ReportsnReports - Functional Inkjet Inks for Digital Fabrication Applications -2011


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This new report is designed to analyze and quantify the market opportunities for materials firms, ink makers and the specialty chemical industry that are emerging form the use of inkjet technology for manufacturing products and prototypes.

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ReportsnReports - Functional Inkjet Inks for Digital Fabrication Applications -2011

  1. 1. Functional Inkjet Inks for Digital Fabrication Applications adds MarketsandMarkets Market Research Report “Functional InkjetInks for Digital Fabrication Applications -2011’’ to its store.This new report is designed to analyze and quantify the market opportunities for materialsfirms, ink makers and the specialty chemical industry that are emerging form the use ofinkjet technology for manufacturing products and prototypes.NanoMarkets notes that digital fabrication as a whole has been received considerableattention over the past year or so and for a number of reasons. It is an additive technologyit is less wasteful of materials and because it can rapidly produce highly customizedproducts it is already widely used as a way to reduce costs and speed up prototyping in theaerospace, automobile, semiconductor, and other industries. The unique ability of digitalfabrication to customize has also made it a staple technology in niches where this is critical;decorative lampshades are an example. And at the policy level, digital fabrication hasvariously been seen as a way to help industrialize lesser developed countries and toreindustrialize nations that have adopted service economies.The many advantages of digital manufacturing has lead both The Economist and Wired topredict that a digital manufacturing revolution is just around the corner and, should thisturn out to be case, there is little doubt that industrial inkjet technology will be key to thisrevolution’s success. “Jetted fabrication” offers many unique advantages. It can supportdeposition and patterning of many different kinds of materials, for example. It can alsocreate very small features, enabling quite sophisticated end products to be fabricated. Inaddition, jetting is a well understood and relatively low cost printing technology, which willlower the barriers to entry to digital fabrication markets.As the office and home printer markets for inkjet become fully saturated, many in the inkjetbusiness have seen new opportunities in digital fabrication. This is already a majorpreoccupation for makers of equipment and print heads and service bureau. However, theopportunities for ink makers and specialty chemical companies that are inherent in jettedmanufacturing may not be as apparent.With this in mind, NanoMarkets is publishing this report, which is designed to guide firms towhere the ink-related new business potential is to be found. It examines the key ink-typesthat will make money over the coming decade for functional printing as well as a time tablefor the emerging markets for these materials. As with all NanoMarkets reports, this reportcontains a granular eight-year forecast of inks for jetted fabrication as well as an analysis ofthe firms active in this space.
  2. 2. Table Of ContentsExecutive SummaryE.1 Emerging Opportunities in functional inkjet inkE.1.1 Opportunities for specialty chemical companiesE.1.1 Opportunities for ink makersE.1.2 Opportunities for print head manufacturers, service bureau and othersE.2 The investment picture for functional jetted inksE.3 Summary of eight-year market forecastsChapter One: Introduction1.1 Background to this report1.2 Objective and scope of this report1.3 Methodology1.4 Plan of this reportChapter Two: Current and Future Jetted inks for Digital Fabrication2.1 Metallic inks2.1.1 Silver and nanosilver2.1.2 Gold and nanogold2.1.3 Copper and copper/silver2.1.4 Other metallic inks2.2 Carbon and nanocarbon inks2.3 Organic inks2.3.1 Polymer inks2.3.2 Small molecule inks2.4 Silicon inks2.5 Phase change inks2.6 Thermochromic/photochromic inks2.7 Inks from biological materials2.8 Other jetted functional inks2.9 Key points in this chapterChapter Three: Market Drivers and Ink Requirements for Ink-Jet Based DigitalFabrication3.1 Rapid prototyping and 3D modeling3.1.1 Current and future roles for inkjet and types of ink required3.2 Biomedical fabrication and inkjet3.2.3 DNA arrays and biochips3.2.4 Regenerative medicine, biofabrication and tissue engineering3.2.5 Types of ink used3.3 The role of functional inkjet in organic and “printed electronics”3.3.1 Display and lighting applications3.3.2 Photovoltaic applications
  3. 3. 3.3.3 Other applications3.3.4 Types of ink used3.4 Semiconductor industry applications for functional inkjet3.4.1 PCB masking and manufacture3.4.2 MEMS3.4.3 Embedded passives3.4.4 Interconnects and packaging3.4.5 RFID and sensors3.4.6 Types of ink used3.5 Automotive industry component applications for functional inkjet3.5.1 Types of ink used3.6 Optoelectronics3.6.1 Microlenses and waveguides3.6.2 Types of ink used3.7 Inkjet and security printing3.7.1 Banknotes/currency3.7.2 Inks and marking ID technology3.8 Textiles and related areas3.8.1 Types of ink used3.9 Key points in this chapterChapter Four: Eight-Year Market Forecasts of Functional Inkjet Inks4.1 Forecasting methodology and assumptions4.1.1 Pricing assumptions4.2 Worldwide functional inkjet ink revenue by ink type4.3 Worldwide functional inkjet ink revenue by application4.4 Worldwide functional inkjet ink revenue by regionAbbreviations and Acronyms Used in this reportAbout the AuthorLatest Market Research Reports: Radiation Detection Materials Markets – 2011 Crystalline Solar Photovoltaics PV Panel Systems Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011 to 2017 Printed Battery Markets – 2011 Nanosilver Markets Next Generation Network OSS/BSS Market and Forecast 2011-2016 Markets for Indium-Based Materials in Photovoltaics Emerging Markets for Non-ITO Transparent Conductive Oxides
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