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Research Optimus is a pioneer in market research and business analytics providing service to clients worldwide. Subscribe Research Optimus to get quantitative and qualitative research information and stay updated to industry trends.

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Market Research Services

  1. 1. Market Research Services
  2. 2. What is Market Research? Our Market Research Services Market Research is the effort to gather and analyze information about any market you wish to enter. Through our Market Research services, we provide information about your customers, competitors, services, and products. With that information, you can better understand what your customer expects, the desires providers have of you, what you need to compete, and how you can stand out in the crowd. Brand Research. From positioning strategies to monitoring your brand value, our Brand Research Services will put you ahead of competitors, offering unique presentation opportunities. Online Research. In the era of technology, we are exposed to endless data on the Internet. Our methodologies of Online Research include: focus groups, web reporting, VOC, W2P, and CSAT. Data Analysis. Our Data Analysis involves inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to highlight important information. Why Hire Research Optimus? At Research Optimus, we guarantee an excellence in delivery with a focus in quality. Our services feature: - Business benefits - Quality systems - Turnaround time - Project security - And affordable prices Survey Analysis. Make business decisions based on the needs of the market by analyzing survey data to inform your company. Our Survey Analysis methodologies include: CSAT, CATI, survey panels, and OLAP. Multivariate and Bivariate Analysis. Define the nature of a relationship between variables, identify the type and direction of the relationship, determine if the relationship is statistically significant, and identify the strength of the relationship with our services. Qualitative Market Research. Our services gather data from subjects through: focus
  3. 3. group interviews, in-depth interviews, random probability sampling, projective techniques, and questionnaires. Quantitative Market Research. Our process includes: defining the problem to discover the tools for analysis, research design free of extra variables, data collection, and report writing. Business Market Research. With research in consumer market business, B2B marketing, PESTEL, SWOT, and others, our services offer tools for your business to succeed. International Market Research. We provide: first mover advantage, second move advantage, PESTEL, SWOT, cost advantage, country business environment analysis, and risk environment analysis. Market Research Surveys. We want to help you learn more about your target market audience through demographic data. Our experts are skilled in collecting demographic data through: survey designs, questionnaires, programming, hosting, quota management, data analysis and statistical services, and survey panels. Primary Market Research. Let us help you get your business ahead with our team’s expertise in primary data, competitor intelligence, focus group interviewing, target audience profiling, and more.
  4. 4. Official Website: Contact Email: Follow Us: In addition to Market Research services, Research Optimus offers services in - Financial Research Pharma Research Scientific Research Media Research Dial-a-Report Business Analytics