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ReportsnReports – China Third-party Payment Industry Report, 2010-2013


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Third-party payment refers to an Internet-based means of exchange that provides online (Internet) and offline (telephone & mobile phone) payment channels enabling user-to-merchant online payment, fund settlement, inquiries and statistics, etc.

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ReportsnReports – China Third-party Payment Industry Report, 2010-2013

  1. 1. China Third-party Payment Industry Report, 2010-2013Third-party payment refers to an Internet-based means of exchange that provides online(Internet) and offline (telephone & mobile phone) payment channels enabling user-to-merchant online payment, fund settlement, inquiries and statistics, etc.Buy Now: China Third-party Payment IndustryBrowse All: Latest Market Research ReportsIn 2010, market transaction volume of third-party payment broke through RMB 1 trillionand registered RMB 1.1395 trillion in China. However, third-party payment market is still inits infancy stage and is expected to develop rapidly in the next several years.People’s Bank of China issued “Regulation on Payment Service of Non-financialOrganization” on 14 Jun. 2010, with the aim to officially supervise the domestic third-partypayment industry. On 26 May 2011, People’s Bank of China granted the first batch of“Payment Transaction License” to 27 third-party payment companies including Alipay,Tenpay, ChinaPay and 99Bill. In terms of market share, the top three third-party paymentservice providers in China are Alipay, Tenpay and ChinaPay.Alipay: Alipay is a third-party payment platform that belongs to Alibaba group. As of Dec.2010, its number of registered users broke through 550 million, and daily transaction valuereached RMB 2.6 billion and daily number of transactions hit 11 million. It is expected thatthe annual transaction value of Alipay will achieve about RMB 1 trillion in each of the nexttwo years.TenPay: As Tencent’s third-party payment platform, TenPay accumulated 150 millionpersonal users and over 400 thousand cooperative merchants till Dec. 2010.ChinaPay: ChinaPay is a third-party payment service provider with diversified business. Itsbusiness growth is mainly driven by those monopolistic fields including fund and insuranceonline payment. However, this monopolistic advantage is gradually diminished. In addition,with limited investment, online payment service is not the core business of ChinaPay, andits competitiveness is weak.99Bill: As of 30 Apr. 2011, with transaction volume over RMB 100 billion, 99bill has 91million registered users and over 980 thousand business partners. During 2008-2009, 99Billshifted its major business to the segment markets, including insurance and fund industries,to get involved in the differential competition.YeePay: YeePay is an integrated payment platform. Till 26 Nov. 2010, with over 10thousand large and medium signed merchants, its daily transaction volume and number oftransactions exceeded RMB200 million and 1 million respectively. Moreover, YeePay plays aleading role in the telephone payment market. During 2008-2010, it experienced rapiddevelopment in the fields of aviation, telecommunication and education.
  2. 2. Chinabank Payments: The lower online payment price is the key competitive advantage ofChinabank Payments. In addition, its offline credit card payment business has the earlyentry advantage.Shengpay: With a registered capital of RMB250 million and about 250 employees, Shengpayis an independent third-party payment service provider belongs to Shanda Group. Itprovides payment solution for Shanda’s business including literature, music, film, recreationand tourism.All In Pay: Headquartered in Shanghai, All In Pay possesses registered capital of RMB 1.36billion. Its main services include offline payment for POS machine, online payment service,telephone payment through call center, and payment service for other self-service terminalequipment.Qiandai: Qiandai has registered capital of RMB 100 million and over 300 employees. In thefield of mobile payment, backed by its technical R&D strength, Qiandai has developedQDSIM expansion card, a smart card chip product with full intellectual property rights.Lakala: Founded in 2005, Lakala is a member enterprise of Lenovo Holdings withaccumulative investment of RMB 350 million. As of Jan. 2011, it had 38 branches andoffices in total, with over 1000 employees. Currently, Lakala has set up approximately 50thousand convenient payment sites in over 230 cities, and can be found in over 50thousand offices and 100 thousand households. Moreover, at present, the number ofLakala’s convenient payment sites is 3 times of the number of post offices.Table Of Contents1. Overview of Third-Party Payment1.1 Definition1.2 Regulatory Policies2. Market Environment of Third-Party Payment Industry2.1 Overview of Chinese Netizen2.2 Overview of Chinese Online Merchant2.2.1 Scale and Transaction Volume2.2.2 Regional Development2.2.3 Distribution by Industry2.3 Development of Mobile Phone Users in China3. Market Analysis of Third-Party Payment Industry3.1 Market Scale3.2 Market Segments3.2.1 Online Payment3.2.2 Mobile Phone Payment3.2.3 Telephone Payment4. Competition4.1 Market Share4.2 Main Platforms
  3. 3. 5. Key Licensed Enterprises5.1 Alipay5.1.1 Changes of Stock Rights5.1.2 Development5.1.3 Subscriber Volume5.1.4 Daily Transaction Volume and Number of Transactions5.1.5 Partner5.1.6 Multinational Payment Service5.1.7 Business Volume on Alibaba’s Platform5.1.8 SWOT5.2 TenPay5.2.1 Changes of Stock Rights5.2.2 Development5.2.3 Product and Service5.2.4 Livelihood Payment5.2.5 Air Ticket Payment5.2.6 SWOT5.3 99Bill5.3.1 Profile5.3.2 Development5.3.3 Subscriber5.3.4 SWOT5.4 YeePay5.4.1 Development5.4.2 Operation5.4.3 SWOT5.5 iPS5.5.1 Development5.5.2 Platform Information5.5.3 SWOT5.6 Chinabank Payments5.6.1 Profile5.6.2 Development5.6.3 Partner5.6.4 SWOT5.7 ChinaPnR5.7.1 Profile5.7.2 Operation5.8 Others – Internet Tycoon5.8.1 Shengpay5.9 Others – State-owned5.9.1 All In Pay5.9.2 KuaiPay5.9.3 Beijing Digital Wangfujing Technology Ltd. Co.5.10 Others – Card Distribution5.10.1 Property & Credit (Zihexin)5.10.2 Open Union5.11 Others – Independent Service Provider5.11.1 Qiandai
  4. 4. 5.11.2 SmartPay5.11.3 Lakala5.12 Others – Unionpay and Bank5.12.1 Shanghai FFT Information Service Ltd.5.12.2 China UnionPay Merchant Services Co., Ltd.5.12.3 Beijing UnionPay6. Other Key Enterprises6.1 ChinaPay6.1.1 Profile6.1.2 SWOT6.2 PayEase6.2.1 Profile6.2.2 SWOT6.3 Beijing Cloudnet Internet Co., Ltd.6.3.1 Profile6.3.2 SWOT6.4 Union Mobile Pay (UMPay)6.4.1 Profile6.4.2 Development6.5 Others6.5.1 BestPay6.5.2 95epay6.5.3 Ecpss7. Market Forecast of Third-Party Payment Industry7.1 Main Influencing Factors7.1.1 Positive Factors7.1.2 Negative Factors7.2 Market Forecast7.3 Segment Market Forecast7.3.1 Online Payment7.3.2 Mobile Phone Payment7.3.3 Telephone PaymentLatest Market Research Reports:Global and China Wafer Foundry Industry Report, 2010-2011China Steel Structure Industry Report, 2010-2015China – Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and ForecastsResearch Report on Chinese Railway Transport Industry, 2009-2010Research Report on Chinese Tire Industry, 2011-2012Research Report on Global and Chinese Tablet Computer Markets, 2011-2012Research Report on Chinese Natural Rubber Industry, 2011-2012
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