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ReportsnReports - Shale Gas: Products & Services


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Demand for products and services used in US shale gas development will grow to nearly $50 billion in 2015 as industry activity continues to escalate in the emerging Marcellus, Haynesville and Fayetteville shale plays.

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ReportsnReports - Shale Gas: Products & Services

  1. 1. Shale Gas: Products & adds Freedonia Group Market Research Report “2011 U.S. SmartAppliances – A Customer Perspective on Demand-Response’’ to its store.US shale gas development to reach $50 billion by 2015Demand for products and services used in US shale gas development will grow to nearly$50 billion in 2015 as industry activity continues to escalate in the emerging Marcellus,Haynesville and Fayetteville shale plays. While shale gas drilling will slow from the rapidbuildup of the 2005-2010 period, the industry will still bring more than 8,000 new producingwells online through 2015. Increasing demand for drilling and completion products andservices for new shale gas wells will be accompanied by growing markets for workover,restimulation, and well site reclamation services in areas where production is maturing.Low natural gas prices since 2008 have narrowed the profit margin of shale gas investment.Shale gas producers are responding to this trend by seeking improvements in welleconomics, in many cases through the use of highervalue products and services. Throughthe forecast period, shale gas producers will continue to embrace innovations such asmultiple-well drilling pad systems and advanced hydraulic fracturing materials in order toimprove drilling efficiencies and increase per-well gas output, thus bolstering profitability asgas prices remain below 2008 highs.Tubular goods, drilling fluids and proppants to lead gainsDemand for drilling equipment and consumables in the shale gas plays will grow to morethan $6.8 billion in 2015, led by nearly double-digit growth in tubular goods, the largestequipment category. Shale operators will continue to consume more tubular goods overalland on a per-well basis. Growth in demand for chemicals and materials will slightly outpacethat seen for drilling equipment and consumables, reflecting the intensive material demandsof the wells that will be drilled in the newer shale plays. Stimulation products, especiallyproppants, used in hydraulic fracturing will be the dominant source of chemicals andmaterials demand.Robust growth in service revenues to continueThe market for services used by shale gas producers will reach more than $38 billion in2015. Demand for services will continue to be dominated by contract drilling and pressurepumping, which together account for more than 60 percent of the total market. Serviceproviders will continue to benefit from high levels of shale gas drilling activity as well as theincreased scale and sophistication of wells in the emerging plays, despite these trendsslowing from the 2005-2010 period. Other segments such as completion and productionservices and waste management and remediation services will be promoted by a range offactors. This will include increased workover and restimulation activity as well as new stateand federal laws requiring additional environmental services at well sites.Marcellus, Haynesville to generate most new demandRegional variations in the shale gas market are strong due to geographical differences inrecoverable reserves and the different stages of industry development in the major plays.
  2. 2. The Southern Region dominated products and services demand in 2010 and will retain halfof the total market through the forecast period, even as the Midwestern Region registersfaster annual gains based on activity in the Marcellus, Woodford and a number of otheremerging shale plays. Through 2020, the Marcellus Shale will be the fastest growing marketfor products and services of the major plays.Table of ContentsINTRODUCTIONI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYII. MARKET ENVIRONMENTMacroeconomic EnvironmentDemographic OverviewManufacturing OverviewUS Petroleum & Natural Gas OverviewElectricity GenerationNatural Gas Market OverviewExploration & ReservesNatural Gas Supply & DemandProductionDrillingPricingEnvironmental & Regulatory ConsiderationsInternational ActivityIII. SHALE GAS OVERVIEWGeneralTechnology OverviewExplorationDrillingCompletionHydraulic FracturingCost ComparisonDrilling ActivityProduction OutlookShale Gas Products & Services DemandIV. PRODUCTSGeneralDrilling Equipment & ConsumablesTubular GoodsDownhole ToolsDrill Bits & ReamersOther Drilling Equipment & ConsumablesMarket ShareFluids & MaterialsStimulation Products
  3. 3. ProppantsSand ProppantsOther ProppantsChemicals & GasesFriction ReducersBiocidesGelling AgentsGasesOther ChemicalsDrilling FluidsOther Fluids & MaterialsMarket ShareV. SERVICESGeneralPressure Pumping ServicesDrilling ServicesCompletion & Production ServicesOther ServicesVI. REGIONS & PLAYSGeneralReservesShale Gas Activity by RegionShale Gas Activity by PlayProductionRigs & Wells DrilledShale Gas Products & Services Demand by RegionSouthern RegionEastern RegionMidwestern RegionWestern RegionShale Gas Products & Services by PlayHaynesvilleMarcellusBarnettFayettevilleWoodfordAntrimOther PlaysVII. INDUSTRY STRUCTUREGeneralMarket ShareMergers & AcquisitionsResearch & DevelopmentCompany Profiles
