Security Products to 2016


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Security Products to 2016

  1. 1. Security Products to 2016Report Details:Published:August 2012No. of Pages: 464Price: Single User License – US$5100This study analyzes the US security products industry. It presents historical demand data for theyears 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., access controls,alarms, closed-circuit television, contraband detection, electronic article surveillance, automotive)and market (e.g., government and institutional, trade and distribution, industrial, air transport,financial institutions). The study also considers market environment factors, details industrystructure, evaluates company market share and profiles industry players.US demand to rise 7.3% annually through 2016The US market for security products is expected to increase 7.3 percent per year to $21 billion in2016. Ongoing technological improvements that enhance the accuracy, ease of use, and speed ofoperation of electronic security systems will bolster spending, not only by fueling interest inupgrading existing security systems but also by improving market penetration. The falling prices ofmany high-end electronic security components have further boosted gains by increasing marketpenetration across a broadening customer base. In addition, the recovery in building constructionand the housing market will bolster sales of mechanical security products, particularly locks.Growth for security systems continues to be driven by a high perceived risk of crime (fromconventional violent and property crimes to white collar crimes and terrorism), despite a long-termtrend of falling crime rates. This perception is the result of widespread media coverage of highprofile crime events. Additionally, many believe that public safety officialsare overburdened, so supplemental security arrangements may be deemed necessary.Electronic access controls to be fastest growing typeElectronic access control systems and locks are expected to post the strongest gains of anysecurity product, each rising nearly 11 percent annually through 2016. Advances for electronicaccess control systems will be driven by technological innovations that allow these systems toemploy an increasingly sophisticated array of clearance options that are both more difficult to forgeand easier to operate. Additionally, falling prices are making access control systems moreaccessible to building owners looking to upgrade from conventional mechanical locks. Demand willalso benefit from the continued roll-out of new technology, such as smart cards and biometrics,and the increasing adoption of these highervalue technologies.Demand for locks will be driven by the recovery in building construction, which is the primaryapplication for locking devices, given that these basic security products are used on nearly allexternal doors. The expected recovery in the housing market will also support demand for door
  2. 2. locks, as many homeowners replace locks after moving in to a newly purchased home. In addition,demand for vehicle locks is expected to recover from a low 2011 level as US vehicle productionrebounds. The lock market will also be supported by growing demand forelectromechanical door locks. Already ubiquitous in hotels, these locks are increasingly replacingmechanical devices in office buildings where they provide added security by removing the threat oflost or stolen keys.Office, lodging segment to be fastest growing marketMost markets for security products are expected to post solid gains through 2016, supported bythe economic recovery and rebound in many types of building construction. Many homeownersand businesses will undertake investment projects put off during uncertain economic times.Technological advances will also provide opportunities for securityproducts. The fastest gains are expected in the office and lodging market, driven by particularlystrong growth in construction activity from weak 2011 levels. In addition, demand will be supportedby the adoption of more advanced access control systems and electronic door locks.COMPANY PROFILESProfiles 40 competitors such as ASSA ABLOY, Fortune Brands Home & Security, GeneralElectric, Honeywell and Tyco InternationalGet your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTable of ContentsINTRODUCTION xiiI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT 4General 4Demographic & Social Environment 5Demographic Trends 6Employment Outlook 9Macroeconomic Environment 12Building Construction Outlook 17Residential Building Construction 19Nonresidential Building Construction 21Building Stock Trends 24Residential Building Stock 25Nonresidential Building Stock 28Business Establishment Trends 30Motor Vehicle Outlook 33Consumer Spending Outlook 37Public Safety Environment 40Crime 42Violent Crimes 45
