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About Reputation Advocate:

Steve Wyer is currently the Managing Director for Reputation Advocate, LLC, an online reputation repair company located in Nashville, Tennessee. Reputation Advocate provides superior quality, confidential online reputation management for individuals, professionals and businesses that have had negative content posted on the Internet.

Reputation Advocate fields many calls each week speaking with individuals, small business owners and institutions about online issues. Most situations discussed fall into one of two categories––either a current negative posting online that is directly impacting a business reputation, or the need to address a potential, future issue. Reputation Advocate speaks daily with people who have been unfairly ambushed, attacked or slandered.

To defend their clients, Reputation Advocate has assembled a team of professionals from a multiple of disciplines to strategize with these people from all walks of life. Reputation Advocate's services include the FastTrack program for critical, immediate needs, as well as a yearly service retainer offered for long term strategies. Reputation Advocate currently operates in North America with additional limited services provided in fifteen foreign countries.

In order to strategically craft a program to each client’s particular needs, the team at Reputation Advocate will initially assess the origins and ranking of negative content, then create a timeline for executing a defined plan for online reputation repair. By deliberately forcing strong, positive content on to the Web, search results will be impacted and the negative content pushed down and off the first page of Google and other search engines. Most experts agree that the vast majority of people do not look past page one of search results, and so by implementing both short and long term cycle solutions, most concerns can be managed.

Reputation Advocate is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau and currently holds an A- rating from the BBB. For additional information about the services offered by Reputation Advocate, contact Steven Wyer at 888-229-0746, or visit

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  • Very true. If verizon weren't so big, they would have a very bad online reputation I'm sure.
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  • Very good slides, I've been floored by how much damage one angry customer on the internet can do.
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Reputation Advocate / BBB Brochure

  1. 1. This information is provided to you as a service of the Middle Tennessee Even if you are Better Business Bureau BBB approved... > The Internet can kill your business. and supplied by: Reputation Advocate, LLC 888-229-0746 Whether you realize it or not... Reputation Advocate provides comprehensive online reputation > Reputation has been management services to individuals, radically redefined. companies and institutions. For good or for bad... > This reality is not going away.
  2. 2. What does this mean for my business? >>>Take Action Today. • In today’s world, trust has been redefined. 1. Own your Internet real estate. Search engines are now reputation engines. Buy all of the domain names associated with your company. You probably already have a website. But it’s also essential to secure surrounding (similar) domain names. These include • That’s because when a search engine delivers your .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .me and .biz URLs, plus domain names representing acronyms, results, the viewer usually accepts those results trademarks, brands and key initiatives. without any further research. Don’t overlook URLs with your business name integrated with terms like fraud, recall, evil, crook and sucks. Disgruntled employees and competitors can create long lasting problems • Aggressively posting a broad range of content when companies overlook these domain names. Don’t forget officers, directors, and board is the first step towards controlling your members. Slander and defamation of key individuals associated with your company can cre- reputation. ate permanent online reputation issues as well. • Positive content counteracts negative search results that are displayed about your 2. File formal trademarks. Trademarking your name is a powerful way to guard your reputation. Trademark not only company. your brand, but also the business name, divisions and even individual names. This is a strong method of protection if you or your company are slandered online since there is a broad body of case law relating to trademark infringement. 3. Sign up for free alerts that tell you when your name is mentioned on the Internet. Google Alerts is a free monitoring service that tracks web topics, keywords and names. You receive search results via email ( Yahoo! also provides free real time alerts that inform you via email, instant message, pager or cell phone of postings you’ve indicated are relevant search returns. ( You’re em- powered to know what is being said about you, your company, clients and your competition. 4. Talk to your Better Business Bureau. Being engaged and sharing information with your BBB representatives and other members of the business community allows everyone to benefit from the power of the Internet. 5. Consider other options. If you identify a website posting slander about you, review that site’s Terms and Conditions to determine if there are grounds to request that an untrue posting be removed. Additionally, a comprehensive solution may also require the assistance of a professional reputation management firm.