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Etx ng


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Shows how to register as a student/alumni on ETX-NG (Electronic Transcripts Exchange and Degree Verification System for Nigeria) and how to place an order

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Etx ng

  1. 1. Go to www.etx-ng.comClick on ‘Order Transcripts’
  2. 2. To use this service, you must be registered.Click on ‘Register’ to sign on
  3. 3. Enter required information into all fieldsClick on ‘Register Now’
  4. 4. Go to the email account you registered with and Click on the link in the‘Account Activation’ mail sent from ETX-NG to verify email account
  5. 5. After verifying email, go back to the login page and enter email and password.Click on ‘Login’
  6. 6. Click on ‘Order a transcript’
  7. 7. Find and Click on your institution from the list of icons. You may also filter allthe schools by State and Institution type
  8. 8. Enter required information into all fieldsCheck the ‘Terms of Use & Privacy Policy’ box. Then Click on ‘Next’
  9. 9. Click ‘Exchange Type’. Enter recipient’s details such as institution’s region,country or state. Select institution and enter address in the space provided.Select appropriate Transcript Purpose and Click ‘Add Recipient’
  10. 10. The recipient is highlighted. Click ‘Next’ to continue
  11. 11. You may review your order. Also select currency option for payment. Click on‘Proceed to Payment’
  12. 12. Choose a desired payment method. Click ‘Pay Order’
  13. 13. You will receive a successful order notification with your order referencenumber. To log out, click on ‘Logout’