Resonant Insights NWEN eIQ: Crafting Your Vision


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This is a story about why it's important for all of us to be clear about your values, vision and mission before we get busy with the to-do list.

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Resonant Insights NWEN eIQ: Crafting Your Vision

  1. 1. NWEN eIQ– March 31, 2011Crafting Your Vision AndRoadmap to Results
  2. 2. First,are you an…- Employee- Employer- Solopreneur Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  3. 3. Thank YouCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  4. 4. Second,A word from The Marketing Guru
  5. 5. Why?
  6. 6. Clarity of purposeCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  7. 7. Evoke all parts… of a leader and individual contributors Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  8. 8. Evoking passion & … from within excellenceCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  9. 9. For Today1 Current State2 Science of Motivation3 Crafting your Vision and Plan Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  10. 10. Current StateCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  11. 11. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  12. 12. $416 billion per year = Cost of Lost productivity due to Disengaged Employees Source: Gallup Organization’s Employee Engagement Survey, 2009Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  13. 13. Only 1:3employeesWorldwide areengaged SOURCE: BlessingWhite, Inc. Employee Engagement Report 2011.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  14. 14. Shareholder Return SOURCE: Hewitt Associates in 2009 Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  15. 15. Those that are…ENGAGED stay DISENGAGED stayfor what they… for what they… GIVE GET SOURCE: BlessingWhite, Inc. Employee Engagement Report 2011.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  16. 16. In your day-to-day operations…Executives: Trust, communication, and culture.Managers: Coaching, relationships and dialogue.Individuals: Ownership, clarity, and action. SOURCE: BlessingWhite, Inc. Employee Engagement Report 2011. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  17. 17. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  18. 18. (and work)Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  19. 19. True bottom-linePeopleareRESILIENT Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  20. 20. Who said this?Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  21. 21. Herb KelleherCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  22. 22. Vineet Nayar “I often wonder what would happen if we were to give Gen Y the license to reinventVice Chairman and CEO companies completely.”HCL TechnologiesThe fastest growing information services company in India. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  23. 23. Science of MotivationCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  24. 24. Science of Motivation Autonomy: Urge to direct our own lives. Mastery: Desire to get better and better at what matters. Purpose: Yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  25. 25. Mismatch “There is a mismatch between whatscience knows and what business does.” (Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivators) Daniel PinkCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  26. 26. Who’s living it?mastery purpose autonomyLive their values. Created a WelcomeOthers come purpose driven unconventionalto their training culture, one ways to innovateto learn from employee at a and create newthem. time. products. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  27. 27. Increasingly common practices annual commitments (purpose) 360o feedback loops (mastery) flexible hours (autonomy) ownership (autonomy) training (mastery) strategic initiatives (purpose) coaching programs (purpose) Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  28. 28. Like it or not… youmake a ripple. You Team Organization WorldCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  29. 29. Do youreffortscreate astorm? or… Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  30. 30. Are you creating anINTENTIONAL ripple? Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  31. 31. Crafting Your VisionCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  32. 32. Vision vs. Mission PAST PRESENT FUTURE RESULTS MISSION VISION Accomplishments Broad Goals “North Star” Inspiration WHAT HOW WHY Prove Success Defines Success Guiding PrinciplesCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  33. 33. Values Lead StrategyZappos Family Core Values“As we grow as a company, it has become more and more importantto explicitly define the core values from which we develop ourculture, our brand, and our business strategies. These are the tencore values that we live by:1. Deliver WOW Through Service2. Embrace and Drive Change3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded5. Pursue Growth and Learning6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit8. Do More With Less9. Be Passionate and Determined10. Be Humble”Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  34. 34. Your Values 1. Top 10 2. Top 3 3. #1 Value Abundance Cooperation Fun Mastery Spirituality Accuracy Creativity Growth Power Strength Achievement Critical Health Prestige Structure Adventure Curiosity Helping Others Productivity Teamwork Autonomy Diversity Honesty Quality Time Balance Duty Humor Relationship Tranquility Beauty Effectiveness Independence Respect Uniqueness Belonging Equality Innovation Risk Vitality Clarity Equity Integrity Religion Wealth Commitment Excellence Justice Security Winning Communication Excitement Knowledge Self-Responsibility Wisdom Compassion Family Leisure Service Courage Freedom Love SolitudeCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  35. 35. A vision must feel impossible to achieve. “Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed.”Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  36. 36. A mission must guide action and impact. “Our activities and programs are focused on building the entrepreneurial and venture community in the Northwest and enablingentrepreneurs to access resources and funding to accelerate their business.” Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  37. 37. A vision must feel impossible to achieve. ““The perfect search engine.” says co–founder Larry PageCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  38. 38. A mission must guide action and impact. To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  39. 39. Vision Check-List Rate your organization on living its vision. 