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MicroRNA Research Tools, Diagnostics and Therapeutics: Global Markets


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MicroRNA Research Tools, Diagnostics and Therapeutics: Global Markets

  1. 1. MicroRNA Research Tools, Diagnostics and Therapeutics:Global MarketsReport Details:Published:November 2012No. of Pages: 138Price: Single User License – US$4850This report on global markets for MicroRNA Research Tools, Diagnostics and Therapeuticsprovides:•An overview of the global market for microRNA diagnostics and therapeutics, with an analysis of the commercial potential of this research field•Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2011, estimates for 2012, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2017•Examination of the extensive portfolio of miRNA pathway drug candidates, some already in Phase II clinical trials, showing promising clinical data in different areas of medicine, such as cancer, HCV infection, and cardiovascular diseases•A focus on recent drug candidates, products, deals between different pharmaceutical companies, major participants, and new trends and developments during the last two years•Forecasts of the future situation and major drawbacks of the miRNA drug development model and possible solutions for these obstacles, especially in context of drug stability and delivery•Identification of the main markets for RNA therapeutics•Comprehensive company profiles of major players in the industry.This report provides an overview of the current state of the microRNA market, focusing specificallyon tools, reagents, techniques, diagnostics and therapeutics products. It describes products andtests currently on the market and a detailed analysis of the competitive environments, includingnew potential trends and markets for novel products and assay development. This study includesinformation about significant players, trends, and obstacles and other information affecting thismarket and its different sectors.REASONS FOR DOING THIS STUDYThe microRNA phenomenon was discovered in the early 1990s. Yet only now scientists andindustry insiders are recognizing the importance of this discovery.The microRNA biogenesis process is essentially the basis for current RNA interference drugdiscovery and therapeutics research. It led to the development of a very important experimentalapproach of gene silencing by synthetic double stranded RNA molecules. Today, siRNA tools are
  2. 2. among the routine laboratory techniques and essential requirements for scientific proof ofconcept. Moreover, scientists came to realize that the microRNA silencing pathway is efficient indownregulation of number of target genes, which makes it better in terms of therapeuticsdevelopment. More importantly, the microRNA expression profile represents critical signatures forbiomarker and diagnostic product development.These facts force diagnostics and therapeutics companies to reconsider microRNA space and tolook more closely into microRNA research, diagnostics and therapeutics product development.Although microRNAs are part of the RNA research market in general, the microRNA sectorexhibits specific characteristics and differences in its market participants and competitivelandscape.This report highlights the main segments in the microRNA market: reagents and tools essential forresearch, current diagnostics products and their development, and drug candidates in thepipelines of different companies. This report also discusses major players, current and futuretrends, and influences. Drivers and challenges in each segment of this industry are described indetail, including forecasts for the next five years.SCOPE AND FORMATThis report is a business tool that can help market players properly evaluate new commercialopportunities in the microRNA reagent, diagnostic and therapeutic submarkets. The geographicscope of this study is global. This market is generally complex and consists of a number ofdifferent segments, each of which is affected differently by scientific and technologicaldevelopments. This report identifies the main factors affecting each segment, and forecastsmarket growth, future trends, and product development in every major segment of this market.METHODOLOGY AND INFORMATION SOURCESBoth primary and secondary research methodologies were used in preparing this study. Initially, acomprehensive and exhaustive search of the literature on drug discovery and already marketedproducts was conducted. These secondary sources included drug discovery and science–relatedjournals, textbooks, press releases, marketing literature, other product/promotional literature,annual reports, security analyst reports, and other publications. A patent search and analysiswere also conducted.In a second phase, a series of semi–structured interviews was conducted with companyrepresentatives, bench scientists, marketing representatives, and other personnel at biotechnologyand pharmaceutical companies. Other sources included academics, technology, and consultingcompanies. Subsequent analysis of the documents and interview notes was iterative.INTENDED AUDIENCEThis report is intended for business development professionals, entrepreneurs, and other investorswho need to fully understand and properly evaluate each segment in the market for microRNAresearch tools, diagnostics and therapeutics. It provides insights into the market position of majorcompanies, and shows new opportunities otherwise overlooked or less known to the business
