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Investor Presentation

  1. 1. Reservoir MineralsDiscoveries & Opportunities in Europe,Middle East & AfricaNovember 2011
  2. 2. Forward Looking StatementsThis presentation contains forward-looking statements and factual information that are current as ofthe date the presentation was originally delivered. Balkan Exploration and Mining D.o.o. and its parentReservoir Minerals Inc., disclaim any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-lookingstatements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements with respect to the timing andamount of estimated future exploration, success of exploration activities, expenditures, permitting, andrequirements for additional capital and access to data.Forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors whichmay cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially differentfrom any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward lookingstatements. Such factors include, among others, risks related to actual results of current explorationactivities; changes in project parameters as plans continue to be refined; the ability to enter into jointventures or to acquire or dispose of properties; future prices of mineral resources; accidents, labordisputes and other risks of the mining industry; ability to obtain financing; and delays in obtaininggovernmental approvals of financing. RMC:TSXV 2 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  3. 3. Summary• Reservoir Minerals is an exploration and project generator.• Our business is focused on maximizing exploration and development opportunities with value creation while ensuring capital preservation and downside risk management of the expanding portfolio of exploration projects.• Maximize exploration opportunities- Diversity in an expanding international portfolio of exploration projects in various metals and minerals.• Value creation- moving projects of various stages up the value curve before forming partnerships.• Downside risk management and capital preservation achieved through partnerships. Partners fund further exploration or development usually in return for project equity. RMC:TSXV 3 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  4. 4. ManagementSimon Ingram (President & CEO) – 20 years in exploration and mining project development globally.Founding director of Reservoir Capital. PhD in Mineral Resource Evaluation Cardiff University.Christopher MacIntyre (VP Corporate Development) – 5 years in public markets and the naturalresource sector. Graduate in Commerce from the Queens School of Business at Queens University(Canada).Christina Cepeliauskas (CFO) – Certified General Accountant with more than 15 years of financialaccounting and treasury experience in the mineral exploration and mining industry. CFO of EurasianMinerals Inc. and Reservoir Capital Corp.Aleksandar Obrenovic (VP Exploration) – 20 years in exploration and mining. Graduate of the Universityof Belgrade with a degree in Engineering and Economic Geology.Geological team Serbia – (8 Geologists with 30 -3 years experience) Lajos Seke, Zoran Starcevic, VojislavMrdja, Miodrag Banjesevic, Zeljko Sofronijevic, Dusan Bjelotomic, Marko Krstic, Milos Momic.Geological team W Africa – (2 senior Geologists): Chris Spencer and Alain Lambert, both with over30 years of international experience much with the BRGM.Duncan Large (Senior Consulting Geologist and QP) – 30 years in exploration and mining globally.Royal School of Mines, London (M.Sc.) and the Technical University of Braunschweig (Ph.D.). RMC:TSXV 4 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  5. 5. DirectorsMiles Thompson – 25 years in exploration and mining globally. Ex-Manager Business Developmentfor Gold Fields. Geology graduate of the University of Bristol (UK).Michael Winn – 25 years in the natural resource sector and public markets. Geology graduate ofthe University of Southern California.David Knox – 25 years Investment banking and commodity trading experience. Senior ExecutiveOfficer, BBY, (2008 to present). Head, Energy Group / Exco Resource Banking, Standard Bank (2000to 2006).Geoff Chater – 22 years in the mining industry. From 1999 to 2008, Mr. Chater held the position ofCorporate Relations Manager for copper producer First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Geology graduate ofTexas Christian University.Miljana Vidovic – 15 years managing energy and minerals exploration businesses in SoutheastEurope. Graduate of the University of Belgrade with a diploma in Economics (Serbia). RMC:TSXV 5 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  6. 