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Windows & Doors to 2016


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Windows & Doors to 2016

  1. 1. Windows & Doors to 2016Report Details:Published:September 2012No. of Pages: 468Price: Single User License – US$5300This study analyzes the US window and door industry. It presents historical demand data (2001,2006, 2011) and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by material (metal, wood, plastic), type (e.g., flushdoors, panel doors, patio and storm doors, double-hung windows, casement windows, primewindows, specialty and storm windows), market (residential, nonresidential, new construction,improvements and repairs) and region. The study also considers market environment factors,details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles industry players.US demand to grow 9.3% annually through 2016Demand for windows and doors in the US is forecast to rise a robust 9.3 percent per year to $34.2billion in 2016. This will mark a turnaround from the declines of the 2006-2011 period, whenhousing completions and building construction expenditures dropped drastically, causing windowand door demand to fall as well.Rebound in new construction to benefit residential marketAided by a rebound in construction expenditures from their depressed 2011 base, the residentialmarket is forecast to post double-digit advances in demand through 2016. Builders will incorporatesuch value-added products as windows with triple-pane insulated glazing and doors with insulatedcores to promote energy efficiency, boosting value growth. Residential improvement and repairdemand is forecast to rise at a more modest pace. Many homeowners -- concerned with risingenergy costs -- took advantage of tax credits offered between 2009 and 2011 to replace olderwindows and doors with newer, more energy efficient models. Such homeowners will be unlikelyto engage in further window and door renovation projects in the near future.Plastic windows & doors to exhibit strongest gainsAmong material types, plastic windows and doors will see the strongest gains through 2016,advancing nearly 12 percent per year to $9.8 billion. Growth will be driven by continuing demandfor plastic products because consumersperceive them as energy-efficient. Plastic windows anddoors have taken market share from wood and metal products in recent decades and will continueto do so over the forecast period. Vinyl windows and fiberglass doors are relatively inexpensive,but offer such performance properties as durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Effortsby manufacturers to improve the aesthetics of plastic products by offering fiberglass doors with
  2. 2. woodgrain textures and vinyl windows in a wider range of colors will promote demand in both unitand value terms.Metal to remain leading window & door materialMetal windows and doors accounted for the largest share of window and door demand in 2011,and are expected to continue to lead the market in 2016. Rebounding housing activity will spurgains. Population growth in the South and West will promote demand, as metal products are ofteninstalled in those regions because there is less concern about heat loss through windows anddoors. Increasing nonresidential building construction spending will also boost metal window anddoor demand. Metal products are often installed in nonresidential structures because of theirdurability and low cost.Wood to see slowest growth of all fenestration productsDemand for wood windows and doors is forecast to rise 8.1 percent per year to $10.4 billion in2016. This is the slowest growth rate of all material types. Wood products demand will be checkedby competition from plastic windows and doors, which provide superior energy efficiency anddurability for less cost. Demand will be aided by the perception of wood as an aestheticallypleasing material that adds value to a home. Many builders and homeowners, especially in themid-range and high-end housing markets, will continue to specify wood products.COMPANY PROFILESCompany Profiles for 36 US competitors such as Andersen, Jeld-Wen, Masonite and PellaAdditional InformationThis comprehensive study examines the US window and door industry by material, product type,market, and geographic region. Products include windows, doors, and such other products asframes, sashes, curtain walls, storefront windows, and window and door screens. Historical dataare provided for 2001, 2006, and 2011, with forecasts for 2016 and 2021. As used in