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Ten pieces powerpoint for schools (2)


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Ten pieces powerpoint for schools (2)

  1. 1. BBC Ten Pieces  A project about classical music and creativity  Open to every primary school in the country  A collaboration between the BBC, music and arts organisations  Takes place over 10 months between October 2014 and July 2015
  2. 2. Ten Pieces – Aims  Introduce a generation of children to 10 pieces of classical music  Act as a catalyst for creative activity  Help schools to deliver the music curriculum  Collaborate with partners to maximise the impact of music and arts education
  3. 3. Ten Pieces – Stakeholder Partners • Arts Council England • Arts Council Wales • Arts Council NI • Creative Scotland • Music Mark • ABO • Youth Music • Into Film
  4. 4. Ten Pieces - Phases Phase 1 – Inspiration: October 2014 Phase 2 – Exploration and Creativity: October 2014 – March 2015 Phase 3 – Presentation & Performance: April 2015 – June 2015
  5. 5. Phase 1 - Inspiration • Project launches with free nationwide screenings in cinemas of a 50-minute film introducing 10 pieces, featuring celebrities and specially shot footage of performances • Film also available on DVD and online • Pan BBC coverage will create sense of a ‘national moment’
  6. 6. Phase 2 – Exploration and Creativity Children explore the music and composers further, and develop their creative response to one or all of the 10 pieces through: • Musical composition (e.g. beatbox, folk, classical) • Dance • Digital Art (e.g. animation)
  7. 7. Phase 3 - Performance & Presentation • Schools submit video clips to the BBC of children’s creative responses to the 10 pieces • Community concerts to be organised by schools, Music Education Hubs etc. will celebrate children’s creative work locally • Regional concerts by the BBC Performing Groups will feature the original 10 pieces and the children’s creative responses
  8. 8. Finale • Major BBC finale in the Summer of 2015 showcasing some of the dance, music and digital art produced nationwide in response to the 10 pieces • Ten Pieces website will feature the clips of the children’s creative responses from around the country
  9. 9. Ten Pieces - Pilot • Screenings of pilot film for 17 schools in London and Salford in Autumn 2014 • Creative facilitators worked with children to help develop their creative responses to the music eg through dance, beat boxing, composition, art
  10. 10. Ten Pieces – Pilot
  11. 11. Ten Pieces – Pilot 70% of children had never been to a classical music concert before 78% of them actively wanted to go to a classical music concert after the screening
  12. 12. How the BBC will support Ten Pieces • Free screenings of a cinematic film featuring the 10 pieces introduced by celebrities and performed by the one of the BBC Orchestras. • Free DVD of the Ten Pieces film for schools upon request (while stocks last). • Inspirational ‘how to’ films and background on repertoire. • Teachers’ notes. • Arrangements of the repertoire to suit different abilities. • BBC orchestras will run workshops in schools (details available on the Ten Pieces website in the summer of 2014) and celebratory concerts in the summer term of 2015.
  13. 13. Local Champions for Ten Pieces The BBC is hoping to collaborate with at least 150 Ten Pieces Champions across the UK. They include: • Music Education Hubs and Music Services • Bridge Organisations • Local orchestras • Film, dance and other arts organisations working with schools to deliver music and arts education
  14. 14. Benefits for schools • The project will help schools to deliver key aspects of the educational curriculum, including learning about the works of great composers, composing and performing. • Endorsed by music and arts and education bodies. • Opportunity to be part of an inspirational national BBC initiative. • Access to free BBC educational resources. • Opportunity to work in partnership with local arts and music organisations such as Music Services and Music Education Hubs, to enhance the work being done in the classroom. • Participation will also develop children’s creativity, confidence and collaborative skills.
  15. 15. How Schools Can Get Involved • Book places for a screening of the Ten Pieces cinematic film on the website – (NB places are limited) • Sign up for the newsletter on the Ten Pieces website • Meet with local music and arts organisations to plan Ten Pieces activities in 14/15