Partners for Enhanced Food Security


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Partners for Enhanced Food Security, presented by Mr William Benjamin, Agricultural Team leader for Southern Region, USAID Southern Africa office at the 2013 Southern Africa Regional Dialogue on Agriculture,
05-06 November 2013

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Partners for Enhanced Food Security

  1. 1. Partners for Enhanced Food Security
  2. 2. Agricultural Trade Policy - Non-Tariff barriers to trade - Trade Facilitation - Improved Grades, SPS Standards, regional seed markets Improved Policy Formulation - Evidence-Based Policies - Regional Agricultural Policy/CAADP Compact - Regional Agricultural Investment Plan
  3. 3. Technologies for Broad-scale & High-impact Which technologies are most effective/relevant for Southern African farming systems and value chains? How to scale small holder adoption? How to scale up commercialization?
  4. 4. !Pop Quiz! Q1. Are our policy priorities correctly identified? In no, please explain your answer in more detail for extra credit. Q2. Choose any policy priority and write a brief paragraph on the under lying issues and evidence-based knowledge gaps. For extra credit suggest a research institution that could best address these gaps. Q3. Please identify 3 agricultural technologies that could be adopted in Southern Africa on a wide scale to improve food security and reduce poverty. For extra credit explain which institution(s) are best positioned to bring the technologies to scale. For extra, extra credit describe how the technology could be scaled.
  5. 5. Pop Quiz results Thank You