this study,the term “sales” is synonymous with “demand” and is equivalent to window and door productionplus imports, less exports. Demand values for windows and doors include the installed glazing.However, installed glazing is excluded from demand values for other products, such as curtainwalls and storefront windows. Data are presented in millions of US dollars, as well as a residentialmarket overview in millions of units. The study is framed within the economic, technological, andmarket environments of the window and door industry. In addition to providing a market outlook,the study also identifies and profiles the major industry participants and discusses the keystrategic competitive variables.Information and data on the window and door industry were obtained from a variety of primary andsecondary sources. Historical data are based on US Bureau of Census figures, including theEconomic Census and Annual Survey of Manufactures. These and supporting data were adjusted
  3. 3. as necessary in light of consultation with personnel of participating companies and other industrycontacts. Secondary data were obtained from government sources, trade associations (e.g.,American Architectural Manufacturers Association, and Window and Door ManufacturersAssociation), and other private sources. Corporate information sources included annual reports,SEC Form 10-K filings, product releases, prospectuses, and conversations with responsibleofficers within the companies themselves. Various published and unpublished estimates of the USwindow and door market, both historical and forecast, were refined and adjusted into a mutuallyconsistent pattern by the Freedonia Group Research Department. Publications consulted includedDoor & Window Manufacturer, Journal of Light Construction, and Window & Door.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION xivI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT 4General 4Macroeconomic Environment 5Demographic Trends 8Consumer Trends 12Personal Income & Expenditures 13Consumer Financing 15Construction Trends 19Residential Buildings 19Housing Completions 22Housing Stock 27Improvements & Repairs 31Nonresidential Buildings 33New 33Improvements & Repairs 36Nonresidential Building Stock 38Historical Trends 40Pricing 43Regulatory & Environmental Considerations 46Regulatory Considerations 46Energy Efficiency Considerations 49ICC Programs 49Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design 50ENERGY STAR 51Other Programs 53
  4. 4. Materials-Based Construction 53Recycling 56Emissions Regulations 57Lead Paint Removal 60Foreign Trade 61Imports 62Exports 66World Window & Door Outlook 69III. OVERVIEW 72General 72Value Demand 75Demand by Product & Market 79Doors 80Windows 83Other Window & Door Products 86Unit Demand 88Prime Residential Windows 90Demand by Material 91Demand by Application 94Residential Doors 97Interior Doors 99Entry Doors 100Patio Doors 101IV. METAL 103General 103Materials & Material Trends 107Products & Product Trends 109Metal Doors 110Demand by Market 112Demand by Type 114Demand by Material 116Metal Windows 118Demand by Market 121Demand by Type 124Demand by Material 125Other Metal Products 127Demand by Market 129Demand by Type 131Demand by Material 133V. WOOD 135General 135Materials & Material Trends 139
  5. 5. Products & Product Trends 141Wood Doors 142Demand by Market 144Demand by Type 147Panel Doors 148Flush Doors 151Other Wood Doors 154Wood Windows 155Demand by Market 157Demand by Type 160Double-Hung Windows 161Casement Windows 163Other Wood Windows 165Other Wood Products 167Demand by Market 168Demand by Type 170VI. PLASTIC 172General 172Materials & Material Trends 176Products & Product Trends 179Plastic Doors 181Demand by Market 183Demand by Type 185Demand by Material 187Plastic Windows 189Demand by Market 191Demand by Type 194Plastic Prime Windows 196Plastic Specialty & Storm Windows 198Demand by Material 200Other Plastic Products 203Demand by Market 203Demand by Type 205Demand by Material 206VII. MARKETS 208General 208Residential 211New Residential 215Demand by Material 216Demand by Product 218Improvements & Repairs 219Demand by Material 221