  3. 3. community.ANALYST CREDENTIALSDr. Marianna Tcherpakov has more than seven years of experience as a bench scientistspecializing in biochemistry, cell biology, and industrial assay development. She has contributedto a number of scientific publications and holds several patents. She has expertise as an assaydevelopment scientist and is familiar with different research field trends and likely futuredevelopments.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeChapter- 1: IntroductionStudy Goals And ObjectivesReasons For Doing This StudyScope And FormatMethodology And Information SourcesIntended AudienceAnalyst CredentialsRelated ReportsBcc On-Line ServicesDisclaimerChapter- 2: SummaryTable Summary : Global Market For Microrna Research Tools, Diagnostic And TherapeuticProducts, Through 2017Figure Summary : Global Market For Microrna Research Tools, Diagnostic And TherapeuticProducts, 2010–2017Chapter- 3: Introduction To Microrna ResearchOverviewMicrorna DiscoveryMicrorna DefinitionBiogenesis Of MicrornaFunction Of MicrornaMicrorna Market OverviewImportance Of Patents In Microrna Research
  4. 4. Chapter- 4: Research Tools And Reagents For Microrna Research And ProductDevelopmentOverviewAnalysis Of Main Sectors In The Microrna Research Tools And Technologies MarketSummary Of Life Science Tools And Reagents Market For Microrna ResearchChapter- 5: Microrna Diagnostics And Biomarker MarketOverviewMicrorna And Cancer DiagnosticsImportance Of Microrna Signatures In Different DiseasesCurrent State Of Microrna Diagnostic And Biomarker Product Development MarketChapter- 6: Microrna Therapeutics In Rna Drug Discovery MarketOverviewRna TherapeuticsMicrorna Approach In Drug DiscoverySummary Of General Rna Therapeutics Drug Discovery MarketChapter- 7: Importance Of Bioinformatics Tools And Recourses For Microrna Research AndProduct DevelopmentOverviewEffect Of Ngs Trend On Microrna Research And Bioinformatics Tool DevelopmentChapter- 8: New Technologies, Applications And Markets In Microrna Research AndProduct DevelopmentNew Technologies And Drug Discovery ApproachesNew Applications And Target Markets In Microrna ResearchChapter- 9: Market Summary For Microrna Research And Product DevelopmentChapter- 10: Profiles Of Select CompaniesAlnylam PharmaceuticalsAsuragen, Inc.Exiqon A/SIsis Pharmaceuticals
  5. 5. Mirna TherapeuticsRegulus TherapeuticsRosetta GenomicsSantaris Pharma A/SChapter- 11: List Of Companies Mentioned In ReportAccess PharmaceuticalsAegera TherapeuticsAffymetrixAgilent TechnologiesAlnylam PharmaceuticalsAntisense Pharma GmbhAparna Biosciences Corp.Applied Biological Materials Inc.Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LpAsuragen Inc.Avi Biopharma/Sarepta TherapeuticsBenitec BiopharmaBiocancell Therapeutics Inc.Biogen IdecCalando Pharmaceuticals Inc.Cbc Comprehensive Biomarker Center GmbhCenix Bioscience GmbhClontech LaboratoriesCovance Inc.Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc.Egen Inc.Eli Lilly And Co.Emd4biosciencesEnzo BiochemEnzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.Exiqon A/SF. Hoffman-La Roche AgFluidigmGenecopoeia Inc.Genosensor Corp.Gensignia Inc.Genta Inc.Groove BiopharmaGsk U.S.Htg Molecular Diagnostics Inc.
  6. 6. Ico Therapeutics Inc.Idera PharmaceuticalsIllumina Inc.InovioInterna Technologies B.V.Isis PharmaceuticalsLc SciencesLife Technologies Corp.Lorus Therapeutics Inc.Marina BiotechMerckMiragen TherapeuticsMirna TherapeuticsNanostring TechnologiesNorgen BiotekNovartis International AgOpko Health Inc.PfizerPhalanx Biotech GroupPhaserxProlias TechnologiesQiagenQuark Pharmaceuticals Inc.Regulus TherapeuticsRosetta GenomicsRxi Pharmaceuticals Corp.Sanofi U.S.Santaris Pharma A/SSenesco Technologies Inc.Sigma-AldrichSilence TherapeuticsSirnaomics Inc.SirnasenseSylentisTacere Therapeutics Inc.Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.TheradiagThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.Traversa Therapeutics Inc.Wafergen Biosystems Inc.List Of Tables
