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Phase i (2007 2010) outputs-new


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ReSAKSS-ECA Steering Committee Meeting
ILRI, 12th June, 2012

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Phase i (2007 2010) outputs-new

  1. 1. ReSAKSS-ECA Phase I Activities and OutputsReSAKSS-ECA Steering Committee Meeting ILRI, 12th June, 2012 Joseph Karugia
  2. 2. ReSAKSS Phase I (2007-2010)• Common agenda across all the ReSAKSS nodes• ReSAKSS-ECA activities are guided by a Steering Committee chaired by COMESA
  3. 3. ReSAKSS Phase I (2007-2010)• Established the ECA regional node and network• Developed web-based platforms/networks for sharing data, tools, analysis, news, knowledge products, CAADP documents, and links to resources on CAADP implementation• Website (• eNewsletter/Blog (• Other social media (Facebook, twitter, Flickr, …)
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  5. 5. ReSAKSS Phase I (2007-2010)• Developed CAADP M&E framework• Data collection and analysis to monitor progress towards CAADP benchmarks and targets• Results published annually in a regional ATOR• Supported 7 countries to prepare trends reports (Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania)
  6. 6. ReSAKSS Phase I (2007-2010)• Strategic analysis • Sources of growth and investment priorities • Impact of NTBs in EAC • Impact of CET in COMESA region • Vulnerability analysis • Mapping investments (donors, governments, etc.) • Responding to the rising food prices in ESA • Dynamics of intra-regional trade • Regional M&E framework
  7. 7. ReSAKSS Phase I (2007-2010)• Knowledge management and communication • Database of agriculture and RD indicators; • Synthesis of existing research • determinants of poverty • Livestock Investment priorities in NE Kenya • Publications – WPs, conference papers, reports, issue briefs, posters • Presentations at various forums – CAADP PP, AUC/NPCA, RT meetings, COMESA/ACTESA, USAID, AgWG, conferences • Media
  8. 8. ReSAKSS Phase I (2007-2010)• Capacity building • Economic modelling • Policy analysis • GIS training • Support to country CAADP roundtable processes - including establishment of SAKSS Nodes in Uganda and Rwanda; CN in DRC and Tanzania • Design and operationalization of M&E – Kenya, regional training workshops • Support to collaborators in database design and management
  9. 9. THANK YOU 9