  6. 6. Demand by Product 223Demand by Housing Type 224Single-Family 225Multifamily 228Manufactured Housing 230Nonresidential 233New Nonresidential 237Demand by Material 239Demand by Product 241Improvements & Repairs 242Demand by Material 244Demand by Product 246Demand by Building Type 246Office & Commercial 247Institutional 250Industrial 252Other Nonresidential 254VIII. REGIONAL DEMAND 257General 257Regional Demographics & Economic Trends 258Population Patterns 259Economic Outlook 261Regional Construction 264Housing Trends 266Regional Window & Door Demand 269Northeast 271New England 274Middle Atlantic 275Midwest 276East North Central 280West North Central 282South 283South Atlantic 286East South Central 288West South Central 289West 291Mountain 294Pacific 296IX. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 298General 298Industry Composition 300Market Share 305
  7. 7. Vertical & Horizontal Integration 311Product Development 314Manufacturing 316Production & Processing Strategies 317Plant Closures 318Marketing 320Distribution 323Mergers & Acquisitions 326Cooperative Agreements 330Company Profiles 332Albany Door Systems, see ASSA ABLOYAlcoa Incorporated 333Alside, see Associated MaterialsAmarr Garage Doors 336Andersen Corporation 340Ashworth Doors, see Woodgrain MillworkASSA ABLOY AB 347Associated Materials LLC 354Atrium Corporation 360Baron Metal Industries, see ASSA ABLOYBison Building Materials, see Stock Building SupplyCeco Door Products, see ASSA ABLOYCertainTeed, see Saint-GobainChampion Window, see AtriumChampion Windows Manufacturing Incorporated 365CHI Overhead Doors, see JLL PartnersClopay Building Products, see GriffonCraftmaster Manufacturing, see JELD-WENCurries, see ASSA ABLOYDominion Building Products, see ASSA ABLOYDrew Industries Incorporated 367Eagle Window and Door, see AndersenEFCO, see PellaElixir Industries 369EMCO Enterprises, see AndersenFlexiForce, see ASSA ABLOYFortune Brands Home & Security Incorporated 372Four Seasons Solar Products, see Ultraframe UKFrameworks Manufacturing, see ASSA ABLOYGeorgia Gulf Corporation 380Graham Manufacturing, see ASSA ABLOYGriffon Corporation 383
  8. 8. Harvey Industries Incorporated 386Helton Group, see ASSA ABLOYHorton Automatics, see Sanwa HoldingsHurd Windows & Doors, see HWD AcquisitionHWD Acquisition Incorporated 389Infinity Replacement Windows, see Marvin CompaniesIngersoll-Rand plc 392Integrity Windows and Doors, see Marvin CompaniesJELD-WEN Incorporated 395JLL Partners Incorporated 400Kawneer, see AlcoaKinro, see Drew IndustriesKML Windows, see AndersenKolbe & Kolbe Millwork Company Incorporated 404Lemieux Doors, see Masonite InternationalLes Portes Baillargeon, see Masonite InternationalMaiman, see ASSA ABLOYMarvin Companies 408Masco Corporation 413Masonite International Corporation 416MI Windows and Doors Incorporated 421Milgard Manufacturing, see MascoModern Builders Supply Incorporated 424Monarch Materials Group Incorporated 427Monarch Windows and Doors, see Woodgrain MillworkNorandex Building Material Distribution,see Saint-GobainNorth Star Manufacturing London, see AtriumODL Incorporated 428Overhead Door, see Sanwa HoldingsPeachtree Doors and Windows,see Weather Shield ManufacturingPella Corporation 431PGT, see JLL PartnersPly Gem Holdings Incorporated 436Polaris Technologies, see Modern Builders SupplyRedstone Custom Door, see Woodgrain MillworkRenewal by Andersen, see AndersenRepublic Doors and Frames, see Windsor Republic DoorRockwood Manufacturing, see ASSA ABLOYRoyal Building Products, see Georgia GulfSaint-Gobain 438
  9. 9. Sanwa Holdings Corporation 441Serious Energy Incorporated 446Silver Line Building Products, see AndersenSimonton Windows,see Fortune Brands Home & SecuritySNE Enterprises, see Weather Shield ManufacturingStanley Black & Decker Incorporated 448Steelcraft, see Ingersoll-RandStock Building Supply Incorporated 450Superior Windows and Doors, see AtriumSuperseal Manufacturing, see HWD AcquisitionTherma-Tru Doors, see Fortune Brands Home & SecurityThermal Industries, see AtriumTRACO, see AlcoaUltraframe UK Limited 452VELUX America, see VKR Holdings A/SVKR Holding A/S 454Wayne-Dalton, see Sanwa HoldingsWeather Shield Manufacturing Incorporated 456Western Reflections, see ODLWindsor Republic Doors Incorporated 460Windsor Windows and Doors, see Woodgrain MillworkWoodgrain Millwork Incorporated 463Additional Companies Mentioned in Study 467List Of TablesSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary Table 3SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators 82 Population & Households 123 Personal Consumption Expenditures 154 Consumer Financing Environment, 2001-2011 185 Residential Building Construction Expenditures 226 New Housing Indicators 277 Housing Stock by Type 308 Residential Improvement & Repair Expenditures 339 Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures 3610 Nonresidential Building Improvement & Repair Expenditures 3711 Nonresidential Building Stock 4012 Window & Door Market, 2001-2011 4213 Window & Door Pricing 4514 Window & Door Foreign Trade 62
