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Social Media + Community Planning


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Social Media + Community Planning is a presentation originally given to the Midwest Section of the American Planning Association meeting on June 11, 2010

As social media tools reach greater levels of ubiquity, technology and conversations are meshing in new and interesting ways.

Planning professionals can leverage the tools of the social web to better engage communities in meaningful conversations, strategically listen, and help make informed decisions for programs and procedures.

From social networking, photo and video sharing, blogging, and more, planners have new tools to understand.

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Social Media + Community Planning

  1. 1. Social Media + Community Planning Nimble communication with the NIMBY and being fruitful with the BANANA crowd
  2. 2. What is social media?
  3. 3. "Social Media is a social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions."   from Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff
  4. 4. and it looks like this
  5. 5. hmmm...
  6. 6. Put simply, social media is people having online conversations.
  7. 7. What about planning?
  8. 8. "Planning enables civic leaders, businesses, and citizens to play a meaningful role in creating communities that enrich people's lives...   "Good planning helps create communities that offer better choices for where and how people live. Planning helps communities to envision their future."
  9. 9. "Technological progress is already changing the way we interact with the built environment.   "However, our planning system is progressing at a much slower pace, and some might say not at all. Potential developments are stuck on a nearby lamp post, and if you have any issues, you can write a letter or attend a meeting. The most active contributors are the ‘NIMBY’ (not in my backyard) and ‘BANANA’ (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything) crowd, halting bad developments, but good ones too."   Could Social Media Revolutionise the Planning System?      
  10. 10. leverage social media tools to strategically listen to better engage communities in meaningful conversations help make informed decisions for programs and procedures
  11. 11. It's the People The new communication model is a dialogue.   We should be talking with our citizens not at our citizens.
  12. 12. which means it's... transparent  inclusive  authentic  vibrant  sincere  community-driven and NOT always... controlled  exclusive  manufactured  project-driven  "on message"
  13. 13. Social media and strong communities
  14. 14. Social media and strong communities Be nice Not just a feel-good platitude Nice is a core belief Let it be contagious Think about language being used on social networks It's ok to be human Adapted from
  15. 15. Social media and strong communities Know your citizens Future growth is tied to CRM or Customer  Relations Management Think Citizen Relations Management See people as individuals  Listen to your community  Tools: Forums, database research, Twitter ecosystems, Facebook
  16. 16. Social media and strong communities Status Updates  and Location are key We have immediate local information from a trusted source No longer are we traveling alone Cities become our Icons for four Foursquare badges, stomping grounds including the BART-themed badge. Tools: Foursquare, http://www.bart. gov/news/articles/2009/news20091022. Twitter, Facebook aspx
  17. 17. Social media and strong communities Be compelling Community is distinguished by creating a unique, memorable perspective Use blogs in multimedia Video and photos tell the story of a place Tools: Blogs, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo
  18. 18. Sources and additional goodies
  19. 19. Contact Richie Escovedo