Global And China Core Drill Industry


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As the worlds largest mineral resources consumer, China has seen rapid growth in terms of the demand for mineral resources of all varieties, accompanying by intensified exploration. In 2011, Chinas investment in geological exploration surged by 14.6% year-on-year to RMB109.2 billion.

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Global And China Core Drill Industry

  1. 1. Global and China Core Drill Industry Report, 2012-2015 In 2012, the global core drill market reached a plateau. And industrial players including Atlas Copco, Sandvikand Boart Longyear have been in a firm position to dominate the global market after a series of M&As, layingthe foundation to become the flagship players. In order to further seize market share, those transnationalcompanies spread their wings towards emerging countries such as China which is becoming an attraction.As the worlds largest mineral resources consumer, China has seen rapid growth in terms of the demand formineral resources of all varieties, accompanying by intensified exploration. In 2011, Chinas investment ingeological exploration surged by 14.6% year-on-year to RMB109.2 billion. With the increasingly growinginput in mineral resources exploration, the demand for core drills are soaring, leading to ballooning marketscale. In 2011, the market scale of core drill in China grew by 14.8% year-on-year to RMB7 billion. And theaccelerated growth trend is expected to maintain until 2015.In addition, full-hydraulic core drills have become the mainstream in most developed countries. By contrast, inChina, spindle-type core drills are still occupying a lions share affected by varies of factors. The projectionsuggests that full-hydraulic deep-hole core drills will play a leading role in Chinese market, due to surginghuman resource cost as well as demanding requirements in prospecting depth and precision. And the trend hasbeen concerned by some of Chinese industrial players which are intensifying their input in the R&D offull-hydraulic deep-hole core drill products.The report highlights the current development of global and China core drill industry, and underlines fourforeign enterprises including Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Boart Longyear, Koken, as well as 13 Chinesecounterparts including Cortech Drilling Equipment, Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery and HengyangZhongdi Equipment Prospecting Engineering Machinery.Sweden-based Atlas Copco boasts the worlds major core drill producer. In recent years, the company hasconsolidated its leading position in the core drill industry by making great efforts in M&As, intensifying inputin R&D and capacity expansion, setting up joint ventures with foreign enterprises. On Nov.28, 2012, it signeda strategic cooperation agreement with Wuxi Drilling Tools Factory in Shanghai, with an aim to fill the gap ofGB standard products in Chinese market and to expand customer group and market coverage.Another Sweden-based company, Sandvik, is not only a high-tech transnational company, but one of the threeleading core drill producers in the world. In recent years, the core drill business of the company has seen rapiddevelopment. By adopting selective acquisition strategy, the company has completed its product line in a fastmanner, improving the production scale and market occupancy. In 2005, the company set up a production basein Shanghai, and finished the expansion in 2007, with the annual output of mining machineries (including coredrill) realizing 3,000 sets.Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery is the only listed Chinese company in China core drill industry, with theGlobal and China Core Drill Industry Report, 2012-2015
  2. 2. major products including full-hydraulic power core drills and spindle-type core drills. In June 2012, it waslisted on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with the raising fund being flown to new-type high-efficient core drilltechnological upgrading project and drill pipe production technology upgrading project. After finished, theannual capacity of full-hydraulic core drill of the company is expected to grow 510 sets, while that ofspindle-type core drill is projected to increase 3,279 sets.table Of Content 1 Overview Of Core Drill1.1 Profile1.2 Classification And Application1.3 Industry Chain2 Development Of Global Core Drill Industry2.1 Overview2.2 Supply And Demand2.3 Market Competition2.4 Europe2.5 United Statessummary3 Development Of China Core Drill Industry3.1 Overview3.2 Policy Environment3.3 Production3.4 Demand3.5 Spindle-type Core Drill3.6 Fully Hydraulic Driving Core Drill3.7 Drilling Mud Pump3.8 Drill Pipesummary4 Key Enterprises Worldwide4.1 Atlas Copco4.1.1 Profile4.1.2 Operation4.1.3 Core Drill Business4.2 Sandvik4.2.1 Profile5.2.2 Operation4.2.3 Core Drill BusinessGlobal and China Core Drill Industry Report, 2012-2015
  3. 3. 4.3 Boart Longyear4.3.1 Profile4.3.2 Operation4.3.3 Core Drill Business4.4 Koken4.4.1 Profile4.4.2 Operation4.4.3 Core Drill Businesssummary5 Key Enterprises In China5.1 Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery Co., Ltd5.1.1 Profile5.1.2 Operation5.1.3 Production And Marketing5.1.4 Key Projects5.1.5 Customers And Suppliers5.2 Zhangjiakou Zhongdi Equipment Prospecting Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd5.2.1 Profile5.2.2 Core Drill Business5.3 Jiangsu Wuxi Mineral Exploration Machinery General Factory Co., Ltd5.3.1 Profile5.3.2 Core Drill Business5.4 Cortech Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd5.4.1 Profile5.4.2 Core Drill Business5.5 Hengyang Zhongdi Equipment Prospecting Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd5.5.1 Profile5.5.2 Core Drill Business5.6 Jiangsu To Morning Machinery Group Co., Ltd5.6.1 Profile5.6.2 Core Drill Business5.7 Shaanxi Hechang Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd5.7.1 Profile5.7.2 Core Drill Business5.8 Shandong Provincial Bureau Of Geology & Mineral Resources (sdgm)5.8.1 Profile5.8.2 Core Drill Business5.9 Others5.9.1 Chongqing Prospecting Machinery Factory5.9.2 Beijing Prospecting Machinery Factory5.9.3 Institute Of Exploration Techniques, Chinese Academy Of Geological Sciences (cniet)5.9.4 Shaanxi Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau Engineering Machine Research InstituteGlobal and China Core Drill Industry Report, 2012-2015
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