6. Exploration Project Generator Strategy• Our business is focused on maximizing exploration and project development opportunities with value creation while ensuring capital preservation and downside risk management of the expanding portfolio of exploration projects• Regional focus based on capability of operation and experience• Increase exploration opportunities — Expanding the current project portfolio beyond Serbia to Europe and Africa. • Secure early stage exploration projects. Create value through targeted exploration • Secure advanced project development opportunities. Create value through advancement to Resource / Reserve definition and scoping — feasibility study• Seek partnerships and project specific investment — Partners fund further exploration or development usually in return for project equity RMC:TSXV 6 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  7. 7. Serbia Regional StrategyMaximise value of existing Serbian portfolio• Additional Exploration of the current projects • Mapping, trenching, geophysics, 3D modelling and targeting drilling, mineralogical and metallurgical test work• Proof of concepts to generate advanced drill out targetsSeek additional JV partners / project investorsExpand Serbian portfolio• Leverage our strong local operational capability by developing new minerals opportunities in Serbia and regionally in Europe• Applying for new licences, Advanced projects -JV, Operational mines-JV RMC:TSXV 7 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  8. 8. International Strategy — AfricaSuccess through regional expertise and partnershipsBuilding new portfolios• Applications for new exploration licences in West Africa. (Gold and Iron ore)• Identifying partnership opportunities for early stage and advanced projects• Opportunistic investments, distressed and undervalued assetsSeek additional JV partners / project investors• Partnerships after creating initial value steps. Initial exploration to identify drill ready targets or moving advanced projects to resources and reserves. Risk reward balance.Expand existing international operational capacity• Strong exploration team, Alan Lambert and Chris Spencer both with 30 years of exploration experience ex BRGM. Alan resident in West Africa. RMC:TSXV 8 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  9. 9. Corporate Structure(CDN$)Equity Price Shares % Total Cash RaisedBasic total Shares 25,676,250 59.2% 9,794,508Finders Shares 0.65 429,882 1.0% 0Management StockOptions 0.65 2,025,000 4.7% 1,316,250Warrants 0.90 15,206,032 35.1% 13,685,429Total Fully Diluted 43,337,164 100.0% 24,796,187 RMC:TSXV 9 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  10. 10. BudgetCDN$ 1.5m – Corporate: G&A and listing (2011-2012)CDN$1.5-2m – Serbia / Europe: Exploration and project development (2011- 2012: Phase1 Exploration)CDN$ 1-2m – Africa: Exploration portfolio development (2011-2012)• Licence application, Acquire Projects , JV.• Exploration and Project development on specific projectsCDN$4.0-5.5m – Total allocated 2011-2012CDN$4.1-5.6m – Available for future exploration and corporate activity RMC:TSXV 10 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  11. 11. Current Joint Venture ProjectsJoint Ventures- Exploration upside, risk mitigation and capital preservation• 2 licenses in the Timok Belt surrounding the Bor mine are in joint venture with Freeport McMoRan. Freeport are targeting the largest world class deposits. • US$3.0M committed to exploration in return for 55% of project equity. Free carry to Feasibility for 75% • US$1.5 spent to date• Deli Jovan license is joint ventured with UK-listed Orogen Gold (AIM: ORE). Orogen is funding the reopening of two historic gold mines and has a stated strategy to target small scale production of 30,000 Oz gold pa. • CDN$ 3.5 million committed to exploration in return for 75% of project. • CDN$ 1.5 million to be spent by June 2012, balance by June 2015 RMC:TSXV 11 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  12. 12. Parlozi (Silver – Lead – Zinc)• 100% owned, 91km2 property over historic mines. Targeting carbonate replacement type silver-rich polymetallic deposits.• 43.101 Technical Report completed (2011).• Historic (1980’s ) drill defined non-43-101 resource of 6.5Mt containing 4.1% Pb, 2.1% Zn, 0.3% Cu, 130 g/t Ag.• Check hole PA-01 confirms mineralization and geology, intercepted up 1,175g/t Ag. 3D modeling confirms mineralization extent in historic resource. IP anomaly indicates mineralization could extend several Km. Historic surface workings indicate mineralization could project from depth to surface (>500m).• 2011 – Mapping, geophysics, 3D modeling historic resource and mine workings, trenching and drilling. Objective confirm mineralization surface to depth. RMC:TSXV 12 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  13. 13. Bobija (Silver – Lead – Zinc)• 100% owned, 33km2 property surrounds a barite mine with reported resources (Non 43-101) of 1.2Mt at 53% BaSO4 and 0.53Mt at 3.33% Pb, 4.18% Zn and 25.6% BaSO4.