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Natural gas from shale (shale gas) is the fastest growing source of gas in the United States and Canada. In the United States, shale gas production increased at an annual rate of 48% in recent years (2006-2010). In 2010, 23% of all gas produced in the United Stated originated from shale deposits.

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ReportsnReports – Shale Processing Equipment and Component Manufacturing Markets Worldwide

  1. 1. Shale Processing Equipment and Component Manufacturing Markets adds SBI Market Research Report “Shale Processing Equipment andComponent Manufacturing Markets Worldwide ’’ to its store.Countries covered: GlobalNatural gas from shale (shale gas) is the fastest growing source of gas in the United Statesand Canada. In the United States, shale gas production increased at an annual rate of 48%in recent years (2006-2010). In 2010, 23% of all gas produced in the United Statedoriginated from shale deposits.Industry analysts project that the growing trend in shale gas production is very likely tocontinue and by 2020 shale gas production may even reach 12.6 Tcf per annum.The significant resources of shale gas and the increasing production in North America willallow the United States and Canada to feed their nationwide hunger for natural gas.Rapidly developing shale gas production will require additional processing capacity. Gasprocessing is necessary to transform raw gas into a pipeline quality product that can betransported to marketers and end-users. An extra layer of infrastructure is required to treatand transport natural gas liquids in addition to dry gas.Inadequate processing equipment could lead to price instability, a slow-down of economicgrowth and a reduction in the delivery of natural gas to end-users.Shale gas producers and midstream operators have recognized this opportunity and severalgas processing facilities have mushroomed in shale plays areas. Numerous new projectshave been announced for the upcoming years. But the potential for shale gas processingequipment and the components market is much greater.To keep up with the growing shale gas production, over 10 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d)of additional processing capacity is necessary by 2015 in the shale plays regions. Theestimated capital cost for investments in gas processing infrastructure is about $8.5 billionin 2010 dollars.By 2020, gas processing capacity requirements will increase to over 18 Bcf/d. In total, theindustry investments in gas processing facilities are estimated at $14.7 billion in 2010dollars for the 2011- 2020 period. A significant percentage of that sum will be investeddirectly in gas processing equipment and components.
  2. 2. This Report contains comprehensive data on the gas processing equipment and componentsmarket including historical data (2006-2010) and 2011-2020 forecast for the market size interms of dollars invested in new infrastructure and in gas processing equipment alone. Thestudy identifies the key trends affecting the marketplace, while profiling majormanufacturers and product end-users (gas processing operators).Report MethodologyThe information in Shale Processing Equipment and Components Manufacturing MarketWorldwide is based on primary and secondary research.The primary research involved collecting information from companies participating in themarket and analysts for the natural gas industry to recognize to main factors influencing themarket, its major challenges and opportunities. It also included consultations with gastechnology specialists to get insight in the latest advancements in natural gas processingThe secondary research consisted of gathering data from government and industrypublications, trade associations, business journals, company websites, annual corporatereports and other relevant sources. The primary sources were the U.S. Energy InformationAdministration, the U.S. Geological Survey, the Gas Processors Association, the GasTechnology Institute and the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America.What You’’ll Get in this ReportGlobal Shale Processing Equipment and Components Manufacturing Market provides acomprehensive overview on the past, current and prospectus markets for natural gasprocessing equipment and components in the main active shale plays in the United Statesand Canada. The prospectus for industry developments outside North America are alsooutlined and discussed.The Report presents the main characteristics of raw gas shale composition and processingrequirements. The main steps of shale gas processing are detailed along with the equipmentinvolved in the process.The industry expenditures on gas processing equipment in shale plays for the period 2006-2010 are provided along with 2011-2020 forecast for investments in the relevantinfrastructure.The main active shale plays are characterized in terms of shale gas reserves, currentproduction and processing capacities along with the main gas processing operators in theregion. The Report provided information on the recent investments in gas processinginfrastructure for each shale play region and all anticipated projects.The Report includes a discussion on the main trends shaping the market, based on the mostrecent available information and data.
  3. 3. A wide range of the market participants are profiled. The main companies investing in gasprocessing infrastructure in shale regions are also reported, with their recent and plannedinvestments.How You’ll Benefit from this ReportIf you are a gas processing equipment manufacturer, the study will help you to assess yourposition versus other market participants. It will provide you with up-to-date information onyour competitors’ business structure, product portfolio and clients, offering you invaluableaid in preparing an effective business strategy.If you are a gas processing operator, the report will provide you with comprehensiveinformation on equipment and components providers and will help you choose the suppliersbest-suited to your business needs.If you are examining investment opportunities in gas processing equipment andcomponents market, the report will offer you a complete outlook on the current market size,diversification and main trends, based on the contemporary data. It will enhance yourdecision-making capabilities and help you identify the best investment prospectus.This report will also help:Marketing managers identify market opportunities and develop targeted promotion plans forshale gas processing equipment and components.Research and development professionals stay on top of competitor initiatives and exploredemand for shale gas processing equipment and components.Advertising agencies working with gas processing manufacturers to understand the productbuyer to develop messages and images that compel shale gas producers and midstreamoperators to buy their products.Business development executives understand the dynamics of the market and identifypossible partnerships.Information and research center librarians provide market researchers, brand and productmanagers and other colleagues with the vital information they need to do their jobs moreeffectively.Additional InformationShale Gas Production to Triple by 2020, Fueling InvestmentsWith world demand continuing to rise for natural gas, investments in infrastructure aregrowing for the shale gas industry, which is expected to reach 12.6TcF (Trillion Cubic Feet)by 2020, tripling its current output. According to a report by energy research publisher SBIEnergy, shale gas production in the U.S. increased at an annual rate of 48% from 2006-2010, reaching 4.8Tcf and representing 23% of the total U.S. natural gas production.
  4. 4. After several prudent years due to uncertainty regarding reserve estimates and production-related risks, shale gas processing assets are now regarded as an attractive form ofinvestment. An increase in gas and natural gas liquid products from these shale plays overrecent years has led to billions of dollars worth of investments in gas processinginfrastructure.“Investments in shale gas from the midstream sector reached over $7.7 billion in shale gasprocessing infrastructure, including $3.8 billion plus spent on equipment and componentsalone in 2010,” noted Shelly Carr, Publisher of SBI Energy. “This market is being driven bya growing demand for natural gas.”The current market for shale gas processing equipment and components is limited to theNorth American continent, specifically in the United States and Canada. While the has grown exponentially over the past five years, production increases are alsooccurring in Canada, where unconventional gas accounted for 25% of the country’s naturalgas production in 2010.“Since technological advancements have made shale gas production economically viable, allmajor natural gas producers in North America have turned their attention to shale plays,”added Carr.This report contains comprehensive data on the gas processing equipment and componentsmarket, as well as segment forecasts through 2020. It also analyzes key trends and profilesmajor manufacturers and product end-users.Latest Market Research Reports: Children’s Publishing Market Forecast 2012 Chinese and Taiwanese Markets for Spinal Implants, MIS and VCF 2011 Asia-Pacific Markets for Spinal Implants and VCF 2011 (Australia, Japan and South Korea) U.S. Market for Dental Prosthetics and CAD/CAM Devices 2011 2012 Biomet Company Profile & Analysis: Biologics Division Health and Wellness in Norway Europe Infrastructure : Bundle The Definitive Analysis of Broadband Wireless Networks: WiMax, WiFi, LTE, and 4G InfrastructureAbout Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 75,000 market research reports and in-depthmarket research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. We provide 24/7 online andoffline support to our customers. Get in touch with us for your needs of market researchreports.Follow us on Twitter: Facebook Page:
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