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Beyond Newsletters Webinar Slides - by Reprints Desk & HiveFire

Information professionals own an important role in keeping users informed with curated content, timely communications, and self-service discovery tools.

Whether you use newsletters in your mix today or are considering them for tomorrow, there are innovative new ways to simplify the internal newsletter creation process.

Also, there are a few newsletter alternatives that you may want to consider when deciding how best to accomplish the goal of keeping users informed.

In this webinar, you’ll learn some tips and tricks you can apply today to give your newsletters the lift they are looking for.

Sponsored by Reprints Desk (creators of and HiveFire (creators of

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Beyond Newsletters Webinar Slides - by Reprints Desk & HiveFire

  1. 1. Beyond NewslettersBetter Ways to Inform Users 24 January 2012
  2. 2. #beyondnews
  3. 3. About the Presenterspowered by Reprints Desk Ian Palmer Pawan DeshpandeHead of Marketing  Founder & CEOReprints Desk, Inc. HiveFire, Inc. Introduction by John Chu, Manager, Literature Resources at Gilead Sciences Inc.  #beyondnews
  4. 4. Agenda Introductions & keynote Examining newsletters Beyond newsletters Content curation processes Examples & resources Registration feedback Audience Q&A #beyondnews
  5. 5. John Chu:  Considerations  Why do it (must do, should do, nice to do)?  Who’s doing it (peer pressure, PR or other departments)?  Who will read it (management, end users, everyone)?  When to do it/how often (bi‐weekly, monthly, quarterly)?  What should be in it (department updates, news, tips & tricks)?  How to do it (website, PDF, publishing SW, searchability)?  Maybe a subset of your departmental portal with PDF archives? Disclaimer:   The slide and the Q&A contents reflect John Chus personal opinions and do not  represent in any way, shape or form those of his employer. #beyondnews
  6. 6. #beyondnews
  7. 7. Registration Survey Results#beyondnews
  8. 8. Registration Survey Results
  9. 9. Why Newsletters are glass half full…  One to many  Universal  Interrupt  Recurring  Measurable  Digestible #beyondnews
  10. 10. Why newsletters are glass half empty…  Permanency  Collaboration  Dynamism   Searchability  Self‐guided discovery  Real‐time #beyondnews
  11. 11. “Beyond the Newsletter” "The medium is the message" ‐‐ Marshall McLuhan • RSS feeds • Dynamic bibliographies • Email alerts • Widgets or web parts • Landing pages, streaming content #beyondnews
  12. 12. Industry Perspectives Elena M. Padilla, MS. Reference Librarian. Takeda PharmaceuticalsSource: Elena M. Padilla, MS, presentation at 2011 SLA P&HT Division Spring Meeting #beyondnews
  13. 13. Industry Perspectives Elena M. Padilla, MS. Reference Librarian. Takeda PharmaceuticalsSource: Elena M. Padilla, MS, presentation at 2011 SLA P&HT Division Spring Meeting
  14. 14. Industry Perspectives Elena M. Padilla, MS. Reference Librarian. Takeda PharmaceuticalsSource: Elena M. Padilla, MS, presentation at 2011 SLA P&HT Division Spring Meeting
  15. 15. Industry Perspectives Dawn Lynn Information Scientist Electronic Content Abbott LabsSource: Dawn Lynn, presentation at 2011 SLA P&HT Division Spring Meeting
  16. 16. Industry Perspectives Dawn Lynn Information Scientist Electronic Content Abbott LabsSource: Dawn Lynn, presentation at 2011 SLA P&HT Division Spring Meeting
  17. 17. Industry Perspectives Dawn Lynn Information Scientist Electronic Content Abbott LabsSource: Dawn Lynn, presentation at 2011 SLA P&HT Division Spring Meeting
  18. 18. Content Marketing Challenges #beyondnews
  19. 19. Content CurationIndustry Blogs The Human Element Topic SiteIndustry News Topic Email Newsletter Find Organize ShareIndustry Social Media Topic Social Media © Copyright HiveFire, Inc. 2012 “A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online.” - Rohit Bhargava, Ogilvy #beyondnews
  20. 20. Example:  Abbott
  21. 21. Registration Results: 
  22. 22. Don’t forget to walk  before you run
  23. 23. Bibliogo 
  24. 24. Bibliogo 
  25. 25. Cambridge Healthtech Institute Mary Chitty, Library Director & Taxonomist #beyondnews
  26. 26. Cambridge Healthtech Institute Mary Chitty, Library Director & Taxonomist #beyondnews
  27. 27. How Curata Helps #beyondnews
  28. 28. Beyond Newsletters 5 Tips to GoBEYOND Newsletters …that you can do today! #beyondnews
  29. 29. 5 Ways To Go Beyond NewslettersMOBILE  Accessibility  Real Time How:  Smart phone application  Mobile optimized portal or  newsletter #beyondnews
  30. 30. 5 Ways To Go Beyond NewslettersSOCIAL SHARING  Interactive/ collaboration  Real‐time  Existing user base  How:  Sharepoint, Yammer,  Salesforce Chatter  Twitter, LinkedIn,  Facebook #beyondnews
  31. 31. 5 Ways To Go Beyond NewslettersRSS FEEDS  Consistent flow  Topic specific  Passive  Can’t annotate  Embeddable  How  Not manual  Tools to help #beyondnews
  32. 32. 5 Ways To Go Beyond NewslettersINTERNAL PORTAL OR MICROSITE  Self‐discoverable  Archivable  Permanence  Dynamic  Searchable  Context & collaborative How  Curata, Sharepoint,  JiveSoftware #beyondnews
  33. 33. 5 Ways To Go Beyond NewslettersAUTOMATED SHARING  Push  Real time  Efficient How  Email alerts  Automated newsletters  Social sharing #beyondnews
  34. 34. So what’s the solution  (or supplement)?Be careful what you ask for & ask the right questions:•Which users am I supporting?•What are their info needs/preferences?•What are our objectives?•What’s the importance of each?•What resources do I have?•What are the solution categories?•Who are the potential suppliers?•What are the pros & cons of each?•What’s the value and/or ROI? #beyondnews
  35. 35. Additional SLA 2011 P&HT  Presentations: “Best Practices ‐ News & Newsletter  Dissemination”‐PHT #beyondnews
  36. 36. Audience Q&A #beyondnews