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Commodity report daily


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Commodity report daily

  1. 1. I Prateekj16 18july DAILY COMMODITY REPORT 2811.07.2013 RESEARCH VIA
  2. 2. S I L V E R G G O L D D A I L Y B U Z Z Precious Metals Gold futures prices today rose by 0.17 per cent to Rs 26,055 per 10 grams as speculators enlarged positions, largely in tandem with a firming trend overseas. At the Multi Commodity Exchange, metal prices for delivery in August gained Rs 45, or 0.17 per cent, to trade higher at Rs 26,055 per 10 gm in a turnover of 4,038 lots. Similarly, the metal prices for delivery in October edged up by Rs 33, or 0.13 per cent, to Rs 26,139 per 10 gm, clocking a business volume of 305 lots. Analysts attributed gains in the precious metal at futures trade to a firm trend in the overseas markets as physical gold purchases picked up at lower prices. Globally, gold rose by USD 13.40, or 1.08 per cent, to USD 1,250.10 an ounce in New York yesterday.
  3. 3. -C O P P E R C R U D E O I L Base Metals & Energy D A I L Y B U Z Z Copper prices fell by 0.49 per cent to Rs 406.75 per kg in futures trade today after speculators trimmed positions, tracking a weak global trend. At the Multi Commodity Exchange, Copper for delivery in August fell by Rs 2, or 0.49 per cent, to Rs 406.75 per kg in business turnover of 799 lots. In a similar fashion, the metal for delivery in November declined by Rs 1.95, or 0.47 per cent, to Rs 412.60 per kg in 68 lots. Crude oil futures prices rose sharply by 1.14 per cent to Rs 6,280 per barrel today as speculators created fresh positions, tracking a firming trend in Asia. At the Multi Commodity Exchange, crude oil for delivery in July traded Rs 71 or 1.14 per cent, higher at Rs 6,280 per barrel with a business turnover of 11,657 lots. The crude oil for August also moved up by Rs 50, or 0.8 per cent, to Rs 6,267 per barrel, with a business volume of 2,987 lots. Market analysts said the rise in crude oil futures was attributed to a firming trend in Asia buoyed by solid gains in US stocks and stronger demand in the world's biggest economy. Meanwhile, crude oil for the August delivery added 99 cents to USD 104.52 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange in the morning trade. PAGE 1
  4. 4. CHANA DHANIYA DHANIYA Agro Outlook D A I L Y B U Z Z Cardamom prices fell by 2.16 per cent to Rs 670 per kg in futures trade today as speculators booked profits driven by sluggish demand in the spot market. Adequate stocks availability in the physical market on increased arrivals from the producing belts also put pressure on the Cardamom prices. At the Multi Commodity Exchange, cardamom for delivery in July fell by Rs 14.80, or 2.16 per cent, to Rs 670 per kg in business turnover of 88 lots. Similarly, the spice for delivery in August traded lower by Rs 2, or 0.27 per cent, to Rs 752.20 per kg in 394 lots.
  5. 5. COMMODITY CLOSING PRICE TREND S2 S1 PIVOT POINT R1 R2 GOLD 26103 UP 25835 25969 26110 26244 26385 SILVER 40174 UP 39631 39903 40201 40473 40771 CRUDE OIL 6391 UP 6139 6265 6336 6462 6533 COPPER 412 UP 402.33 407.17 409.83 414.67 417.33 NICKEL 816.6 UP 789.93 803.27 812.13 825.47 834.33 NATURAL GAS 221.1 UP 212.43 216.77 222.83 227.17 233.23 LEAD 124.25 UP 120.02 122.13 123.37 125.48 126.72 ZINC 112.55 UP 109.42 110.98 111.87 113.43 114.32 ALLUMINIUM 107.55 UP 104.78 106.17 106.93 108.32 109.08 COMMODITY CLOSING PRICE TREND S2 S1 PIVOT POINT R1 R2 CHANA 3107 UP 3064 3086 3121 3143 3178 JEERA 13650 DOWN 13465 13558 13718 13810 13970 RM SEED 3498 UP 3472 3485 3509 3522 3546 SOYA REF OIL 685 UP 680 683 687 690 694 SOYBEAN 3190 UP 3130 3160 3192 3222 3253 TURMERIC 5828 UP 5699 5763 5827 5891 5955 M E T A L S & E N E R G Y Market Statistics
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