  10. 10. SECTION III -- OVERVIEW1 Window & Door Supply & Demand 782 Window & Door Demand by Product & Market 803 Door Demand by Material 834 Window Demand by Material 865 Other Window & Door Products Demand by Material 876 Residential Window & Door Demandby Product & Application 907 Prime Residential Window Demand by Material 938 Prime Residential Window Demandby Application & Material 979 Residential Door Demand by Type & Material 98SECTION IV -- METAL1 Metal Window & Door Supply & Demand 1062 Metal Door Demand by Market 1143 Metal Door Demand by Type 1164 Metal Door Demand by Material 1185 Metal Window Demand by Market 1236 Metal Window Demand by Type 1257 Metal Window Demand by Material 1278 Other Metal Window & Door Product Demand by Market 1319 Other Metal Window & Door Product Demand by Type 13210 Other Metal Window & Door Product Demand by Material 134SECTION V -- WOOD1 Wood Window & Door Supply & Demand 1382 Wood Door Demand by Market 1473 Wood Door Demand by Type 1484 Panel Door Demand by Type 1515 Flush Door Demand by Type 1536 Other Wood Door Demand by Type 1557 Wood Window Demand by Market 1608 Wood Window Demand by Type 1619 Double-Hung Window Demand by Type 16310 Casement Window Demand by Type 16511 Other Wood Window Demand 16712 Other Wood Window & Door Product Demand by Market 17013 Other Wood Window & Door Product Demand by Type 171SECTION VI -- PLASTIC1 Plastic Window & Door Supply & Demand 1752 Plastic Door Demand by Market 1853 Plastic Door Demand by Type 1874 Plastic Door Demand by Material 189
  11. 11. 5 Plastic Window Demand by Market 1946 Plastic Window Demand by Type 1957 Plastic Prime Window Demand by Type 1988 Plastic Specialty & Storm Window Demand 2009 Plastic Window Demand by Material 20210 Other Plastic Window & Door Product Demand by Market 20511 Other Plastic Window & Door Product Demand by Type 20612 Other Plastic Window & Door Product Demand by Material 207SECTION VII -- MARKETS1 Window & Door Demand by Market 2102 Residential Window & Door Demand by Material & Product 2143 New Residential Window & Door Demandby Material & Product 2164 Residential Improvement & Repair Window & DoorDemand by Material & Product 2215 Residential Window & Door Demand by Housing Type 2256 Single-Family Housing Window & DoorDemand by Application 2277 Multifamily Housing Window & DoorDemand by Application 2308 Manufactured Housing Window & DoorDemand by Application 2329 Nonresidential Window & Door Demandby Material & Product 23610 New Nonresidential Window & Door Demandby Material & Product 23911 Nonresidential Improvement & RepairWindow & Door Demand by Material & Product 24412 Nonresidential Window & Door Demand by Building Type 24713 Office & Commercial Window & Door Demandby Application 25014 Institutional Window & Door Demand by Application 25215 Industrial Window & Door Demand by Application 25416 Other Nonresidential Window & Door Demandby Application 256SECTION VIII -- REGIONAL DEMAND1 Population by Region 2612 Gross Domestic Product by Region 2643 Construction Expenditures by Region 2664 Regional Housing Indicators 2695 Window & Door Demand by Region 2706 Northeast Window & Door Demand 274
  12. 12. 7 Midwest Window & Door Demand 2808 South Window & Door Demand 2869 West Window & Door Demand 294SECTION IX -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Window & Door Sales for Selected Manufacturers, 2011 3042 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 3283 Selected Cooperative Agreements 331List Of ChartsSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Year of Construction of Housing Stock, 2011 312 Window & Door Market, 2002-2011 433 Window & Door Pricing, 2001-2021 464 US Window & Door Imports by Source, 2011 655 US Window & Door Exports by Destination, 2011 69SECTION III -- OVERVIEW1 Window & Door Demand by Material, 2011 79SECTION IV -- METAL1 Metal Window & Door Demand by Product, 2011 107SECTION V -- WOOD1 Wood Window & Door Demand by Product, 2011 139SECTION VI -- PLASTIC1 Plastic Window & Door Demand by Product, 2011 176SECTION VII -- MARKETS1 Residential Window & Door Demand by Material, 2011 2152 Nonresidential Window & Door Demand by Material, 2011 237SECTION VIII -- REGIONAL DEMAND1 Window & Door Demand by Region, 2011 271SECTION IX -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Window & Door Market Share by Company, 2011 306Contact: for more information.