World Flavors & Fragrances


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World Flavors & Fragrances

  1. 1. World Flavors & FragrancesReport Details:Published:October 2012No. of Pages: 388Price: Single User License – US$6100Global demand to rise 4.4% annually through 2016Worldwide demand for flavors and fragrances -- including flavor blends, fragrance blends,essential oils, and aroma chemicals -- will rise 4.4 percent annually through 2016, reaching $26.5billion. Increasing packaged food manufacturing, especially of convenience products that requirehigher flavor usage, will drive fast growth in developing countries. Rising personal consumptionexpenditures in these emerging economies will also stimulate toiletry and cleaner shipments,which will contribute to healthy growth in fragrance blends. Increasing global interest in productsthat promote health benefits will also drive demand in both the food and beverage and cosmeticsand toiletry markets, as masking flavors and fragrances are employed in conjunction withantioxidants and vitamins to reduce off-tastes and off-odors. Furthermore, efforts in developedcountries to reduce calories, salt, and fat in foods will increase demand for flavors to improve thetaste of those products.Consumer trends favoring higher value productsGlobally, there has been a rising interest in natural, organic, and more expensive products acrossa number of consumer markets, including food and beverages and toiletries and cleaners. Industryefforts to meet this demand will drive increased value consumption of nearly all types of flavorsand fragrances, with the exception of aroma chemicals, which will be replaced by essential oils incertain product categories.Food & beverage market to benefit from urbanization & health concernsRapidly rising incomes and urbanization in developing countries is spurring interest in convenientpackaged foods and fast food, which will also boost growth in the food and beverage market, aspackaged goods require high flavoring loadings to preserve taste in the face of large-scalemanufacturing. This will lead to particularly fast growth in countries such as China and India in theAsia/ Pacific region, as well as countries in Central and South America. In developed countries,food and beverage flavor and fragrance demand will benefit from increasing customer interest invitamincontaining foods, which require flavors to mask the unpleasant taste of these ingredients,and growing concerns about obesity. Government programs to reduce calories, fats, and sodiumin foods will favor healthier alternatives that generally require more flavors to preserve good taste.However, the long term impact of this effort will depend on consumer acceptance.Health concerns to also drive toiletry/cleaner uses
  2. 2. Health concerns will also drive growth in the toiletry and cleaner market. Cosmeceuticalsand anti-aging cream, popular among the expanding older segments of the population indeveloped countries, contain additives with off-odors that must be masked by fragrances.However, increasing consumer interest in fragrancefree products, as well as limited opportunitiesin the cleaner market, will limit even faster advances. While demand in developed countries isrelatively mature, the continued recovery in cosmetics and toiletry shipments from the 2009 globaleconomic recession will improve consumption of fragrances in areas such as Western Europe andNorth America.COMPANY PROFILESProfiles 37 global players such as Firmenich, Givaudan, International Flavors & Fragrances, andSymriseAdditional InformationThis study analyzes the global market for flavors and fragrances. Products covered include flavorand fragrance blends, essential oils and natural extracts, and synthetic and natural aromachemicals. The outlook for major markets is also discussed, with a focus on food and beveragesand toiletries and cleaners, among others. Although they are important flavoring agents, flavorenhancers, artificial and natural sweeteners, and separately sold spices are not included in thescope of this study. However, in some instances this study includes mixtures of flavor chemicalsthat contain the aforementioned items.Historical data for 2001, 2006, and 2011, and forecasts to the years 2016 and 2021 are providedin current US dollars (including inflation) unless otherwise noted. The term “demand” refers to“apparent consumption,” and is defined as shipments (also referred to variously as “production,”“output,” or “supply”) from a country’s indigenous flavor and fragrance manufacturing facilities plusimports minus exports. The term “demand” is used interchangeably with the terms “market,”“sales,” and “consumption.” It should be noted that in order to properly acknowledge eachcountry’s role in the industry, supply and demand data presented in this study are defined toinclude aroma chemicals and essential oils, and thus inevitably include some double counting atthe market level. The data thus may overstate other estimates of a specific country’s flavor andfragrance markets that include only the value of the finished products. This will especially be thecase in countries with large export-oriented flavor and fragrance sectors.Food and beverage manufacturing value added includes tobacco manufacturing as well. However,this study focuses on food and beverages, which accounts for the majority of manufacturing valueadded in this industry.Historical toiletry and cleaner shipments for individual countries were determined in the localcurrency and then converted to US dollars using the average annual exchange rate of thatcountry’s currency to the US dollar for that year as determined by the International Monetary Fund.Consequently, countries whose currencies appreciably changed in value relative to the US dollarfrom one presentation year to the next will have historical toiletry and cleaner shipment growthtrends that differ significantly from those that occurred in local currency terms. Forecasts for 2016and 2021 assume no change in the exchange rate from 2011, and as a result reflect expectedfuture growth in both local and US dollar terms.