  7. 7. Summary Table : Global Market For Microrna Research Tools, Diagnostic And TherapeuticProducts, Through 2017Table 1 : Global Market For Reagents And Tools For Dna/Rna Research, Through 2016Table 2 : Market For Cancer Profiling Technologies, Through 2015Table 3 : Patents And Patent Application Search In Microrna Research Using Specific Key Words,Through 2012Table 4 : Number Of Patents And Patent Applications In Microrna Research According ToAssigneeTable 5 : Types Of Reagents And Tools For Microrna Research And Drug Discovery And TheirRelative Market Share, 2011Table 6 : Examples Of Microrna Sample Preparation Services And Their Price RangesTable 7 : Global Market Shares Of Rna Isolation Products By CompanyTable 8 : Global Rt–Pcr Market Shares By Company, 2011Table 9 : Platforms And Vendors Of Qrt–Pcr Producst For Microrna ResearchTable 10 : Global Market For Qrt–Pcr Reagents For Microrna Research, Through 2017Table 11 : Main Representative Microarray Products For Microrna ResearchTable 12 : Annual Revenues Of Affymetrix, 2009–2011Table 13 : Global Market For Microarray Reagents And Products For Microrna Research, Through2017Table 14 : Global Market For Ngs Sequencing, Through 2016Table 15 : Ngs Market Share By Company, 2011Table 16 : Platforms And Vendors Used For Microrna SequencingTable 17 : Value Of Global Ngs Sample Prep Market, Through 2016Table 18 : Summary Of Microrna Profiling Techniques Advantages And DisadvantagesTable 19 : Examples Of Products For Functional Assays And Their Representative VendorsTable 20 : Global Market For Research Tools In Microrna Research, Through–2017Table 21 : Number Of Publications In Microrna Research Based On Different Search CriteriaTable 22 : Examples Of Differentially Expressed Microrna In Different Cancer TypesTable 23 : Examples Of Microrna Expression In Cvs ConditionsTable 24 : Examples Of Microrna Downregulated Or Upregulated In Different NeurodegenerativePathologiesTable 25 : Global Biomarkers Market, Through 2015Table 26 : Challenges Associated With Microrna Measurements As BiomarkerTable 27 : Diagnostics Products By Rosetta GenomicsTable 28 : Revenues For Rosetta Genomics, 2009-2011Table 29 : Global Microrna Diagnostics Market Through 2017Table 30 : Example Of Exiqon Revenues, 2009-2012Table 31 : Example Of Lipitor Sales As An Estimate For Kynamro, 2008-2010Table 32 : Examples For Isis Pharmaceuticals Revenues, 2009-2011Table 33 : Revenues Of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals And Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, 2009–2011Table 34 : Examples Of Drug Candidates In Antisense And Rna Interference Based Approaches
  8. 8. Table 35 : Global Market For Antisense Drug Discovery Through 2017Table 36 : Examples Of Deals And Collaboration In Rnai Therapeutics, 2009-2012Table 37 : Global Market For Rnai Therapeutic Approach, Through 2017Table 38 : Examples Of Microrna Differential Expression In Different Cellular ProcessesTable 39 : Different Approaches For Development Of Microrna Based TherapeuticsTable 40 : Global Market For Rna Drug Delivery, Through 2017Table 41 : Main Approaches And Techniques In Nonviral Rna Drug DeliveryTable 42 : Rna Drug Delivery Systems By CompanyTable 43 : Summary Of Main Drug Development Platforms For Microrna Therapeutics: LimitationsAnd AdvantagesTable 44 : Main Market Participants In Microrna Drug Discovery And Examples Of Their DrugCandidatesTable 45 : Sales Of Incivek And Victrelis, 2011 And 2012Table 46 : Revenues For Santaris Pharma And Regulus Therapeutics, 2008-2011Table 47 : Recent Collaborations, Deals And Agreements In The Microrna Drug Discovery Market,2008-2012Table 48 : Global Market For Microrna Drug Discovery Through 2017Table 49 : Global Market For Rna–Based Therapeutics, Through 2017Table 50 : Geographical Distribution Of Rna-Based Drug Discovery CompaniesTable 51 : Global Bioinformatics Market, Through 2016Table 52 : Databases For Microrna ResearchTable 53 : Examples Of Computational Tools For Microrna Prediction And Target IdentificationTable 54 : Protein Targets For Drug Discovery Research In MicrornaTable 55 : Global Market For Biofuels, Through 2017Table 56 : Global Market For Microrna Research Tools, Diagnostic And Therapeutic Products,Through 2017Table 57 : Main Market Participants In Microrna Research MarketList Of FiguresSummary Figure : Global Market For Microrna Research Tools, Diagnostic And TherapeuticProducts, 2010–2017Figure Sample Figure : Global Market For Microrna Research Tools, Diagnostic And TherapeuticProducts, 2010–2017Figure 1 : Schematic Representation Of Microrna Biogenesis And Its Effect On Protein TranslationFigure 2 : Global Market For Research Tools In Microrna Research, 2010–2017Figure 3 : Global Microrna Diagnostics Market, 2010–2017Figure 4 : Global Market For Microrna Drug Discovery 2010-2017Figure 5 : Global Market For Rna Based Therapeutics, 2010-2017Figure 6 : Global Market For Microrna Research Tools, Diagnostic And Therapeutic Products,2010-2017
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