  3. 3. Property Crimes 47Terrorism & Other Nonconventional Crimes 50Terrorism 51Other Nonconventional Crimes 53Fire 55Legal & Regulatory Environment 58III. SECURITY PRODUCT OVERVIEW 62General 62Electronics Overview 63Electronic Components & Systems 65Information Technology 67Electronic Security Technologies 68Sensors 70Automatic Identification 72Systems Integration 73Environmental Control & Building Automation 74Pricing Dynamics 75World Security Markets 78Foreign Trade 81IV. ELECTRONIC SECURITY PRODUCTS 84General 84Access Controls 87Card-Based Access Controls 92Technologies 95Suppliers 98Biometric Access Controls 98Technologies 101Suppliers 103Keypad/Combination Access Controls 103Alarms 105Local Alarms 109Smoke Detectors 111Types 113Suppliers 115Local Intrusion Alarms 115Carbon Monoxide Detectors 117Types 120Suppliers 122Central Station Alarms 122Intrusion 124Fire & Smoke 125Suppliers 126
  4. 4. Direct Connect Alarms 126Fire & Smoke 128Intrusion 129Suppliers 129PERS & Related Alarms 129Video Surveillance 132Cameras 136Monitors 139Recording Equipment 141Other Components 143Suppliers 144Contraband Detection Systems 145Products 148Bulk EDS 150Metal Detectors, X-rays, & Advanced Imaging Systems 152Trace Detectors 154Suppliers 156Vehicle Security Products 156Products 157Anti-Theft Systems 160Keyless Entry Systems 161Vehicle Recovery Systems 162Demand by Vehicle Type & Market 164Electronic Article Surveillance Systems 165Products 168Suppliers 172Other Electronic Security Products 172V. MECHANICAL SECURITY PRODUCTS 175General 175Locks 177Door Locks 179Other Locks 181Security Storage Equipment 184Other 186VI. MARKETS 189General 189Consumer 191Sector Outlook 192Security Outlook 194Residential 195Automotive 198Government & Institutional 200
  5. 5. Sector Outlook 200Security Outlook 202Government 205Institutions 206Industrial 208Sector Outlook 209Security Outlook 213Trade & Distribution 217Sector Outlook 218Security Outlook 221Financial Institutions 225Sector Outlook 225Security Outlook 227Air Transport 230Sector Outlook 231Security Outlook 232Office & Lodging Establishments 236Sector Outlook 236Security Outlook 238Services 241Sector Outlook 242Security Outlook 243VII. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 246General 246Industry Composition 246Market Share 250Research & Product Development 255Manufacturing 256Marketing & Distribution 257Mergers & Acquisitions 260Cooperative Agreements 263Company Profiles 271Adams Rite Manufacturing, see ASSA ABLOYADT Security Services, see Tyco InternationalAhura Scientific, see Thermo Fisher ScientificAmerican Dynamics, see Tyco InternationalAmerican Lock, see Fortune Brands Home & SecurityAmerican Science and Engineering Incorporated 272Analogic Corporation 276Ansul, see Tyco InternationalASSA ABLOY AB 279Best Access Systems, see Stanley Black & Decker
  6. 6. Bosch (Robert) GmbH 291Brady Corporation 297Brink’s Home Security Holdings, see Tyco InternationalBRK Brands, see JardenBroadview Security, see Tyco InternationalCheckpoint Systems Incorporated 300Chemetron Fire Systems, see United TechnologiesChemetronics, see United TechnologiesChubb Fire and Security, see United TechnologiesCogent, see 3MComputerized Security Systems, see Kaba HoldingContinental Instruments, see NAPCO SecurityTechnologiesCorbin Russwin, see ASSA ABLOYCross Match Technologies, see Smiths GroupDanaher Corporation 306Detector Electronics, see United TechnologiesDet-Tronics, see United TechnologiesDiebold Incorporated 307Electronic Door Security, see ASSA ABLOYFargo Electronics, see ASSA ABLOYFarran Technology, see Smiths GroupFederal APD, see Federal SignalFederal Signal Corporation 312Fen-Wal Protection Systems, see United TechnologiesFire-Lite Alarms, see Honeywell InternationalFirst Alert Professional Security Systems, see HoneywellInternationalFortune Brands Home & Security Incorporated 316Gamewell-FCI, see Honeywell InternationalHID Global, see ASSA ABLOYHitachi Limited 320Honeywell International Incorporated 322IDenticard Systems, see BradyIngersoll-Rand plc 335Intellispace Event Management, see Royal PhilipsElectronicsInterlogix, see United TechnologiesJarden Corporation 342Johnson Controls Incorporated 345JVC KENWOOD Corporation 349Kaba Holding AG 351
  7. 7. Kidde, see United TechnologiesKlein Associates, see L-3 CommunicationsK2 Commercial Hardware, see Stanley Black & DeckerL-1 Identity Solutions, see SAFRANL-3 Communications Corporation 356Lifeline Systems, see Royal Philips ElectronicsLinear, see NortekMarks USA, see NAPCO Security TechnologiesMaster Lock, see Fortune Brands Home & SecurityMedeco Security Locks, see ASSA ABLOYMeggitt plc 361Morpho Detection, see SAFRANMorphoTrak, see SAFRANMorphoTrust USA, see SAFRANMotorola Solutions Incorporated 364NAPCO Security Technologies Incorporated 366Nortek Incorporated 372NOTIFIER, see Honeywell InternationalOnity, see United TechnologiesOSI Systems Incorporated 377Panasonic Corporation 382Pelco, see Schneider ElectricPhilips Lifeline, see Royal Philips ElectronicsPIPS Technology, see Federal SignalRapiscan Systems, see OSI SystemsRoyal Philips Electronics NV 386SAFLOK, see Kaba HoldingSAFRAN SA 389Sargent & Greenleaf, see Stanley Black & DeckerSARGENT Manufacturing, see ASSA ABLOYSchlage Lock, see Ingersoll-RandSchneider Electric SA 396Science Applications International Corporation 400Scott Safety, see Tyco InternationalSecuraplane Technologies, see MeggittSecuritron Magnalock, see ASSA ABLOYSensormatic Electronics, see Tyco InternationalSiemens AG 404Silent Knight, see Honeywell InternationalSimplexGrinnell, see Tyco InternationalSmiths Group plc 409Software House, see Tyco International
