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A current selection of my work - 2009 - 2013. This includes case studies as well as kid studies.

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Marcie Braden Portfolio

  1. 1. <> [ design ] [ dev ] [ ideas ] [ portfolio ’13 ] MARCIE K BRADEN (704) 779-7638Selected clients for Case Studies section: taBoozie, SecurityBidz, Book-a-Cook, ListSanity, TREKA, PokerNearMe, A Great Chase, and PokerPeers. Various client workchosen for the Skill Study section. All work in portfolio completed between 2009 – 2013.
  2. 2. MB MARCIE K BRADEN | DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS & MANAGEMENT ABOUT ME MY EXPERIENCE   Marcie understands and creates business in mind. She intuitively I have a BA from Vassar College in a drawer develops without constant direction and somewhere, a background in graphic design and a WEBSITE DESIGN PRINT DESIGN provides good business passion for entrepreneurship. I’ve spent the last ten recommendations. UI / UX BRANDING WRITING years cutting my teeth in the start-up environment, – Troy Evans, Consultant serving varying consulting roles for more than 25 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS VIDEO SCRIPTING new companies. I have also been hired by Marcie masterfully blends her superb eye established brands for free-lance projects and PROJECT MANAGEMENT EDITING with an understanding of the end-user. consulting work. More than 88% of my clients over Some of Marcie’s key strengths are her SOCIAL MARKETING STRATEGY RESEARCH the last 10 years have sought me out after I have organizational skills, penchant for completed a single project. I to choose projects that CORPORATE DOCUMENTS PRESENTATIONS quality, attention to detail, and refusal to| (704) 779-7638 spark my passion and drive me to become an integral succumb to time-squandering part of the team – I have been offered equity and/or perfectionism. Board positions for more than 29% of the companies – Tony Guererra, Author   I have worked with to date. THE SKILLS IT TAKES... "Marcie Braden is one of the most WHAT PEOPLE ASK ME TO DO talented people I have had the pleasure Photoshop Illustrator of working with in the technology industry. In addition to being a very InDesign WRITING & talented designer and highly skilled with CSS RESEARCH UI/UX, she possesses a strong feel and HTML understanding for overall strategic and jQuery business issues." DESIGN PHP – George Meyer, Acuitize STRATEGY C Programming Social Marketing Writing “Marcie is a consummate professional – Public Speaking continually adding value at every stage of PROJECT Thinking any process – from design concepts, to MANAGEMENT Wordpress user ease-of-use and functionality. I’ve MailChimp enjoyed working with her immensely.” – Joe Patanella, Founder TrustWave
  3. 3. Working with so many different companies, I have a rich backdrop for understanding success andfailure: making decisions in a silo almost always leads to failure. It’s a true understanding of yourtarget market and what you hope to achieve that allows you to provide a product that people want.It’s my constant battle to figure out how to translate the market and consumer demands into a productdesign and presentation that’s a perfect fit for a client’s needs. [ case studies ] A SELECT SAMPLINGEach page in this section is a case study of a project on which I’ve consulted for design/development and/or business strategy. A brief description of the project appears oneach page along with the dates of the project. Please note that materials included within projects are not exhaustive, nor is the sampling of projects themselves.
  4. 4. <> CASE STUDY| (704) 779-763801 taBoozie.COM | CONSULTING: DESIGN, BRANDING & BUSINESS STRATEGY The company received recognition at Startup Weekend Las Vegas as “Bar Tabs for Me.” I rebranded to taBoozie, creating a logo and color scheme for the company that emphasizes its position as a new technology company in the entertainment space. I created website designs, sales sheets, mobile app designs, investment materials, and various print materials.
  5. 5. <> CASE STUDY| (704) 779-763802 SECURITYBIDZ.COM | CONSULTING: DESIGN, BRANDING & BUSINESS STRATEGY I worked closely with the founders of SecurityBidz to help solidify business ideas, create branding, website design and corporate document. I also identified, hired and managed specialty consultants for advertising, sales and video production. I wrote corporate documents and consumer-facing materials including investor deck, business plan and video scripts.
  6. 6. <> CASE STUDY| (704) 779-763803 BOOK-A-COOK | WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT I consulted with Book-a-Cook to design and develop a forward-compatible phased approach to website development as the startup grows. The first phase of the site, shown above, will be launching in early Spring 2013. This project included incorporating a customized Wordpress blog into the main flow of a standalone site.
  7. 7. <> CASE STUDY| (704) 779-763804 LISTSANITY | OWNER: WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT, MOBILE DESIGN I worked closely with the developer to provide a completely dynamic design that can be built on the client-side as content changes. I designed and built a custom Wordpress theme for the information and blogging side of the site. I boiled site functionality down to the most essential user interactions and designed a seamless UI/UX for mobile devices.
