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The Nuts and Bolts of Twitter (updated)


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This version The Nuts and Bolts of Twitter presentation is an updated slideshow. It has been shared after the May 13, 2009 Greater Fort Worth Chapter of PRSA's Professional Development Workshop entitled @ TheForefront: Successfully Navigating Social Media with special guest Beth Harte.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Twitter (updated)

  1. 1. The Nuts and Bolts of Twitter @morate & @vedo #fwprsa
  2. 2. Twitter = microblogging microblogging ~ Think of each entry as a mini-blog entry to share information, informally and as often as you wish
  3. 3. Can we get a volunteer?
  4. 4. Twittlingo tweet = microblog posts are called “tweets” follow = signing up to receive updates makes you a follower reply or @reply = to respond to others, use @username, a good way to build community
  5. 5. Twittlingo DM = direct messaging, this is only seen by the other user, will also send copy to their email RT or “Retweet” = a way to share the posts of others, also a good way to be a good citizen (not good form to repost without giving credit) twitpic = sharing photos via Twitter, people love photos (now famous example)
  6. 6. Twitter & Professional Growth referrals community networking commerce knowledge serendipity
  7. 7. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Referrals
  8. 8. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Community
  9. 9. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Networking
  10. 10. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Commerce
  11. 11. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Knowledge
  12. 12. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Serendipity
  13. 13. Good to know Spam is just as annoying on Twitter Use direct messages with care Remember to be respectful and smart Twitter is not instant messaging tweetup = gathering at a local restaurant or watering hole, everyone is invited
  14. 14. Get some apps Tweetdeck, Twhirl, iPhone/Storm/etc apps, twellow, etc. Facebook, blog integration
  15. 15. Twitter can be... a cost-effective (free) option to accentuate existing messages; a broadcasting tool to announce relevant information to specific audiences; and a (brief) conversational tool to appropriately respond to relevant inquiries and follow-up questions or comments.
  16. 16. Two Types Broadcaster useful if audience knows what they are getting another way to push information works best if you have good information to give could fill a need from specific area or topic
  17. 17. Two Types Conversationalist provides a quot;voicequot; seen as an authority and source ROE - return on engagement a way to interact with those interested in topic or org. all about building relationships
  18. 18. Broadcaster cnnbrk > BreakingNewsOn > digitalps > BarackObama > UOregonNews > mansfieldisd > Conversationalist wfaachannel8 > DellOutlet > JetBlue > butleradmission > jakemckee > zappos > com/photos/lucias_clay/2699584043/
  19. 19. Hashtags hashtag (#TEXT) way to tracking topics, communities, live events, breaking news, etc. Easily found on and indexed on
  20. 20. who are these guys again? Richie Escovedo Terry Morawski richie.escovedo [at] terrymorawski [at] Twitter: @morate Twitter: @vedo