  3. 3. Data on world flavor and fragrance supply and demand are derived from differing sources anddeveloped from statistical relationships. As a result, variations are commonplace in this type ofinternational reporting, and, consequently, data presented in this study are historically consistentbut may differ from other sources. Variances may occur because of definitional differences,undistributed exports, inventory accumulation, and goods-in-transit. To reduce the impact of suchdiscrepancies, total world imports and exports have been assumed to balance in any given year.In addition, major global flavor and fragrance chemical manufacturers are identified and profiled,and the key competitive variables are discussed. The entire report is framed within the world flavorand fragrance industry’s economic, technological, and market environments, and thereforeenvironmental variables affecting consumer product demand (especially food and beverages, andtoiletry and cleaner shipments) are emphasized. Market share information may vary from othersources which do not factor out unrelated product lines such as food additives, fruit preparations,and flavor enhancers. In addition, tabular details may not always add to totals due to rounding.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION xiI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT 4General 4World Economic Overview 5Recent Historical Trends 5World Economic Outlook 7World Population Outlook 11World per Capita Gross Domestic Product 13World Personal Consumption Expenditure Trends 15World Manufacturing Outlook 17World Food & Beverage Manufacturing Outlook 19World Beverage & Soft Drink Outlook 21World Toiletry & Cleaner Outlook 26Environmental & Regulatory Issues 29Flavors 30Fragrances 33III. OVERVIEW 36General 36Product Overview 36Flavor Blends 39Fragrance Blends 42Essential Oils & Natural Extracts 46
  4. 4. Aroma Chemicals 50Market Overview 53Food & Beverages 56Toiletries & Cleaners 59Other Markets 62Regional Overview 65Demand 66Per Capita Consumption Trends 68Production 71World Trade Outlook 73IV. NORTH AMERICA 76General 76Supply & Demand 78Markets 81United States 83Canada 90Mexico 96V. WESTERN EUROPE 103General 103Supply & Demand 105Markets 108France 110Germany 116Italy 122Netherlands 129Spain 135Switzerland 140United Kingdom 146Other Western Europe 152VI. ASIA/PACIFIC 158General 158Supply & Demand 160Markets 163Australia 164China 171India 178Japan 185South Korea 192Taiwan 198Other Asia/Pacific 204VII. OTHER REGIONS 212Central & South America 212
  5. 5. Demand by Type & Market 214Brazil 216Other Central & South America 222Eastern Europe 227Demand by Type & Market 230Russia 232Other Eastern Europe 238Africa/Mideast 243Demand by Type & Market 246Suppliers 248VIII. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 250General 250Market Share 254Acquisitions & Divestitures 259Competitive Strategies 264Product Differentiation 265Market Segmentation 266Cooperative Agreements 267Research & Development 270Manufacturing Methods 274Marketing & Distribution 277Company Profiles 279Agilex Flavors & Fragrances Incorporated 280Aromatech France 281Aromco, see ICC IndustriesBASF SE 283Bell Flavors & Fragrances Incorporated 285Belmay Incorporated 287BIOLANDES SAS 288Cargill Flavor Systems, see Kerry GroupCargill Incorporated 290Charabot, see RobertetChina Flavors & Fragrances Company Limited 291Cognis, see BASFConAgra Foods Incorporated 292CPL Aromas Limited 293Dérivés Résiniques et Terpéniques 295ETOL dd, see ICC IndustriesFirmenich SA 297FlavourCraft, see Kerry GroupFrutarom Industries, see ICC IndustriesGivaudan SA 301
  6. 6. Hasegawa (T.) Company Limited 307Huabao International Holdings Limited 309ICC Industries Incorporated 311International Flavors & Fragrances Incorporated 316Kao Corporation 322Kerry Group plc 324Lucta SA 327LyondellBasell Flavors and Fragrances, see RenessenzLyondellBasell Industries NV 329Mane (V.) Fils SA 330McCormick & Company Incorporated 332Michael (David) & Company 334Mylner Indústria E Comércio Limitada, see ICCIndustriesNagaoka Perfumery Company Limited 336Ogawa & Company Limited 337Plantes Aromatiques du Diois, see RobertetRenessenz LLC 338Rhodia, see SolvayRobertet SA 340Savoury Flavours Holding, see ICC IndustriesSensient Technologies Corporation 343Soda Aromatic Company Limited 347Solvay SA 348Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings, see ConAgra FoodsSymrise AG 351Takasago International Corporation 356Todd (AM), see WILD (Rudolf) & CompanyTreatt (RC) plc 360Wanxiang International Limited 362WILD (Rudolf) GmbH & Company KG 363ZEON Corporation 366Additional Companies Mentioned in Study 368LIST OF TABLESSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary Table 3SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region 112 World Population by Region 133 World per Capita Gross Domestic Product by Region 154 World Personal Consumption Expenditures 175 World Manufacturing Value Added by Region 19
  7. 7. 6 World Food & Beverage Manufacturing Value Added by Region 217 World Carbonated Soft Drink Consumption by Region 258 World Toiletry & Cleaner Shipments by Region & Type 29SECTION III -- OVERVIEW1 World Flavor & Fragrance Demand by Product 382 World Flavor Blend Demand by Region 413 World Fragrance Blend Demand by Region 454 World Essential Oil & Natural Extract Demand by Region 495 World Aroma Chemical Demand by Region 526 World Flavor & Fragrance Demand by Market 557 World Food & Beverage Market for Flavors by Region 588 World Toiletry & Cleaner Market for Fragrances by Region 619 Other Markets for Flavors & Fragrances by Region 6410 World Flavor & Fragrance Demand by Region 6711 World Flavor & Fragrance Production by Region 7212 World Net Exports of Flavors & Fragrances by Region 75SECTION IV -- NORTH AMERICA1 North America: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 782 North America: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 803 North America: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 824 United States: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 855 United States: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 876 United States: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 897 Canada: Flavor & Fragrance Market Enviornment 928 