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Erectile dysfunction is curable but it depends on the cause responsible for it. Consult your doctor if you are suffering from this problem because only after the medical checkup he/she will suggest a suitable medicine to cure this disorder. Viagra generico is a prescribed medicine that is very helpful in maintaining erection for satisfactory intercourse, but it should not be taken without consulting your doctor because it is not suitable for everyone.

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  1. 1. VIAGRA118.COM – WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS WEBSITE? In the modern times, people are too busy and live a stressful life. They do not have time for their family even. Traffic is also at higher rates. All these problems make men feel tired and stressful even at bed. This is increasing the impotency. Many couples are suffering from this problem. The answer is Viagra. Viagra also called Sildenafil citrate is a drug. It is used for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunctions. British scientists have developed this and the US’ pharmaceutical company brought this in the market. According to, it inhibits the enzyme that degrades the cGMP. CGMP is responsible for the flow of blood in penis. It is available in the market since 1998. This is being used as the chief cure for erectile dysfunction. This drug is made for the males with such type of problem. However it is necessary to know everything about the Viagra before using it. It must be used under proper knowledge. Some people are ashamed to talk about this and ignore to gain the sufficient knowledge about Viagra. For this purpose online knowledge is the best answer. There is a web site This website provides all the information about the Viagra. There are different headings with all kinds of information on Viagra available on this web site. Even if you do not know anything, you need not to worry, as this contains everything you should know about the Viagra. There are a number of people who suffer from impotency. Viagra is the drug for them. However, the doctor must be consulted first. Doctors do not recommend this drug for the women. Even if you do not want to talk about it this web site is the real help. It provides the detail knowledge about Viagra for people. It can be known from the web site that if you can take Viagra or not or will it help you or not. These are some of the questions that everybody looks for. provides knowledge about Viagra in following terms: - How to use Viagra? Silagra generic Viagra Silagra or Viagra Kamagra and its Keep Viagra Erection or not Drugs to be avoided Viagra and gender Viagra to solve the problems Risks for the young people Erectile dysfunctions Sildenafil for the above Who to use and who not Does it help or not All the above points are explained very carefully. There is abundant information available and anyone who reads it will know if Viagra is for him or not. Therefore we can say that this is a complete guide about the Viagra and one should visit this. So if you also feel that you want to use Viagra but do not know enough about this and also do not want to talk to anybody, then this web site is also for you. It will guide you well and you will be sure about using it or not using it.
  2. 2. HAVE YOU ANY IDEA ABOUT THE MEDICINAL USES OF VIAGRA? Viagra is a drug like all the other drugs with a specific purpose. Viagra is a drug that can be used to treat the sex problems in men. Problems like erectile dysfunction which is also called impotency in worst scenario can be treated by Viagra. Viagra has acted like an alternative for those who suffer this problem. However they must understand about it fully before using it. A website named provides the information about Viagra in detail. It also lets the people know if they can use it or not. So if you want to get enough knowledge about Viagra too, go to this website and read about various topics under this heading there. You will get to know everything about the Viagra from Viagra can be used in following cases: - Sexual dysfunction This is the primary and most common use of the Viagra. Viagra is referred in this problem as drugs. Erectile dysfunction means inability to maintain the erection during complete intercourse. This can happen due to the modern life styles such as sitting in the office whole day and stress of the work or any other thing. Viagra is the best solution for this even in diabetes. People who take antidepressants are said to be suffered from erectile dysfunction. It can be due to the medications and also due to their illness. A study carried by has shown that Viagra has been helpful for such people. Pulmonary hypertension Viagra is also helpful in pulmonary hypertension. It is a very rare disease. Viagra helps in relaxing arterial wall which leads to decreased pressure and arterial resistance. This leads to the reduction in the heart’s workload. These arterial walls are distributed in the muscles of the penis and the lungs. According to, Viagra works in these areas without affecting the other body parts. Altitude sickness Results have shown that Viagra is also useful in treating high altitude sickness. This is suffered by the mountain climbers. This was not discovered earlier but since it has been knows it is already being used widely and is accepted as the assured treatment like in pulmonary hypertension and erectile dysfunction. It is more helpful for those who have delayed the standard treatment. These are some of the most common problems in which the Viagra is recommended. However if you go through you will come to know about its various uses and all the procedure. If you are not sure about taking it, this site can help you. There is all the information available for those who are looking for it. After knowing about its medical uses you must conclude whether to use it or not. It means that if you suffer from any of the above problems, then Viagra is the drug for you otherwise not. There is one thing that should also be kept in mind that it is for men only. Women are not recommended to use it as all the above problems have been described for the men only.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO VIAGRA AND ITS EFFECTS ON HUMAN BODY Viagra is a drug and is used to relax the muscles of the penis and to increase the blood flow in that particular region. Viagra with the name Sildenafil is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or commonly called impotency in men. Revatio is another brand of Viagra only which is used to treat the pulmonary hypertension. Both of them should not be taken at the same time unless recommended by the doctor. says, if you are having any of the following tell your doctor and he will guide you: - Blood pressure whether high or low. Heart problems Heart attacks in the past 6 months Kidney or liver disease Stomach ulcer Artery disease Haemophilia Disorder of the blood cells such as multiple myeloma and sickle cell anaemia Peyronie’s disease Retinitis pigmentosa. According to it has been observed in some people who took Viagra that blood flow was decreased to their eye’s optic nerve. It can cause sudden loss in the vision. However the number is small in which it has happened. Most of them already had heart diseases, high blood pressure, certain eye problem, diabetes or high cholesterol. It also happened who were above 50 years or smoke. However, it hasnt cleared yet if the Viagra was the cause for this or not. Still you should be vigilant about this in case you lose vision suddenly during the course of Viagra. You should take Viagra exactly how the doctor has told, reveals The amount of the Viagra must be in control as told by the doctor. You should take the Viagra only when it is needed that is one hour or thirty minutes before the intercourse. Time can be liable up to 4 hours. Viagra must be taken only once in a day. It will help you in erection during the intercourse. However for this instruction given by the doctor must be followed. Side effects of Viagra: - Vision loss Hearing loss Chest pain, nausea, ill felling, sweating Irregular heartbeat Swelling in feet, hands or ankles Breath shortness Painful penis erection Vision changes Fainting Redness on chest, face or neck Headache Back pain Memory problems Stomach upset All the information related to the Viagra and its use is given on the web site This is very helpful website for the information on this topic. It explains every minute detail about the Viagra. Once you will go through this, there is no way that you won’t get appropriate information. This web site is the true and complete guide on Viagra and its uses. It will let you know whether you should take it or not. The website also tells you about the diseases in men and which one to take in which disease. This is a perfect solution for those who want to use it and know about it at homes without consulting a doctor.
