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Henry Perret : Developper le renseignement et l'écoute


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Présentation d'Henry Perret à la conférence Reputation War du 11 janvier 2013 /
Table Ronde Developper le renseignement et l'écoute : Savoir déceler les signaux faibles et déterminer les influenceurs

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Henry Perret : Developper le renseignement et l'écoute

  1. 1. Making Leaders SuccessfulEvery Day
  2. 2. Values Driven World :The Consumer changes the worldaround his valuesHenry Peyret, Principal AnalystJanuary, 2013
  3. 3. Each Marketing Media Is Generating Its Customer Reaction. Activist Social Computing Is The Reaction To Smart ComputingEnterprise Smart Computing Web 1.0 ( Web 3.0) Internet of objects: RFID Web commerce Google Nabaztag, smart items Crowdsourcing Newsgroups Forums Wikipedia blogs Facebook Tribal Structured Consu Pedia Twitter Networks Community Web 2.0 = Web 4.0 Consumer Social computing 1.0 = Activists Social Computing 2.0
  4. 4. The influencers and their power on brand and e-reputation is changing with web version Hard Social Activists Customer Soft Social 0,01 Activists 0,6 0,1 Brand Press E-reputation 0,4 NGO 0,2 0,3 0,1 Analysts Scoring Bloggers 0,1 Represents the relative « power » (or impact) of that actor. 1 representing direct impact
  5. 5. Customers Will Force Companies their « values »: Enterpri se Marketing message Customer advocacy E- Reputat ion Activists Consumer Social computing Consumer values The Exchange of Values Will Rebuild Trust Between Consumers/Citizens and organisations, companies and governments
  6. 6. Scoring the ASC is key to rebuild trustbetween consumers/citizen Influence is only one criteria But other criterias will be important as well: – Credibility – Power of activism – Sustainable independance – Democratic and social decision – Privacy protection of activists
  7. 7. Thank youHenry Peyret+33 68482 9551
  8. 8. References Michael Porter Creating Shared Value : Edelman TrustBarometer and “Good purposes” 2012 white papers IBM CEO Survey 2012 “La guérison du monde” de Frédéric Lenoir 25-12-2012 Boston globe article : “Virtue Inc.”