The Global Advanced Wound Care Market to 2017


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The Global Advanced Wound Care Market to 2017

  1. 1. The Global Advanced Wound Care Market to 2017Report Details:Published:August 2012No. of Pages: 258Price: Single User License – US$1565A changing industry landscapeMergers and acquisitions have always played a key role in the advanced wound care industry andhave enabled the market leaders to expand their technology to address new sections of themarket and provide access to new technologies. But things are hotting up. Smith & Nephewcontinues to add to its portfolio with the acquisition in May 2012 of Kalypto Medical whilepharmaceutical companies flex their financial muscle: Shire purchased BioHealing in June 2011while Sanofi’s purchase of Genzyme in April 2011 has introduced the new Sanofi Biosurgerydivision.Private equity gets more involvedThe headline acquisition of the NPWT leading company KCI by the APAX consortium is just thelatest of a string of private equity transactions. Nordic Capital and Avista Capital Partnerspurchased ConvaTec in August 2008, Systagenix was formed in December 2008 through OneEquity Partners purchase of Ethicon Professional Wound Care, and Investor AB took full controlof Mölnlycke in late 2010.Biologics: the growth sector of the future?With price pressures in the NPWT sector and low prices driven by high competition in the MoistDressings sector, the spotlight has been thrown on Biologics. While all sectors are expected toreturn to stronger annual growth, only the biologics sector is expected to maintain double digitgrowth from 2015 onwards as products currently in development are launched.Key statistics and forecasts provide a real insight to the future of this critical device sector•Wound Care Market•Global Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2011•Professional Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2011Advanced Wound Care Market Competitors•Select Manufacturers’ Wound Care Sales, 2005-2011 (US$ million)•International Manufacturers’ Wound Care Sales, 2005-2011•Advanced Wound Care Market Shares, 2011•Advanced Wound Care Acquisitions, 2008-2011Wound Care Market Dynamics•Professional Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2007-2011 (US$ million)
  2. 2. •Professional Wound Care Market Forecast, 2012-2017 (US$ million)•Global Wound Care Market Growth by Product, 2012-2017 (%)Regional PerspectiveAdvanced Wound Care Market by Region and Growth by Region, 2012-2017 (US$ million)US, European and Rest of the World Markets by Major Product Type, 2011What this report will give you…Extensive competitive comparisons and evaluation of 109 major and emerging companiesMarket share for leading companiesGrowth forecasts and market share to 2017 by product area and geographical regionCovering all major areas including…•Device-based advanced wound care•Negative Pressure Wound Therapy•Electrical Stimulation•Ultrasound•Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy•Other Wound Care DevicesMoist wound care•Hydrogels•Hydrocolloid Dressings•Alginates•Foam Dressings•Composite Dressings•Activated Charcoal Dressings•Transparent Film Dressings•Antimicrobial Dressings•Silver Dressings•Honey Dressings•Iodine-based Dressings•PHMB Antimicrobial DressingsBiologics•Collagen-Based Wound Care Products•Skin Substitutes•Growth Factors•Cell-Based Therapies•Other Biologic Products•Enzymatic Debriding AgentsAnswering key questions...•What next for Kinetic Concepts after its litigation troubles?•What % of the European market will moist dressings account for in 2017?•Who’s developing products in the skin substitution market?•Who’s partnering whom, and on what?