  8. 8. "#$!%&()*+,!- ./01! "#$!%&()*+,!-).)../0 "#$!%&()*+,!-)../01! 1! August TOPICS AN INTRODUCTION AND A HIGHLIGHT OF 2012 TO LISTSANITY.COM OM TO LISTSANITY.C AN INTRODUCTION AN INTRODUCTION TO LISTSANITY.COM AND A AND A HIGHLIGHT OF TOPICS COVERED IN THE BUSINE HIGHLIGHT OF TOPICS August SS PLAN SS COVERED IN THE BUSINE COVERED IN THE BUSINESS PLAN PLAN 2012 August <> and 2012 platform where users create y is an online social discovery 1.1 What is ListSanity In a nutshell? ListSanit In a nutshell? ListSani ty is an online Current platform where aren’t designed to 1.1 What is ListSanity In a nutshell? ListSanity is an online socialg. social discoverynetworksusers create and everythin discovery social platform where users Lists about anything and 1.1 What is ListSanity shareshare Lists about anything create and you’re share Lists about anything and everything. Current social networksmoment. What to and everything. 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We’re not trying to be an entirely new social network – we understand the network – we understa nd the ry and Confidential – Proprieta ! ! ! – Proprietary and Confidential – Proprieta ry and Confidential05 LISTSANITY (cont) | DESIGN & CONTENT ON MARKETING MATERIALS & BUSINESS DOCUMENTS ListSanity is an early stage startup gaining recognition for its functionality and design (it is currently a ProjectVesto top 12 finalist (out of 232 startup competitors). I did extensive research for the business model and long-term strategy and have written all corporate documentation. I have created a brand that’s fun and casual – from designing user-facing websites and marketing materials to business and investment documents.
  9. 9. <> CASE STUDY| (704) 779-763806 TREKA | CONSULTING: DESIGN, PRODUCT RESEARCH & SPECIFICATIONS & BUSINESS STRATEGY Startup with early stage funding. I consulted for a 16 month period on product and design specifications, and business direction/ strategy. I managed all contract workers and coordinated communications with the development team.
  10. 10. CASE STUDY| (704) 779-763807 PNM | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN ON WEBSITE/APP, BUSINESS & MARKETING STRATEGY PokerNearMe is a personal project that I help to found. I have designed all aspects of the websites, mobile apps and printed materials. I helped conduct research – interviewing both poker players and poker room managers. I crafted all corporate documents, helped to make strategic partnerships and hired a team to manage data and promote the product through sales.
  11. 11. <> CASE STUDY| (704) 779-763808 A GREAT CHASE | DESIGN & BRANDING, WEB DEVELOPMENT, MARKETING MATERIALS I worked with the owner of A Great Chase to develop clean and bold branding for this scavenger adventure that is currently expanding to over 15 US cities. I have designed and developed websites, printed collateral, advertisements, t-shirts, tickets, and certificates. I have worked closely with third party companies to integrate functionality into the website.
  12. 12. <> CASE STUDY| (704) 779-763809 POKERPEERS| DESIGN & BRANDING, MARKETING MATERIALS, PROJECT MANAGEMENT I worked closely with the founder and development team for PokerPeers to create a unique online gaming environment that incorporated live streaming videos. The project required design creation, market research, legal research and consultation, quality assurance / feedback and investor meetings and presentations.
  13. 13. Working with startups and young companies has given me the opportunity to get my hands dirty withall aspects of a business – from design and development to research and strategy. I have workedclosely with experts with impressive business backgrounds in sales, marketing, strategy, finances, andmore. I have a passion for learning and constantly pushing myself to develop new skills. [ skill studies ] MY AREAS OF EXPERTISEThe pages in this section cover my skill set....
  14. 14. SKILL STUDY| (704) 779-763810 DESIGN: PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS I have wide experience in print design – brochures, flyers, rack cards, posters, tickets, brochures, and more. I am fully versed in print requirements and packing designs for press. I have developed relationships with several printers and work closely to make sure my designs look as good after printing.
  15. 15. SKILL STUDY| (704) 779-763811 DESIGN: WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT I specialize in creating online experiences for individuals, small businesses and startups. Based on a company’s needs and budget I help choose the best solution – custom sites, skinned Wordpress themes, custom Wordpress themes or fully customized CMSs.
  16. 16. SKILL STUDY12 DESIGN: ADVERTISEMENTS I have created both print and digital advertisements for various companies. I specialize in digital with an emphasis on creating ads in all standard sizes. I am comfortable creating animated advertisements.
  17. 17. SKILL STUDY13 DESIGN & CONTENT: CORPORATE PRESENTATIONS & INVESTOR DECKS My favorite type of design is corporate documentation which requires a deep understanding of the content, audience and aesthetic. My work has gained positive recognition when presented to VCs, incubators and pitch competitions. I have been sought out to both create and refine presentations – for design and content.
  18. 18. SKILL STUDY| (704) 779-763814 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS, WIREFRAMES & ROADMAPS Keeping projects on task, on time and on budget are critical to success. I’m extremely organized and detail oriented. Before beginning any project I dive into the details, working closely with all team members to ensure I understand not only my component responsibilities but the project as whole. To prevent any misunderstandings I carefully craft wireframes, project specs, site maps and development roadmaps where necessary.
  19. 19. SKILL STUDY15 DESIGN & CONTENT: BUSINESS PLANS I have extensive experience reading and editing business plans for companies in different sectors. I have researched and penned 12 business plans in the last three years, working closely with the founding team to understand the product, researching to understand the market, and conducting consumer interviews to understand the target user. I have been sought out to edit and design existing business plans and other corporate documentation for established businesses.
  20. 20. [ portfolio ’13 ]MARCIE K 779-7638Thank you for looking at my selected works. If you have any questions about my capabilities please feel free to contact me. I love new projects and chatting with newpeople, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me and maybe we’ll be a good fit! I look forward to hearing from you.