• SEDEX-type mineralization with fine-grained stratiform sulphide zones 4-10m thick. SEDEX deposits can be large tonnage deposits.• Outcrop sampling 6 m @ 5.05% Pb, 5.68% Zn, 0.85% Cu, 161 g/t Ag, 1.56 g/t Au. Historic Underground sampling yielded persistent grades ~10% Zn+Pb.• Younger quartz vein overprint with gold.• 2011- mapping, topographic survey, 3D model -historic data, dump sampling, metallurgical test work. Sample from ore dump: 4.97% Pb, 3.94% Zn, 110 g/t Ag, 1.46 g/t Au. Potential- 100-200,000t RMC:TSXV 13 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  14. 14. Stara Planina (Gold – Copper – Molybdenum)• 100% owed, 63km2 property, granodiorites intruding basement gabbro• Two main target areas: Gradiste and Aldinac each have extensive (>3km) Cu, Au, Mo in soil anomalies• Intrusion-related bulk-tonnage Cu-Au-Mo target and numerous high grade veins• Historic mine, Alin Do with mining grades: 24 – 62 g/t Au, 4 – 6% Cu and 1 – 4% Bi. Sampling confirming high grade gold up to 70 g/t• Other areas: Best grab samples 50.4 and 28.2g/t Au. Recon trenching: 2m @ 3.85g/t Au, 2.65% Cu, 1.3m @ 35.7g/t Au• 2011- Mapping, trenching, geophysics, 3D modeling and drilling Alin Do historic mine area. Objective confirm mineralization RMC:TSXV 14 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  15. 15. Plavkovo (Gold)• 100% owned, 20km2 property over epithermal gold targets.• Gold identified by trenching on the Plavkovo prospect. The “Gypsum Zone” is 400 meters east of previous trenches- Possible continuation of the mineralized structure for nearly 800 meters.• 800m gold-bearing silica cap at Bukovik with quartz-alunite alteration and gold- in-soil anomaly indicative of gold-rich high sulphidation system.• 2011 – Mapping, trenching, geophysics and drilling Plavkovo targets. Objective to expand mineralization extents of Gypsum Zone. RMC:TSXV 15 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  16. 16. Lece (Gold – Silver)• 100% owned, 40km2 property over extensions of the Lece Mine, targeting epithermal gold-silver. Lece Mine License• Mine closed 2001, with residual reserves of >360,000oz Au. Resumed small production under private ownership 2011.• REO drilling Vrelski Potok VP-01: 9.2m at 2.11g/t Au and 19g/t Ag. Spurina Glava SG- 1: 14.5m at 1.12g/t Au.• Drill targets defined. Proximity to mine REO License with process plant presents opportunity to turn small scale resources into production reserves. RMC:TSXV 16 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  17. 17. Africa Exploration• Licence applications submitted in 3 West African countries.• Large exploration licences 500-1,000 Km2.• Targeting greenstone belts capable of hosting multi million ounce gold projects and large Iron ore deposits.• Early stage exploration to define drill targets.• JV and other partnership opportunities being investigated.• Distressed project / company opportunities requiring investment will be reviewed. Regional Exploration RMC:TSXV 17 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  18. 18. Deli Jovan (Gold)• 69km2 property over 8km shear with bonanza- grade (>100g/t) mesothermal gold veins.• Historic high grade gold mines, Gindusa and Rusman worked to the early 20th Century. Reservoir previously reopened 4km of old workings.• Currently refurbishing shafts and accessing old mining levels for mapping and sampling. Soil sampling program completed – possible mineralization extensions identiified.• Orogen targeting early production. Earning up to a 75% interest by investing $3.5m. RMC:TSXV 18 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  19. 19. Timok Properties (Copper – Gold)• World class porphyry-epithermal district. Resource and reserves stated to be 2.5 Bt containing 10.5 Mt copper and 11.7 Moz gold metal.• 181km2 RMI licenses are adjacent and between the operating mines.• Freeport McMoRan earning an initial 55% interest by funding $3m of exploration. Can earn 75% by funding to Bankable Feasibility.• Ongoing; Drilling, geophysics, mapping and geochemistry targeting deeper large scale mineralization. RMC:TSXV 19 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  20. 20. Conclusion• Well funded exploration and project generator• SE Europe, Serbian exploration portfolio with good upside potential• JV partnerships with Major and Junior companies providing risk mitigation and exploration upside• Portfolio diversification to Europe and Africa• Experienced technical and management team• Treasury- CAD$ 8.75M• Undervalued by comparison to comparable exploration companies Regional Exploration RMC:TSXV 20 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM
  21. 21. Reservoir Minerals Inc. Contacts• Simon Ingram • Christopher MacIntyre Director, President and CEO Vice President, Corporate Development Phone +1 (416) 703-0010• RMC:TSXV 21 WWW.RESERVOIRMINERALS.COM