  3. 3. •Which are the companies and technologies to watch?Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTable of ContentsMARKET OVERVIEWEXECUTIVE SUMMARYBACKGROUNDWound Care ProductsFig.1: Global Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2011Advanced Wound CareComplex Wounds: The Role of Advanced Wound CareCURRENT MARKET DYNAMICSFig.2: Professional Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2011Professional Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2007-2011 (US$ million)Global Wound Care Market Growth by Product, 2008-2011 (%)Establishing Safety and EffectivenessRegulatory EnvironmentREGIONAL PERSPECTIVEAdvanced Wound Care Market by Region, 2008-2011 (US$ million)Fig.3: Advanced Wound Care Market by Region, 2011Fig.4: North American Market by Major Product Type, 2011Fig.5: European Market by Major Product Type, 2011COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENTSelect Manufacturers’ Wound Care Sales, 2005-2011 (US$ million)Non-US Manufacturers’ Wound Care Sales in Reported Currency, 2005-2011 (million)Fig.6: Advanced Wound Care Market Shares, 2011Changing Industry LandscapeAdvanced Wound Care Acquisitions, 2008-2011FUTURE MARKET PROSPECTSProfessional Wound Care Market Forecast, 2011-2017E (US$ million)Global Wound Care Market Growth by Product, 2011-2017E (%)Advanced Wound Care Market by Region, 2011-2017E (US$ million)Advanced Wound Care Market Growth by Region, 2011-2017E (%)ADVANCED WOUND CARE PRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGIESFig.7: Advanced Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2011Fig.8: Advanced Wound Care Market by Product Type, 2017EDEVICE-BASED WOUND CARENegative Pressure Wound TherapyCompetitive EnvironmentFig.9: NPWT Market Share by Company, 2011
  4. 4. Market DynamicsFig.10: NPWT Market, 2006-2017E (US$ million)Fig.11: NPWT Market by Region, 2011Current Challenges and Opportunities in the NPWT MarketSafety and Effectiveness of NPWTKinetic Concepts’ V.A.C. TherapySmith & Nephew’s NPWT SystemsBoehringer Technologies’ Engenex NPWT SystemHartmann’s Vivano NPWT SystemGenadyne Biotechnologies’ A4 and XLR8 NPWT SystemsGetinge’s WoundASSIST TNP SystemInnovative Therapeutics’ Svedman and Sved SystemsMedela’s Invia Liberty NPWT SystemMölnlycke Health Care’s AvanceProspera’s PRO NPWT SystemsTalley Group’s Venturi SystemsThe Medical & WoundCare Company’s ExsudexIn Development - PolyNovo Biomaterials’ NovoSorb Foam Dressing ?33Electrical StimulationBioElectronics’ RecoveryRxMölnlycke Health Care’s woundEL SystemSynapse Microcurrent’s Accel-HealVomaris Innovations’ ProcelleraUltrasoundArobella Medical’s Qoustic Wound Therapy SystemCelleration’s MIST Therapy SystemMisonix’ SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debridement SystemNanoVibronix’ PainShield and WoundShieldSöring’s Sonoca SystemsExtracorporeal Shock Wave TherapySANUWAVE’s dermaPACETissue Regeneration Technologies’ DermaGoldOther Wound Care DevicesIYIA Technologies’ O2MislyRegenesis Biomedical’s Provant Wound Therapy SystemSanoMed’s SanoSkin Photizo Light Therapy DeviceVibrant Medical’s Vibration TherapyAdvanced Oxygen Therapy’s Topical Wound Oxygen TherapyMOIST WOUND CARE PRODUCTSFig.12: Moist Wound Care Market, 2007-2017E (US$ million)Fig.13: Moist Wound Care Market, 2007-2017E (US$ million)Moist Wound Care Market, 2007-2011 (US$ million)
