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Olga Campbell-Thomson


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Olga Campbell-Thomson

  1. 1. ALIGNMENT OF TANDEM LANGUAGE DATA (TLD) in an English-language thesis LANGUAGE-RELATED ISSUES DISSERTATION SPACE  TEXT  APPENDICESOlga Campbell-Thomson The University of Manchester
  2. 2. Dissertation ProjectNational identity construction in a lower secondary school in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)Case StudyData Collection (English/Turkish) (1) primary texts, which include pictures and various other symbolic representations on the school site, and conventional texts (2) observation (3) interviewsOlga Campbell-Thomson The University ofManchester
  3. 3. Official Documentation in English and TurkishApplication to the Ministry of Education in the TRNC Application Letter (Turkish) Approval Letter (Turkish) Informed Consent Forms (English, trnsl. to Turkish)Olga Campbell-Thomson The University ofManchester
  4. 4. PRESENTATION OF BI-LINGUAL DATA IN DISSERTATIONWhat goes in the textWhat goes in AppendicesWhat goes in the Footnotes and CommentaryOlga Campbell-Thomson The University ofManchester