Canada: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 949 Canada: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 9510 Mexico: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 9811 Mexico: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 10012 Mexico: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 101SECTION V -- WESTERN EUROPE1 Western Europe: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 1052 Western Europe: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 1073 Western Europe: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 1104 France: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 1125 France: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 1146 France: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 1157 Germany: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 1188 Germany: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 1209 Germany: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 12110 Italy: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 12411 Italy: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 12612 Italy: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 128
  8. 8. 13 Netherlands: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 13114 Netherlands: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 13215 Netherlands: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 13416 Spain: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 13717 Spain: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 13818 Spain: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 13919 Switzerland: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 14220 Switzerland: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 14321 Switzerland: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 14522 United Kingdom: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 14823 United Kingdom: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 14924 United Kingdom: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 15125 Other Western Europe: Flavor & FragranceMarket Environment 15426 Other Western Europe: Flavor & FragranceSupply & Demand 15527 Other Western Europe: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 156SECTION VI -- ASIA/PACIFIC1 Asia/Pacific: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 1602 Asia/Pacific: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 1623 Asia/Pacific: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 1644 Australia: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 1675 Australia: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 1686 Australia: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 1707 China: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 1738 China: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 1759 China: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 17710 India: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 18011 India: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 18212 India: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 18413 Japan: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 18714 Japan: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 18915 Japan: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 19116 South Korea: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 19417 South Korea: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 19618 South Korea: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 19719 Taiwan: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 20020 Taiwan: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 20221 Taiwan: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 20322 Other Asia/Pacific: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 20623 Other Asia/Pacific: Flavor & Fragrance Supply & Demand 20824 Other Asia/Pacific: Flavor & Fragrance Markets 210
  9. 9. SECTION VII -- OTHER REGIONS1 Central & South America: Flavor & Fragrance MarketEnvironment 2142 Central & South America: Flavor & Fragrance Demandby Type & Market 2163 Brazil: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 2194 Brazil: Flavor & Fragrance Demand by Type & Market 2215 Other Central & South America: Flavor & Fragrance MarketEnvironment 2246 Other Central & South America: Flavor & Fragrance Demandby Type & Market 2267 Eastern Europe: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 2308 Eastern Europe: Flavor & Fragrance Demandby Type & Market 2329 Russia: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 23510 Russia: Flavor & Fragrance Demand by Type & Market 23711 Other Eastern Europe: Flavor & FragranceMarket Environment 24012 Other Eastern Europe: Flavor & Fragrance Demandby Type & Market 24213 Africa/Mideast: Flavor & Fragrance Market Environment 24614 Africa/Mideast: Flavor & Fragrance Demandby Type & Market 248SECTION VIII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 World Flavor & Fragrance Sales by Company, 2011 2512 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 2623 Selected Cooperative Agreements 2694 R&D Spending Patterns: Selected Flavor& Fragrance Suppliers 274LIST OF CHARTSSECTION III -- OVERVIEW1 World Flavor & Fragrance Demand by Product, 2011 382 World Flavor Blend Demand by Region, 2011 423 World Fragrance Blend Demand by Region, 2011 464 World Essential Oil & Natural Extract Demandby Region, 2011 505 World Aroma Chemical Demand by Region, 2011 536 World Flavor & Fragrance Demand by Market, 2011 557 World Food & Beverage Market for Flavors by Region, 2011 598 World Toiletry & Cleaner Market for Fragrancesby Region, 2011 629 Other Markets for Flavors & Fragrances by Region, 2011 65
  10. 10. 10 World Flavor & Fragrance Demand by Region, 2011 6811 Flavor & Fragrance Demand per Capita/ Personal ConsumptionExpenditures per Capita Relationship, 2011 7012 World Flavor & Fragrance Production by Region, 2011 73SECTION IV -- NORTH AMERICA1 North America: Flavor & Fragrance Demandby Country, 2011 81SECTION V -- WESTERN EUROPE1 Western Europe: Flavor & Fragrance Demandby Country, 2011 108SECTION VI -- ASIA/PACIFIC1 Asia/Pacific: Flavor & Fragrance Demand by Country, 2011 163SECTION VIII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 World Flavor & Fragrance Market Share, 2011 254Contact: for more information.