  5. 5. Moist Wound Care Market Forecast, 2012-2017 (US$ million)Moist Wound Care Market Growth, 2008-2017E (%)Fig.14: Moist Wound Care Market by Region, 2011HydrogelsKey Hydrogel Products and ManufacturersNew Hydrogel TechnologiesHydrocolloid DressingsKey Hydrocolloid Products and ManufacturersAlginatesKey Alginate Products and ManufacturersFoam DressingsKey Foam Products and ManufacturersNew Foam TechnologiesFig.15: Smith & Nephew’s Exudate Management Sales, 2007-2011 (US$ million)Composite Dressings3M Tegaderm Matrix Dressing with PHI technologyConvaTec’s Hydrofiber Dressings - AQUACEL & VersivaSmith & Nephew’s DURAFIBERUrgo’s Lipido-Colloid Technology DressingsFig.16: Derma Sciences - Xtrasorb Revenue, 2008-2011 (US$ thousands)Soft Silicone DressingsSystagenix’ ADAPTIC TOUCHActivated Charcoal DressingsKey Charcoal Products and ManufacturersTransparent Film DressingsKey Transparent Film Products and Manufacturers3M’s Tegaderm Diamond Pattern Film DressingAntimicrobial DressingsFig.17: Antimicrobial Wound Care Market, 2007-2017E (US$ million)Silver DressingsClinical EvidenceKey Silver Products and ManufacturersFig.18: Derma Sciences’ ALGICELL Ag Revenue, 2008-2011 (US$ thousand)Fig.19: Smith & Nephew’s Infection Management Revenue, 2007-2011 (US$ million)Honey DressingsFig.20: Derma Sciences - Medihoney Revenue, 2008-2011 (US$ thousands)Iodine-based DressingsPHMB Antimicrobial DressingsOther Antimicrobial DressingsOther Products In DevelopmentBIOLOGICSFig.21: Wound Care Biologics Market, 2007-2017E (US$ million)
  6. 6. Regulatory EnvironmentCollagen-Based Wound Care ProductsHuman BioSciences’ SkinTemp II and Medfill IICollagen Matrix’ Matrix Collagen DressingCovalon Technologies’ Biostep and ColActiveEucare PharmaceuticalsHartmann’s CollaSorbInnocoll’s CollaRx TechnologyLescarden’s Catrix Wound DressingOlympus Terumo Biomaterials’ Terudermis Artificial DermisSynovis Life Technologies/Baxter’s Unite BiomatrixMedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack’s Puracol PlusSystagenix Wound Management’s Collagen-Based DressingsWound Management Technologies’ CellerateRxProducts in DevelopmentSkin SubstitutesACell’s MatriStemAnika Therapeutics’ HYAFFCook Biotech’s Oasis Wound Matrix ProductsIntegra LifeSciences’ Collagen-Glycosaminoglycan MatrixKinetic Concepts/LifeCell’s GraftjacketMedestea Internazionale’s VelodermMedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack’s MatridermMiMedx’ EpiFixMölnlycke’s XelmaOrganogenesis’ ApligrafPromethean LifeSciences’ GammaGraft and ReprizaSanofi’s Epicel Cultured Epidermal AutograftsShire Regenerative Medicine’s DermagraftUDL Laboratories/S&N’s BiobraneProducts in DevelopmentGrowth FactorsHealthpoint Biotherapeutics’ Regranex (becaplermin) Gel 0.01%Kaken Pharmaceutical’s Fiblast SprayAutologous Growth Factor ProductsCell-Based TherapiesAvita Medical’s ReCell Spray-On SkinTissue Genesis’ Cell Isolation SystemProducts in DevelopmentGarnet BioTherapeutics’ GBT 009Other Biologic ProductsMölnlycke’s Oat Beta-Glucan
  7. 7. Polyheal’s Microsphere-Based TechnologyProducts in DevelopmentEnzymatic Debriding AgentsHealthpoint’s Collagenase Santyl OintmentMaggot TherapyLohmann & RauscherProducts in DevelopmentOTHER PRODUCTSOxygen-Based Wound DressingsAcryMed’s OxygeneSys Dissolved Oxygen DressingOxygen Biotherapeutics’ WundecytesastOmed’s GranuloxChitosan DressingsHemCon Medical TechnologiesMarine Polymer Technologies’ TalymedSangui BioTech’s ChitoskinMANUFACTURERSTHE MARKET LEADERS3MRecent Key EventsCurrent AlliancesFinancial Performance3M Health Care - Operating Results, 2009-2011 (US$ million)ColoplastCurrent AlliancesFinancial PerformanceColoplast - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (DKr million)Coloplast - Revenue by Product Line, 2007-2011 (DKr million)Fig.22: Coloplast: Percentage of Revenue by Product Line, 2011Fig.23: Coloplast - Wound & Skin Care Revenue, 2003-2011 (DKr million)ConvaTecRecent Key EventsWound Care Product PortfolioCurrent AlliancesFinancial PerformanceConvaTec - Operating Results, 2009-2011 (US$ thousands)Fig.24: ConvaTec: Percentage of Revenue by Product Line, 2011CovidienAdvanced Wound Care ProductsFinancial PerformanceFig.25: Covidien - Revenue by Division, 2011Fig.26: Covidien - Medical Supplies Revenue by Product Type, 2011
  8. 8. Hartmann GroupAdvanced Wound Care ProductsCurrent AlliancesFinancial PerformanceHartmann - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (EUR million)Hartmann Wound Management Results, 2007-2011 (EUR million)Fig.27: Hartmann - Revenue by Division, 2011Fig.28: Hartmann Wound Management - Revenue by Geographic Region, 2011Kinetic ConceptsRecent Key EventsV.A.C. TherapyLifeCell ProductsCurrent Alliances and ContractsLitigation with Wake Forest UniversityFinancial PerformanceKCI - Operating Results, Full Year 2006-9 Months 2011 (US$ million)KCI - Revenue by Product Type, Full Year 2006-9 Months 2011 (US$ million)KCI - AHS Revenue, Full Year 2006-9 Months 2011 (US$ million)KCI - AHS Revenue by Region, 9 Months 2010-2011 (US$ million)Fig.29: KCI - Percentage of AHS Revenue by Region, 9 Months 2011Fig.30: KCI - Percentage of AHS Revenue by Type, 9 Months 2011KCI - AHS Revenue by Region, 2006-2010 (US$ million)Mölnlycke Health CareRecent Key EventsWound Care PortfolioMergers & AcquisitionsCurrent Alliances and Supply ContractsLitigationFinancial PerformanceMölnlycke - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (EUR million)Smith & NephewRecent Key EventsAdvanced Wound Care ProductsCurrent AlliancesLitigation with Wake Forest University and Kinetic ConceptsFinancial PerformanceS&N - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (US$ million)S&N Advanced Wound Management Operating Results, 2007-2011 (US$ million)S&N Advanced Wound Management Sales by Product & Region, 2007-2011 (US$ million)Fig.31: S&N Advanced Wound Management Sales by Region, 2011Fig.32: S&N Advanced Wound Management Sales by Product Type, 2011Fig.33: S&N Advanced Wound Management Sales by Region, Q1 2012
  9. 9. Systagenix Wound ManagementRecent Key EventsAdvanced Wound Care ProductsWound Care DiagnosticsOTHER COMPANIESAbsorbestACellAcryMed (Kimberly-Clark)AdociaAdvanced Medical SolutionsRecent Key EventsCurrent AgreementsFinancial PerformanceAMS - Advanced Wound Care Division Operating Results, 2007-2011 (£ thousand)Fig.34: AMS - Revenue by Division, 2011Fig.35: AMS - Revenue by Geographic Region, 2011Fig.36: AMS: Advanced Wound Care Sales, 2005-2011 (£ million)Advancis MedicalLegal ProceedingsAgennixAnika TherapeuticsAOTIArgentum MedicalArobella MedicalAspen Surgical ProductsAvita MedicalRecent Key EventsReCell Spray-On SkinFinancial PerformanceAvita Medical/C3 - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (A$ thousand)Fig.37: Avita Medical - External Revenue by Product Type, Fiscal 2011Avita Medical/C3 - Regenerative Medicine Results, 2007-2011 (A$ thousand)B. BraunFinancial PerformanceB. Braun - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (EUR million)Fig.38: B. Braun - Revenue by Division, 2011BioCureBioElectronicsRecent Key EventsProduct Applications and ApprovalsDistributorsFinancial Performance