  4. 4. A FEW SAFETY INFORMATION THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE TAKING VIAGRA You should never take Viagra and nitrates at the same time. It is recommended by the doctors to not to take the Viagra while taking any nitrates. Nitrates are prescribed for chest pain. If you will take the Viagra this time it can cause low blood pressure. When you decide to take the Viagra you must consult a doctor. Tell the doctor everything about your condition and any health problems. He will guide you properly if you should take it or not. Nothing should be hidden from the doctor. If you suffer any kind of the problem during intercourse, you need medical help. If you are above 65 in age or have kidney or liver problems, you should start by taking the lowest dose of the Viagra. And also if you are taking protease inhibitors for HIV treatment, you should take one dose of Viagra in 48 hours. There is a web site which has all the information about Viagra. There are so many researches done on the Viagra users and these are explained in the You must go through this web site and know about the Viagra. Viagra will change your sex life. You will get all the happiness back which was lost due to the sex problems earlier. Sex problems lead to various other problems in life such as stress and sadness. This drug can save you from all this when used properly, say so Viagra use should be done very safely just as prescribed by your doctor. Otherwise it can cause some serious problems. You should never take two brands of this ED drug at one time and also it should be avoided when you are taking some other pills. Even if you are not comfortable in talking about this to somebody you can search online and get the enough information about Viagra. is one of such sites and provides abundant information about the medicine. All the information here given is relevant and really helpful to educate you about it. There are some of the side effects given below which can be caused by Viagra if not taken properly:- Blood pressure problems. Chronic heart diseases Heart attacks in the past 6 months Kidney or liver disease Disorder of the blood cells such as multiple myeloma and sickle cell anaemia Peyronie’s disease Retinitis pigmentosa. Stomach ulcer Artery disease Haemophilia According to, these are some of the common side effects and can result in severe problems for ever. Therefore make sure that you take the Viagra after proper search and as directed by the doctor. It is the best way to get the best of the Viagra to make your sexual life better and happy. Some people think that they can use it without consulting any doctor but that is not safe. As said above it can lead to various problems and result for ever. So get more information and talk to a doctor before taking the Viagra. This is the safest way.
  5. 5. VIAGRA, THE BREAKTHROUGH ED DRUG AND ALL ABOUT IT Viagra is a web site that guides people about the Viagra. Viagra is also known by the name Sildenafil citrate is. It is a drug only. It is used for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and erectile disinfection. These problems are related to the sex in men. gives following knowledge about Viagra: - Risks for the young people Erectile disinfection Sildenafil for the above Who to use and who not Does it help or not How to use Viagra. Silagra generic Viagra Silagra or Viagra Kamagra Keep Viagra Erection or not Drugs to be avoided Viagra and gender Viagra to solve the problems All the points which are mentioned above are explained on the web site. These points are sufficient for anyone who wants to know about the medicine. Information available on is abundant and anyone who reads it will know if this drug will be useful for him or not. You can search for this web site on the internet and it will pop up on the top results. Many people refer the online information rather than going to a doctor personally. So if you are also one of them this web site will surely help you. You will get to know if you are in the appropriate stage for taking the Viagra or not. It will also tell you in which conditions you should take ED drug. If you are suffering from a disease, then what should be your step towards taking the Viagra? All your questions are answered with examples and explanation taken from the researches. Some people felt some problems like sudden loss of vision and hearing after taking the medicine. However, it has not been proven that Viagra was the cause behind this but you must be preventive. If you also feel the same you should stop the use of Viagra and talk about this to your doctor. He will suggest you the best. There is no better in harassing your whole life for one time’s pleasure. These problems occurred in those who were already suffering from some kind of disease such as heart disease, eye problem, high cholesterol and diabetes. According to, People above 50 years also suffered the same problem. This means that if you are above 50 it becomes even more necessary to consult the doctor before using this drug. Dosage and the way of taking Viagra must be followed as prescribed otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the actual result of the Viagra. Make sure that you use the Viagra only once in a day for its positive results. Viagra helps you during the sex activity in erection. It is the main effect of this drug. Therefore if also want to use the Viagra you should follow two steps: First get as much knowledge about the ED drug as you can and secondly, talk to a doctor about it. This is the safest way, reveals