Serbia Beer Market Insights 2012


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Serbia Beer Market Insights 2012

  1. 1. Serbia Beer Market Insights 2012Report Details:Published:September 2012No. of Pages: 63Price: Single User License – US$6240Product SynopsisA detailed market research report on the Serbia beer industry. Researched and published byCanadean.Introduction and LandscapeWhy was the report written?This report comprises high level market research data on the Serbia beer industry, published byCanadean. The report covers the total market (on- and off-premise) and includes valuable insightand analysis on beer market trends, brands, brewers, packaging, distribution channels, marketvaluation and pricing.What is the current market landscape and what is changing?After three consecutive years of decline, beer consumption finally recorded some growth in 2011.What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?New product development (beer mixers with lemon), favorable weather and marketing support forthe discount segment drove growth.What makes this report unique and essential to read?The Serbia Beer Market Insight report is designed for clients needing a quality in-depthunderstanding of the dynamics and structure of the Beer market. The report provides a much moregranular and detailed data set than our competitors. All data has been researched, brandupwards, by an experienced on-the-ground industry analyst who conducts face-to-faceinterviews with key producers, leading companies in allied industries, distributors and retailers.Key Features and BenefitsThis report provides readers with an excellent way of gaining a thorough understanding of thedynamics and structure of the Serbia Beer industry. Data includes volumes from 2007 to 2011 plusforecasts for 2012, enabling historical and current trend analysis.
  2. 2. This report provides readers with in-depth market segmentation: mainstream, premium,superpremium, discount, alcoholic strength, local segmentation, beer type.This report provides data and analysis of the performance of both domestic and imported brandsand reports on new product activity in 2011.This report provides an analysis of industry structure, reports on company volumes and containsbrewer profiles for ten major brewersThis report provides distribution channel data (on- vs off-premise) and discusses the latest trendsin the key sub-channels. Packaging data includes consumption volumes by pack material, type,size, refillable vs non-refillable, multi-serve vs single serve. Market valuation data and pricing data,including beer consumption by price segment/distribution channel and selected consumer beerprices are also included.Key Market IssuesThe negative effects of the Eurozone debt crisis, as well as the credit rating downgrades of leadingeconomies reduced foreign investment and hampered efforts to privatise the remaining state-owned, smaller breweries that are trying to find strategic global partners.Imported beer went down by 16%. Most of the premium and superpremium brands reported poorperformances.Exports went down by 2%, due to the difficult economic climate in the ex-Yugoslavian region.Locally produced international brands continued penetration of the regional export markets byreducing production costs and shelf prices.All the smaller independent breweries registered double-digit falls, apart from Jagodinska Pivara,where local state authorities stimulated sales (local events).The reduction in sales in Horeca outlets has directly affected the share held by glass, still the mostpopular pack type.Key HighlightsAfter three consecutive years of decline, beer consumption finally recorded some growth in 2011.New product development (beer mixers with lemon), favourable weather and marketing support forthe discount segment drove growth.Beer mixers helped to maintain mainstream volumes as regular beer consumers switched to lowerpriced beers.Traditional trade gained only marginal share, but still accounts for the lions share of the off-trademarket (60%).
  3. 3. The growth rate of 2011 will continue in 2012. Faster recovery will be prevented by poor Q1weather.The mainstream segment will remain the key volume generator, but the discount segment will takeadvantage of affordable pricing and gain share during the current difficult economic climate.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeMarket ContextThe Consumer PalateAll Commercial BeveragesLegislation and TaxationMarket Parameter TablesPopulation Size and Growth 1991-2014FEast Europe Population Size and Growth 2001-2012FEconomic Indicators 2003-2013FEast Europe Commercial Beverage Consumption - Per Capita, 2001-2012FEast Europe Commercial Beverage Consumption - Per Capita - % Share, 2001-2012FEast Europe Beverage Consumption Per Capita - Growth, 2002-2012FLegislation and TaxationTable 1.5.1 - Taxation BaseTable 1.5.2 - Historical Excise Rates of BeerTable 1.5.3 - Legal Controls on BeerTable 1.5.4 - Tax Burden on Beer @ 5% Abv, 2011Market Background BriefingBeer Definitions by Type - Local SegmentationBeer Definitions by Type - Standard Price SegmentationBeer Definitions by Type - Alcoholic StrengthBeer Definitions by Type - Beer TypeBeer Definitions by Type - Local, National and InternationalMarket UpdatesBeer Key FactsMarket SizeGrowthMarket ValuSegmentation 2011Distribution 2011Packaging 2011Market CommentaryCurrent and Emerging TrendsOutlook
  4. 4. Imports and ExportsSegmentationTop 10 Beer Brands - Volume, 2009-2011Top 10 International Premium and Superpremium Beer Brands - Volume, 2009-2011Licensed Brand Owners and LicenseesBrand AnalysisPrivate Label/Private Label ProducersNew Products ActivityChart - Leading Brewers/Importers, 2011Market StructureBrewersChart - Consumption by Pack Material/Type, 2011Packaging TrendsChart - Distribution by Channel, 2011Chart - Consumption by Price Segment, 2011Market Valuation and PricingBeer Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2010-2012FDistribution TrendsDistribution and Pricing TablesTable 3.9 - Trade Margin Build-Up ModelTable 3.10.1 - Selected Consumer Beer Prices: Off-Premise, 2010-2012Table 3.10.2 - Selected Consumer Beer Prices: On-Premise, 2010-2012Beer Data TablesCommercial Beverage Consumption - per Capita - Litres, 2001-2012FCommercial Beverage Consumption - per Capita - % Share, 2001-2012FCommercial Beverage Consumption - per Capita - Growth, 2001-2011Commercial Beverage Consumption - Million Litres, 2001-2012FAlcoholic Beverage Consumption - Litres of Pure Alcohol (LPA) Per Capita, 2001-2012FBeer Production/Trade/Consumption, 2001-2012FBeer Production/Trade/Consumption - Growth, 2001-2012FConsumption of FABs and Cider, 2011-2012FBeer Foreign Trade By Country (Imports), 2008-2012FBeer Foreign Trade By Country (Exports), 2008-2012FBeer Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2010-2012FBeer Consumption by Local Definition, 2008-2012FBeer Consumption by Standard Price Segmentation, 2008-2012FBeer Consumption by Alcoholic Strength, 2008-2012FBeer Consumption by Type, 2008-2012FBeer Consumption by Geographic Scope, 2008-2012FBeer All Trademarks, 2007-2011Beer Brands by Local Definition, 2007-2011Beer Brands by Standard Price Segment, 2007-2011
  5. 5. Beer Brands by Alcoholic Strength, 2007-2011Beer Brands by Type, 2007-2011Beer Imported Brands by Origin, 2007-2011Beer Licensed Brands, 2007-2011Beer Trademark Owners, 2007-2011Beer Local Operators, 2007-2011Beer Leading Brewers/Importers, 2007-2011Beer Consumption by Pack Mix: Refillability/Type/Pack/Size, 2008-2012FBeer Distribution: On vs Off Premise, 2008-2012FBrewers ProfileAPATINSKA PIVARAApatinska Pivara Brand Volumes, 2007-2011BIPBip Belgrade Brand Volumes, 2007-2011CARLSBERG SERBIACarlsberg Serbia Brand Volumes, 2007-2011UNITED SERBIAN BREWERIESUnited Serbian Breweries Brand Volumes, 2007-2011Smaller BrewerJagodinska PivaraPivara NisPivara ValjevoPivara VrsacContact: for more information.