Thin film batteries a new market opportunity assessment 2011


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Thin film batteries a new market opportunity assessment 2011

  1. 1. Thin-Film Batteries: A New Market Opportunity Assessment 2011NanoMarkets has been providing guidance on the thin-film and printable batterymarket for more than five years. In this new report, we analyze the latestdevelopments in thin-film batteries and how they will lead to increasing businessopportunities. In its assessment of the latest technology, this report compares theexisting technologies underpinning thin-film batteries and also examines the latestthinking on the electrode and electrolyte materials, showing how they can contributeto the growth of the thin-film battery sector. In addition, we take a look at thesynergy that is rapidly developing between thin batteries and energy harvesting.For many years, thin film batteries have seemed to be a technology in search of anapplication.Buy Now: Thin-Film Batteries MarketBrowse All: Market Research ReportsHowever, in this report NanoMarkets shows that there are true applications arisingfor these kinds of products and how the various firms in this space plan to makemoney in the future. As with all NanoMarkets reports, this report includes an eight-year forecast in volumes and value terms. We also discuss the funding of firms inthis space and how that will shape the thin-film battery market.Table Of ContentsExecutive SummaryE.1 Changes since last year reportE.1.1 Out of the lab: An assessment of the latest thin-film battery technologyE.1.2 Thin-film battery applications: Wired and tiredE.1.3 New money for film batteries: VCs, government and other funding sourcesE.2 Analysis of the main opportunities for thin-film battery firmsE.3 Companies to watch and whyE.4 Summary of Forecats for Thin-Film Battery Technologies
  2. 2. Chapter One: Introduction1.1 Background to this report1.2 Objective and scope of this report1.3 Methodology of this report1.4 Plan of this reportChapter Two: Thin-Film Batteries: Commercialization of the Technology2.1 Thin-film battery chemistry progress2.2 Competitive advantages and comparisons of thin-film battery chemistries: howthey play out in the marketplace2.3 Energy harvesting, PV and thin-film batteries2.3.1 How energy harvesting and PV complement each other2.3.2 Thin-film batteries and photovoltaics2.4 The future of thin-film battery manufacturing2.4.1 Current and future roles for printing in thin-film batteries2.4.2 Other recent manufacturing improvements for thin-film batteries2.5 Key Points Made in this ChapterChapter Three: Thin-Film Batteries: Applications and Markets3.1 RFID and smart packaging3.1.1 Thin-film battery applications and requirement for active RFID and battery-assisted RFID3.1.2 Can RFID still be the “killer app” for thin-film batteries?3.1.3 Powering smart packaging with thin-film batteries3.2 Are there opportunities for thin-film batteries in electronic shelf labeling?3.3 “Thin” batteries for smartcards and security applications3.3.1 Will OTP drive thin-film battery growth?3.4 Disposable batteries for other disposable electronics: greetings cards, games,toys and other novelties3.5 Thin-film batteries for medical applications3.5.1 Implants: the value of going for high-value products3.5.2 Labs-on-a-chip and diagnostic devices3.5.3 Medical and cosmetic patches3.6 Thin-film batteries in sensing and related applications3.6.1 Wireless sensor networks3.6.2 Large-area sensors: They will use thin-film batteries, but are they a realmarket?3.6.3 Military sensors and thin-film battery3.7 “Thin” batteries in semiconductor and computer industry applications
  3. 3. 3.7.1 Battery-backed-up computer memory and clocks: can thin-film batteriesdisplace conventional batteries?3.7.2 Other applications for thin-film batteries in the computer and semiconductorindustry3.8 A Note on thin-film batteries, electric cars and grid-scale storage.3.9 Key Points Made in this ChapterChapter Four: Market Forecasts of Thin-Film Batteries4.1 Forecasting methodology4.1.1 Price points and pricing strategies4.2 Eight-Year forecasts of thin-film batteries in the retail sector: RFID, packagingand ESLs4.3 Eight-Year forecasts of thin-film batteries for smartcards and secure access4.4 Eight-Year forecasts of thin-film batteries for other disposable applications4.5 Eight-Year Forecasts of thin-film batteries for medical applications: implants anddiagnostics4.6 Eight-Year forecasts of thin-film batteries for non-medical sensor applications4.7 Eight-Year forecasts of thin-film batteries for semiconductor industry andcomputer applications4.8 Summary of eight-year thin-film battery forecasts by application4.9 Eight-year forecast of thin-film batteries by chemistry4.10 Eight-Year forecast of thin-film powered productsLatest Market Research Reports:  Batteries and Ultra-Capacitors for the Smart Power Grid: Market Opportunities 2009-2016  Sensors for the Smart Grid: Market Opportunities 2010  Organic and Dye-Sensitized Cell Photovoltaics: Materials, Applications and Opportunities 2010  China Wind Turbine Control Systems Industry, 2011 ( Deep Research Report )  Mobile Security Software Market - Survey Report  Global Wireless Point of Sale Terminal Market 2010-2014  Global Wireless IP Network Management Market 2010-2014 About Us: ReportsnReports is comprising of an online library of 10,000 reports, in-depth market research studies of over 5000 micro markets, and 25 industry specific websites. Our client list boasts of almost all well-known publishers of such reports across the globe. We, as a third party reseller of market research reports employ number of marketing tools such as press releases, email-marketing and effective search
  4. 4. engine optimization technique to drive revenues for our clients. We also provide 24/7 online and offline support to our customers.Contact:Ms.Sunita7557 Rambler road,Suite727, Dallas, TX75231Tel: +1-888-989-8004E-mail: sales@reportsnreports.comWebsite: