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Progress, Challenges, and Planned Activities for SAKSS Platforms in East and Central Africa


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Joseph Karugia
Coordinator, ReSAKSS-ECA

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Progress, Challenges, and Planned Activities for SAKSS Platforms in East and Central Africa

  1. 1. Progress, Challenges, and Planned Activities for SAKSS Platforms in East and Central Africa Joseph Karugia Coordinator, ReSAKSS-ECA
  2. 2. Progress (1) • Country SAKSS platforms established and operationalized in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania • Hosted by respective ministries of agriculture • Capacity needs assessment in Seychelles • Staffing; • Coordinators + other technical staff (M&E) • Support services e.g. finance/accounts provided by host ministry • Equipment and supplies • Acquired (computers, printers, furniture, internet)
  3. 3. Progress (2) • Networks identified • Rwanda-Ag. Sector Working Group • Kenya-Agriculture Policy Analysis Group • Uganda in process • Country E-Atlas Platforms • Coordinated formation & training of country e-Atlas teams • Continuous updating of data on e-Atlas • Policy dialogue forums • Annual Agricultural Policy Conference (AAPC) in Tanzania • Policy dialogue forum in Kenya • Participation in ASWG in Rwanda
  4. 4. Progress (3) • Analytical support • Country SAKSS support and provide technical support to country CAADP teams • Participated in NAIP appraisal (Kenya) • Support formulation of Ag. Sector M&E framework (in Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda) • Support M&E technical teams within ministries (e.g. Uganda SAKSS has helped revitalize the Ministry M&E technical working group)
  5. 5. Progress (4) • Knowledge management • SAKSS web pages embedded in ministry websites e.g. Rwanda, Uganda • Links to ReSAKSS website & e-Atlases embedded in ministry websites (Kenya, Rwanda) • Capacity building • Supported and participated in training of stakeholders on CAADP M&E and BR process (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda) • Training on e-Atlas • Training recent post-docs on communicating policy messages to policy makers
  6. 6. Progress (5) • Technical support to mutual accountability processes • Participation in NAIP review and formulation processes • Compilation of country CAADP indicators • Support country BR processes • Conducted training on BR indicators (Kenya) • Preparation of ATORs (Uganda and Rwanda) • Participation in JSR processes (in Uganda and Rwanda)
  7. 7. Challenges • Contracting process with ministries • Delays in procurement processes • Short term contracts (1 year) problematic • Turn over of technical support expertise (e.g. e-Atlas teams) • Political environment (delayed e-Atlas training in Kenya for 8 months)
  8. 8. Planned Activities (1) • SAKSS coordination and governance • Steering committee meetings • Setting/strengthening local analytical networks • e-Atlas activities • Training of e-Atlas teams • Updating data on e-Atlas platform • Outreach and dissemination of e-Atlas • Capacity strengthening • Support ministry training agenda in planning and M&E (Uganda)
  9. 9. Planned Activities (2) • M&E activities • Updating of CAADP indicators • Participate in the BR process • Support to JSR • Support implementation of country Ag. Sector M&E framework (Kenya)
  10. 10. Thank you