuminate the sign from within. This provides storefronts and signboards with a striking appearance, especially in dark locations. 5. LED –This is the most modern type of outdoor signage that appeals to the digitally inclined market. LED displays allow interaction with the customers for a more attractive and responsive campaign. This option is useful for digital billboards and interactive point-of-sale displays. 6. Stickers and Adhesives – Usually made of vinyl or pressure-sensitive material, stickers and adhesives are flexible for any type of outdoor advertising. These are applicable for vehicle wraps, fleet signs, and window graphics.
  5. 5. Outdoor advertising continues to evolve to keep up with the public’s changing lifestyle and preferences. Depending on their purpose and budget, businesses have a variety of choices of techniques and materials to reach their market. Resources: Signage Importers- OOH Glossary of Terms- Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers- advertisers