  8. 8. Sonitrol, see Stanley Black & DeckerSony Corporation 415Stanley Black & Decker Incorporated 418STOPware, see BradySupra, see United TechnologiesSystem Sensor, see Honeywell InternationalThermo Fisher Scientific Incorporated 4243M Company 427Tyco International Limited 431United Technologies Corporation 442Vicon Industries Incorporated 456Von Duprin, see Ingersoll-RandYale Commercial Locks and Hardware, see ASSAABLOYOther Security Products Manufacturers 460List of TablesSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary Table 3SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Population & Households 92 Employment Outlook 123 Macroeconomic Indicators 164 Building Construction Expenditures 195 Residential Building Construction Expenditures 216 Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures 247 Housing Stock by Type 278 Nonresidential Building Stock 309 Business Establishments 3310 Motor Vehicle Indicators 3711 Personal Consumption Expenditures 4012 Violent Crime Levels 4713 Property Crime Levels 5014 Terrorism Incidents in the US 5315 Other Crimes 5416 Fire Levels & Losses 58SECTION III -- SECURITY PRODUCT OVERVIEW1 Security Product Supply & Demand 632 Electronic & Computer Product Shipments 653 Information Processing Fixed Investment 684 US Foreign Trade in Security Products 83SECTION IV -- ELECTRONIC SECURITY PRODUCTS1 Electronic Security Product Supply & Demand 86
  9. 9. 2 Electronic Access Control Supply & Demand 913 Card-Based Access Control Demand by Type 954 Biometric Access Control Demand by Type 1015 Keypad/Combination Access Control Demand 1056 Alarm System Supply & Demand 1087 Local Alarm Demand by Type 1118 Smoke Detector Demand by Type 1139 Local Intrusion Alarm Demand by Type 11710 Carbon Monoxide Detector Demand 12011 Central Station Alarm Demand by Type 12412 Direct Connect Alarm Demand by Type 12813 Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) & Related AlarmDemand 13214 Video Surveillance Equipment Supply & Demand 13515 Video Surveillance Camera Demand 13916 Video Surveillance Monitor Demand 14117 Video Surveillance Recording Equipment Demand 14318 Other Video Surveillance Component Demand 14419 Contraband Detection System Supply & Demand 14820 Contraband Detection System Demand by Type 14921 Vehicle Security Product Supply & Demand 15922 Vehicle Security Product Demand by Vehicle Type & Market 16523 Electronic Article Surveillance System Supply & Demand 16724 Electronic Article Surveillance System Demand by Type 17125 Other Electronic Security System Supply & Demand 174SECTION V -- MECHANICAL SECURITY PRODUCTS1 Mechanical Security Product Supply & Demand 1762 Lock Supply & Demand 1793 Door Lock Demand by Type 1814 Other Lock Demand by Type 1835 Security Storage Supply & Demand 1866 Other Mechanical Security Product Supply & Demand 188SECTION VI -- MARKETS1 Security Product Demand by Market 1902 Consumer Sector Indicators 1933 Consumer Security Product Market 1954 Residential Security Product Market 1985 Consumer Automotive Security Product Market 1996 Government & Institutional Sector Indicators 2027 Government & Institutional Sector Security Product Market 2048 Industrial Sector Indicators 2139 Industrial Security Product Market 216
  10. 10. 10 Retail Sales 22111 Trade & Distribution Sector Security Product Market 22412 Financial Sector Indicators 22713 Financial Institutions Security Product Demand 22914 Air Carrier Outlook 23215 Air Transport Security Product Market 23516 Office & Lodging Construction Expenditures & Building Space 23717 Office & Lodging Security Product Market 24018 Service Sector Revenues & Establishments 24319 Service Sector Security Product Market 245SECTION VII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Security Product Sales by Company, 2011 2492 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 2623 Selected Cooperative Agreements 265List of ChartsSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Year of Construction of Housing Stock, 2011 282 US Crime Rates, 2001-2010 45SECTION III -- SECURITY PRODUCT OVERVIEW1 World Security Product Market by Region 80SECTION IV -- ELECTRONIC SECURITY PRODUCTS1 Electronic Security Product Demand by Type, 2011 872 Electronic Access Control Demand by Type, 2011 923 Alarm System Demand by Type, 2011 1094 Video Surveillance Equipment Demand by Component, 2011 1365 Contraband Detection System Demand by Type, 2011 1506 Vehicle Security System Demand by Type, 2011 1607 Electronic Article Surveillance System Demand by Type, 2011 171SECTION V -- MECHANICAL SECURITY PRODUCTS1 Mechanical Security Product Demand by Type, 2011 177SECTION VI -- MARKETS1 Security Product Demand by Market, 2011 191SECTION VII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Security Product Market Share, 2011 251Contact: for more information.