  10. 10. BioMonde/ZooBioticBiotec PharmaconWoulgan biogelBoehringer LaboratoriesCardium TherapeuticsRecent Key EventsCurrent Alliances and ContractsCellerationCollagen MatrixComvitaAlliance with Derma SciencesLegal Proceedings - BrightwakeFinancial PerformanceComvita - Operating Results, 2008-2012 (NZ$ million)Fig.39: Comvita - Revenue by Division, 2012Fig.40: Comvita: Medical Sales, 2007-2012 (NZ$ million)Concept Health/GentellCovalon TechnologiesRecent Key EventsFinancial PerformanceCovalon Technologies - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (C$ million)Fig.41: Covalon Technologies: Advanced Wound Care Sales, 2006-2011 (C$)*Crawford HealthcareCurrent AgreementsFig.42: Ark Therapeutics: Wound Care Sales, 2005-2010 (£ thousand)curasanCytomedixAutoloGel SystemRecent DevelopmentsFinancial PerformanceCytomedix - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (US$ thousand)Fig.43: Cytomedix: AutoloGel Product Sales, 2005-2011 (US$ thousand)DermaRite IndustriesDerma SciencesRecent Key EventsAdvanced Wound Care ProductsResearch & DevelopmentCurrent Alliances and Licensing AgreementsFinancial PerformanceDerma Sciences - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (US$ million)Derma Sciences - Advanced Wound Care Division Results, 2010-2011 (US$ thousand)Derma Sciences’ Advanced Wound Care Sales by Product, 2007-2011 (US$ thousand)
  11. 11. Fig.44: Derma Sciences - Net Sales by Division, 2011Fig.45: Derma Sciences - Advanced Wound Care Sales by Key Product, 2011DeRoyalEucare PharmaceuticalsFerrisFibroGenFirst WaterGarnet BioTherapeuticsGenadyne BiotechnologiesGetingeHealOrHealthpoint BiotherapeuticsRecent Key EventsAdvanced Wound Care ProductsResearch and DevelopmentHemCon Medical TechnologiesRecent Key EventsCurrent AlliancesHollister Wound CareHuman BioSciencesHydroferaInnocollProducts in DevelopmentInnovative TherapiesLitigation with Kinetic Concepts and Wake Forest UniversityIntegra LifeSciences HoldingsIntegra LifeSciences - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (US$ million)IYIA TechnologiesKaken PharmaceuticalKikgelKuros BiosurgeryLaboratoires BrothierLescardenFinancial PerformanceLM FarmaLohmann & RauscherMarine Polymer TechnologiesLitigation with HemCon Medical TechnologiesMedelaMedestea InternazionaleMediWoundPolyheal
  12. 12. MedSkin Solutions Dr. SuwelackMilliken ChemicalMiMedx GroupMisonixCurrent AlliancesFinancial PerformanceNanotherapeuticsNanoVibronixNoble BiomaterialsOculus Innovative SciencesCurrent Alliances and ContractsFinancial PerformanceOculus - Operating Results, 2008-2012 (US$ thousand)Olympus Terumo BiomaterialsOrganogenesisArmed Forces Institute of Regenerative MedicineOsiris TherapeuticsOxygen BiotherapeuticsPhytoceuticalsPolyNovo BiomaterialsNovoSkin and NovoWoundPromethean LifeSciencesProsperaQuick-Med TechnologiesRecent Key EventsLicensing and Development AgreementsFinancial PerformanceQuick-Med Technologies - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (US$ thousand)RegeneRx BiopharmaceuticalsCurrent AlliancesRegenesis BiomedicalSafeBlood TechnologiesSangui BioTech InternationalSanofi BiosurgerySanoMed ManufacturingSANUWAVE HealthdermaPACEFinancial PerformanceSANUWAVE Health - Operating Results, 2008-2011 (US$ thousand)Shire Regenerative MedicineSöringSouthwest Technologies
  13. 13. Synapse MicrocurrentSynovis Life Technologies (Baxter)Talley GroupThe Medical & WoundCare CompanyTissue GenesisTissue Regeneration TechnologiesTriticumUDL LaboratoriesULURURecent Key EventsFinancial PerformanceULURU - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (US$ million)UrgoFinancial PerformanceUrgo - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (EUR million)Fig.46: Urgo - Revenue by Product Line, 2011Vibrant MedicalVomaris InnovationsWound Management TechnologiesFinancial PerformanceWound Management Technologies - Operating Results, 2007-2011 (US$ thousand)APPENDICESAPPENDIX 1 - LIST OF ABBREVIATIONSAPPENDIX 2 - REPORT METHODOLOGYSecondary SourcesMarket forecastsContact: for more information.