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Infopack COAX Software


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Short overview of COAX Software services and projects.

Published in: Technology
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Infopack COAX Software

  1. 1. Perfection Has No Limits
  2. 2. Full-stack consulting agency For more than 5 years COAX Software agency holds one goal above all others: 100% client satisfaction! COAX Software is a web development company that builds comprehensive, custom solutions for startups and corporations from all corners of the world. With 20 engineers on board we uphold the highest standards for project planning and execution. Our developers are dedicated to find the perfect solution for you and accelerate your digital products growth.
  3. 3. Web Solution Are you a start-up team planning your first product? Or, perhaps, an established e-commerce business seeking to launch a B2B website? Our agency’s to your service. We use Ruby on Rails, proven tool of Twitter, Airbnb, to deliver quality back-end solutions. Furthermore, up-to-date HTML5 and JS front-end frameworks are used to keep your web applications fast and easy.
  4. 4. Product Design Your digital product will succeed focusing relentlessly on achieving your business goals and hitting KPIs. COAX Software makes design by humans, for humans. Re-design to re-imagine and optimize digital (and non-digital) experiences 3 Product and service design2 Rapid concept ideation1
  5. 5. Mobile Application Create an app that will make your life easier and joyful with COAX Software team! Hybrid frameworks are considered to be faster and more convenient than native apps. As our practice shows, it is really true. We endeavour to create reliable and user-friendly mobile apps with deep appreciation of your goals. Times faster delivery than native apps & Huge saving on development 3 Integrate easily with mobile apps2 One application for all platforms1
  6. 6. Code Review We o!er a free code review done within 48 hours. The main aim - to understand your project deeper and to suggest the list of improvements you can make. A dedicated developer works with client and manager to come with: The proof of project security3 The list of features to integrate in future2 The list of recommendations1
  7. 7. Product Design Review Get a comprehensive report about your current state of user experience and possible ways of its improvement, based on our lead designer’s review. Keep same experience through online and o!line communication with the brand 3 Improve product UI2 Identify usability problems and suggest ways of solving them1
  8. 8. Awetest Awet Awetest Awetest is a simple, quick-to-deploy framework that facilitates all aspects of your functional, responsive & API automated testing - across Web & Mobile Applications. Used expertise: DesignFront-End VIEW PROJECT
  9. 9. Go2GP Go2G Go2GP On Demand Healthcare for your Business. Go2GP provides direct access to doctors and treatments for your employees from their smart phone. Used expertise: VIEW PROJECT Design Back-EndFront-End
  10. 10. Cut a Deal Cut a Cut a De Cut A Deal is a one stop pricing shop which connects local builders with local suppliers, easily and e!iciently. Used expertise: VIEW PROJECT Front-End Back-End
  11. 11. Business Development Manager Mobile: +380682408700 Email: Skype: oksana_erstenyuk Our manager Oksana will be glad to help you!