  4. 4. Air Products and Chemicals IncorporatedAkzo Nobel NVAlbemarle CorporationAnadarko Petroleum CorporationAshland IncorporatedAtlas Resin Proppants, see Badger MiningBadger Mining CorporationBaker Hughes IncorporatedBASF SEBJ Services, see Baker HughesCARBO Ceramics IncorporatedChampion Technologies IncorporatedChesapeake Energy CorporationChevron Phillips Chemical Company LPComplete Production Services IncorporatedCorsiTech, see Champion TechnologiesDevon Energy CorporationDow Chemical CompanyDrilling Specialties, see Chevron Phillips ChemicalDuPont (EI) de NemoursEQT CorporationExxon Mobil CorporationFairmount Minerals LimitedFrac Tech Services IncorporatedHalliburton CompanyHelmerich & Payne IncorporatedM-I SWACO, see SchlumbergerMarkWest Energy Partners LPMomentive Specialty Chemicals IncorporatedNabors Industries LimitedNational Oilwell Varco IncorporatedNewpark Resources IncorporatedOAO TMKPatterson-UTI Energy IncorporatedRange Resources CorporationRhodia SARohm and Haas, see Dow ChemicalSaint-GobainSantrol Proppants, see Fairmount MineralsSchlumberger LimitedSchoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AGSmith International, see SchlumbergerSuperior Well Services, see Nabors IndustriesTenaris SAUnited States Steel CorporationUniversal Well Services, see Patterson-UTI EnergyUS Silica CompanyVallourec SAWeatherford International Limited
  5. 5. XTO Energy, see Exxon MobilAdditional Companies Mentioned in StudyLIST OF TABLESSECTION I — EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary TableSECTION II — MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators2 Population & Households3 Manufacturers’ Shipments4 Petroleum & Natural Gas Supply & Demand5 Electricity Generation by Fuel Source & Plant Type6 US Natural Gas Supply & Demand7 Natural Gas Production by Source8 Natural Gas Drilling IndicatorsSECTION III — SHALE GAS OVERVIEW1 Shale Gas Drilling Indicators2 Shale Gas Production & Producing Wells3 Shale Gas Products & Services DemandSECTION IV — PRODUCTS1 Shale Gas Products Demand2 Drilling Equipment & Consumables Demand by Type & Play3 Tubular Goods Demand by Type4 Downhole Tool Demand by Type5 Drill Bits & Reamers Demand by Type6 Other Equipment & Consumables Demand7 Fluids & Materials Demand by Type8 Stimulation Products Demand by Type & Play9 Proppants Demand by Type & Play10 Sand Proppants Demand11 Other Proppants Demand12 Chemicals & Gases Demand by Type & Play13 Friction Reducers Demand by Play14 Biocides Demand by Play15 Gelling Agent Demand by Play16 Gases Demand by Play17 Other Chemicals Demand by Type & Play18 Drilling Fluid Demand by Type & Play19 Other Fluids & Materials Demand by TypeSECTION V — SERVICES1 Shale Gas Services Demand2 Pressure Pumping Services Demand by Type3 Drilling Services Demand by Type
  6. 6. 4 Completion & Production Services Demand by Type5 Other Services Demand by TypeSECTION VI — REGIONS & PLAYS1 US Shale Gas Reserves by Principal Play, 20102 Shale Gas Activity by Region3 Shale Gas Production by Play4 Shale Gas Activity by Play5 Shale Gas Products & Services Demand by Region6 Southern Region: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand7 Eastern Region: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand8 Midwestern Region: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand9 Western Region: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand10 Shale Gas Products & Services Demand by Principal Play11 Haynesville Play: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand12 Marcellus Play: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand13 Barnett Play: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand14 Fayetteville Play: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand15 Woodford Play: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand16 Antrim Play: Shale Gas Products & Services Demand17 Other Plays: Shale Gas Products & Services DemandSECTION VII — INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Shale Gas Product & Service Sales by Company, 20102 Selected Acquisitions & DivestituresLIST OF CHARTSSECTION II — MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Natural Gas Prices, 2000-2010SECTION IV — PRODUCTS1 Drilling Equipment & Consumables Demand by Type, 20102 Fluids & Materials Demand by Type, 2010SECTION V — SERVICES1 Shale Gas Services Demand, 2010SECTION VI — REGIONS & PLAYS1 Shale Gas Products & Services Demand by Region, 2010SECTION VII — INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Shale Gas Products & Services Market Share, 2010Latest Market Research Reports: China Smart Meter Industry ( 2011 Deep Research Report ) Global Programmable DC Power Supplies and DC Electronic Load Markets 2011 U.S. Smart Appliances – A Customer Perspective on Demand-Response Machine Tools in China Shale Gas: Products & Services World Construction Machinery Mobile Social Commerce: Social Media + Mobile Commerce Creates Market Opportunities Google Market Intelligence The World Market for Metal Oxide Nanopowders
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