1. Created a written vision statement 2. Articulated the vision internally 3. Articulated the vision externally 4. CEO takes full ownership of living the vision 5. Your mission/actions are driven by vision Use a 3-point scale: 3 = Great! | 2 = OK | 1 = PoorCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  40. 40. Creating a Vision 1. WHY are you drawn to this business? (beyond making lots of $$$) 2. WHAT are the values of your…? • Founders • Ideal Employees/Customers Partners • Ideal Customers 3. HOW will your vision inspire those inside and outside your organization?Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  41. 41. Mission Check-List Rate your organization on living its mission. 1. Created a written mission statement 2. Tie ALL actions to the mission 3. Said “no” to things not within your mission 4. Crafted key performance indicators tied to mission 5. Reward employees/partners on these KPIs Use a 3-point scale: 3 = Great! | 2 = OK | 1 = PoorCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  42. 42. Creating a Mission 1. WHO will you serve? 2. WHAT benefits will you provide those you serve? 3. HOW will you know you are successful?Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  43. 43. How satisfied are you… with yourself, your team and partnersconsistently meeting your goals?
  44. 44. Crafting Your PlanCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  45. 45. 100% = 24 hours Bill Gates, you and I… all have the same 24 hours.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  46. 46. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  47. 47. Work/Life Balance is old newsit’s about… Balance Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  48. 48. Hurry In the WestCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  49. 49. Hurry In the EastCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  50. 50. We all have the same 24 hours.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  51. 51. YOU choose what to put in your 24 hoursCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  52. 52. The extra 1% comes through us and from others who support us.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  53. 53. Achieving Consistent ImpactStep 1: Your Intention. Set a conscious choice, with conviction.Step 2: Your Commitment. Make it real and be accountable.Step 3: Your Choice. Make sure it’s your choice & own it.Step 4: Your Work. Do ‘the work’ with focus and tenacity.Step 5: Your Power. Put all of yourself in what you do.Step 6: Your Integration. Embrace your fears and do it anyway.Step 7: Your Gift. Enjoy your victory with your team.
  54. 54. Peak EventCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  55. 55. What’s a Peak Event?1. To begin, you felt it was IMPOSSIBLE or you doubted you could achieve it.2. You had an INTENSE DESIRE and choice to accomplish the desired outcome.3. Now when you look back, that event is a REMINDER of what you accomplished. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  56. 56. Peak events can be… Athletic Academic or ArtisticCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  57. 57. What’s your peak event?Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  58. 58. My Peak Event Context I was at a week long leadership training. On day 4 we had fourequally challenging ropes course exercises to participate in— if we choose to. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  59. 59. Step 1: Intention: I really wanted to get 100% of climbing a 50’ foot pole and grab the trapeze bar. Step 2: Choice: It was my choice. No one was “making” me do it.” Step 3: Commitment: I spoke my intention to the leader who supported me in accountability.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  60. 60. Step 4: Work: I had to climb the pole and not fall. I had to step into action.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  61. 61. Step 5: Power:It took a primal part of me to get my body on top of the pole. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  62. 62. Step 6: Integration: One breath, and thepole stopped shaking.
  63. 63. Step 7: Gift:Took my time to kinesthetically remember the moment.
  64. 64. Leverage Peak Events To evoke Purpose, Passion & Excellence ONE individual contributor at a time.Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  65. 65. Flow in Action1 + 1 + 1 … = Integrated TeamCopyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  66. 66. When to apply peak events? Setting annual commitments (purpose) Career planning (mastery) Rewards & recognition (mastery) Leadership retreat (purpose) Layoffs or fear of layoffs (purpose) Cross boundary collaboration (purpose) Annual review (purpose) Innovation & creativity (autonomy) Coaching (purpose) Mentoring groups (mastery) Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  67. 67. Benefits of “The 101% Team” #1. True collaboration. #2. Individual self-responsibility. #3. Focused attention to mastery. #4. Greater retention. #5. Grow brand value. Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  68. 68. What’s next?Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  69. 69. Plot your activitiesAgainst your values/vision/mission Not Highly Aligned Aligned But you and make it Urgency Urgent Urgent Not Highly Aligned, Aligned And not but not Urgent Urgent Alignment Copyright 2011. Resonant Insights LLC
  70. 70. Why Resonant Insights?We inspire people to be their 101% best.
  73. 73. Our requestSign up for our newsletter and social media.
  74. 74. Thank
  75. 75. Definitions & Resources What’s a What’s 101% Our Favorite Peak Event? about? Resources 1. You felt it was impossible 1. You can only give a 1. Watch the many inspiring TED or challenging for you to maximum of 100% of talks at our You Tube channel achieve when you set yourself. (button on top of home page) out to do this event. 2. Be clear what matters 2. Read/listen to these books: 2. You were super clear most to YOU and focus about your desired on just that 100%.  “Drive” Daniel Pink outcome and it was your  “Succeed” Heidi Halvorson choice to do the event. 3. Expect the unexpected  “The Power of Focus” Jack Canfield, Mark V. Hansen, Les Hewitt extra 1%: The Power of  “Think & Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill 3. Now you draw positive Inspiration.  “The 101% You” Bobby Bakshi energy whenever you recall what you achieved 3. Tips to Be Your 101% by doing that event. Subscribe to our bi-monthly A Peak Event can be Remember, there is only ONE newsletter to keep learning. anything. Typically they it is you. No one else ever will be (top left at an academic, artistic or the exact same as you. Let athletic accomplishment. loose with 100% of you! 425.999.9984