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Rodney davis sempra


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Rodney davis sempra

  1. 1. Investor-owned Utility Energy Centers Investor-owned Utility (IOU) Energy Centers are your energy efficiency partner. The IOU Energy Centers serve as one-stop ‘idea shops’, where customers can learn about efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive solutions to their energy needs.
  2. 2. Investor-owned Utility Energy Centers • SDG&E San Diego Energy Resource Center • (Includes California Center for Sustainable Energy) • PG&E Stockton Energy Center • PG&E Pacific Energy Center (San Francisco) • PG&E Food Service Center (San Ramon) • SCG Energy Resource Center (Downey) • SCE Customer Technology Application Center (Irwindale) • SCE Agricultural Technology Application Center (Tulare)
  3. 3. Investor-owned Utility Energy Centers • The San Diego Energy Resource Center offers meeting rooms to host education and training for small and large audiences. • The Energy Centers provide technical assistance materials, state-of-the-art multi-media and on-site access to catering. • The Energy Center is committed to offering energy decision makers with the most up to date education and training.
  4. 4. Investor-owned Utility Energy Centers The Energy Centers offer a variety of energy efficiency-related training: • Residential/Commercial Contractor training • Technical seminars • Industrial Process workshops and demonstration • Food service equipment testing and demonstration • (not in San Diego currently) • Certification training courses • Builder Operator • North American Technical Excellence • Special Events • State of-the-art technologies showcased
  5. 5. Investor-owned Utility Energy Centers • Home.html • ng/workshops.shtml • centers.htm •
  6. 6. Investor-owned Utility Energy Centers
  7. 7. Investor-owned Utility Energy Centers
  8. 8. Investor-owned Utility Energy Centers
  9. 9. Investor-owned Utility Energy Centers
  10. 10. How to register for a Seminar at SCG or SDG&E 1. Go to: 2. Click on an Event to register for a seminar. 3. Click on Register Online Now
  11. 11. 6. Fill in the * with your information 7. Click here when done.
  12. 12. 10. Click on Submit to finish – or Click on Add Event to sign for other Seminars. trw q 11. After clicking on Submit you will receive a confirmation for your event. John Smith HVAC Designer John Smith’s HVAC Design 1234 Bogus Rd, Downey, CA 90241-5388 John Smith HVAC Designer John Smith’s HVAC Design 1234 Bogus Rd, Downey, CA 90241-5388
  13. 13. Please let us help you improve your bottom line – through energy efficiency. Thank you. Questions?