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How Do I Track the Results From My Content?


Published on You have many free resources available to help you understand the results of your content; here are just a few to get you started.

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How Do I Track the Results From My Content?

  1. 1. How Can I Track the Results of My Content? A Resonance FTQ (Frequently Tweeted Question) @resonancecont
  2. 2. “How do I know what kind of results we’re getting from our content?” @resonancecont
  3. 3. Facebook Insights @resonancecont
  4. 4. Facebook Insights @resonancecont
  5. 5. Facebook Insights @resonancecont
  6. 6. @resonancecont
  7. 7. Add  +  to  the  end  of  any­‐shortened  link  and  you’ll  be  able  to  see  clickthrough   results  by  site,  by  geographical  loca:on,  and  by  date.   @resonancecont
  8. 8. @resonancecont
  9. 9. Allows  you  to  track  results  from  Facebook,  Twi?er,  Google+,  Instagram,  and  many   other  sites  —  and  it’s  free!   @resonancecont
  10. 10. LinkedIn Page Analytics @resonancecont
  11. 11. LinkedIn Page Analytics @resonancecont
  12. 12. LinkedIn Page Analytics @resonancecont
  13. 13. Your Email Marketing Provider @resonancecont
  14. 14. Your Email Marketing Provider Your  email  marke:ng  provider  (Constant  Contact,  etc.)  will  provide  you  with  details   about  your  open  rates,  clickthroughs,  etc.     @resonancecont
  15. 15. Google Analytics @resonancecont
  16. 16. Google Analytics Use  Google  Analy:cs  to  find  out  which  blog  posts  a?racted  the  most  traffic,  then  use   that  informa:on  to  develop  your  own  best  prac:ces.   @resonancecont
  17. 17. To Sum Up … You have many sources available to help you track the results of your content: • • • •  LinkedIn Analytics: Go to your Company Page and click the Analytics tab •  Your email marketing provider • @resonancecont
  18. 18. Got a question for our next FTQ? Hit me up at @resonancecont