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Medical Imaging Markets


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The purpose of this TriMark Publications report is to describe the specific market segment of the diagnostics market sector called medical imaging.

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Medical Imaging Markets

  1. 1. Medical Imaging MarketsThe purpose of this TriMark Publications report is to describe the specific market segment of thediagnostics market sector called medical imaging. Medical imaging can be categorized into ninemain modalities: X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography(PET), single photon emission tomography (SPECT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclearmedicine (NM), mammography and fluoroscopy. Globally, X-ray is the most frequently used imagingprocedure with about 108 million X-ray exams per year. MRI is second with 26 million examinationsper year. PET, SPECT, CT and nuclear medicine rank third with 30 million examinations per year.Browse All: Medical Imaging MarketsBuy Now: Market Research ReportsPicture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and contrast agents are the sub-segments inmedical imaging market that have gained significant growth in recent years. As a result of thesemedical imaging advancements, the multi-slice systems are generating large volumes of data, andthis creates demand for data storage, 3-D visualization and analysis. As such, the global medicalimaging industry is primed to experience significant growth through the next decade. This reportsurveys almost all of the companies known to be marketing, manufacturing or developing medicalimaging equipment and supplies in the world. Each company is discussed in extensive depth with asection on its history, product line, business and marketing analysis, and a subjective commentaryof the company’s market position. Detailed tables and charts with sales forecasts and market sharedata are also includedTABLE OF CONTENTS1. Overview 111.1 Statement of Report 111.2 Scope of this Report 111.3 Methodology 121.4 Executive Summary 131.4.1 Outlook for Medical Imaging 131.4.2 Outlook for Computed Tomography (CT) 131.4.3 Outlook for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 131.4.4 Outlook for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) 141.4.5 Outlook for Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) 141.4.6 Outlook for Hybrid Modalities 141.4.8 Outlook for Mammography 151.4.9 Outlook for Digital Radiography/Computed Radiography (DR/CR) 161.4.10 Outlook for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) 161.4.11 Outlook for Cardiac CT Imaging 161.4.12 Outlook for CT Angiography 171.4.13 Outlook for Nuclear Medicine in Cardiac Imaging 171.4.14 Outlook for MRI vs. SPECT in Cardiac Procedures 171.4.15 Outlook for Echocardiography in Cardiac Imaging 171.4.16 Outlook for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 181.4.17 Outlook for Health IT 18
  2. 2. 1.5 Market Drivers in Medical Imaging 181.5.1 Diagnostic Imaging Hardware 181.5.2 Miniaturization/Computing power 181.5.3 Fusion/Multimodality 181.5.4 Diagnostic Imaging Software 191.5.5 3D/4D Imaging 191.5.6 Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) 191.5.7 Workflow Automation 191.5.8 Enabling Technologies 191.5.9 Digitization 191.5.10 Client-Server Technology 201.5.11 Interoperability and Standardization 201.6 Challenges in Medical Imaging 201.6.1 Legal and Regulatory Constraints U.S. Healthcare Reform Reimbursement Intellectual Property Protection for Imaging Software OEM Relationships Budgetary Concerns Equity Funding Constraints 221.7.3 Breakeven Analysis for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 241.7.4 Reimbursement and Patient’s Access for Medical Imaging in the U.S. 242. Medical Imaging Technologies: A Brief Overview 262.1 General X-rays in Medical Imaging 262.1.1 Applications 262.2 Computed Tomography (CT) in Medical Imaging 272.2.1 Milestones in X-Ray CT 272.2.2 Evolution of Multislice Spiral CT Scanning 272.2.3 Computed Tomography (CT) Applications 272.2.4 Main Drivers in X-ray CT 282.2.5 Detector Channels per CT 282.2.6 Advances in X-Ray CT 282.2.7 Scanning Procedure 282.2.8 Common Uses of CT Scanners 282.2.9 Benefits of CT Scanning 292.2.10 Risks Involved in CT Scanning 292.3 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 292.3.1 Safety Measures 302.3.2 Magnets in MRI Scanners 302.3.3 Technology of MRI Scanner 312.3.4 Visualization in MRI Scanner 312.3.5 Advantages of MRI 312.3.6 Disadvantages of MRI 322.4 Positron Emission Tomography (PET) 322.4.1 Common Uses of PET 322.4.2 PET Procedure 332.4.3 Benefits and Risks of PET Scans 332.4.4 Limitations of PET 332.4.5 Current Trends in PET and Hybrid Systems Design 332.4.6 Trends in PET Instrumentation 332.4.7 PET/CT 342.4.7.1 Advances in PET/CT Hybrid Modality 34
  3. 3. PET/CT Cancer Imaging 342.4.7.3 PET Neuroimaging 352.4.7.4 PET Cardiac Imaging 352.5 Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) 352.5.1 SPECT vs. PET 362.5.2 SPECT/CT Cancer Imaging 362.5.3 SPECT Neuroimaging 372.5.4 SPECT Cardiac Imaging 372.6 Ultrasound (US) 372.6.1 Ultrasound Machine 382.6.2 Different Types of Ultrasound 382.6.3 3D Ultrasound 382.6.4 Doppler Ultrasound 382.6.5 Uses of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology 392.6.6 Uses of Ultrasound in Cardiology 392.6.7 Uses of Ultrasound in Urology 392.6.8 Ultrasound: Women’s Preferred Imaging Modality 392.7 Mammography 392.7.1 Uses of Mammography 402.7.2 Mammography Equipment and Procedure 402.7.3 Benefits vs. Risks of Mammography 412.8 Fluoroscopy 412.9 Digital Radiography (DR) 422.10 Computed Radiography (CR) 422.11 Image-Guided Radiation Therapy 422.12 Cardiac CT Imaging 432.13 CT Angiography 432.14 Nuclear Medicine in Cardiac Imaging 442.15 Echocardiography in Cardiac Imaging 442.16 Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 442.17 Radioisotopes in Medicine 452.17.1 Diagnostic Techniques in Nuclear Medicine 452.17.2 Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals 462.17.3 Supplies of Radioisotopes 462.17.4 Contrast Media in Medical Imaging 472.17.5 Pricing Trends in Contrast Media 492.17.6 Economics of Contrast Agents 492.17.6.1 Reimbursement and Contrast Media 492.17.6.2 Negotiations on Pricing 492.17.7 Pricing in CT Contrast Agents 492.17.8 MRI Contrast Agents 502.17.8.1 Pricing in MRI Contrast Agents 512.17.9 Ultrasound Contrast Agents 523. Market Analysis 533.1 Medical Imaging and Information Technology Industry 533.2 Medical Imaging: Revenue Scenario in 2009 543.3 Popular Imaging Systems in 2009 543.4 Spending in IT Infrastructure 553.4.1 Clinical IT Spending 553.5 Global Market for Medical Imaging 553.5.1 Global Medical Imaging Market by Modality 563.6 Global Market for General X-Rays 57
  4. 4. 3.7 Global Market for Ultrasound (US) 583.7.1 Global Market for Portable Ultrasound 593.8 Global Market for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 603.9 Global Market for Computed Tomography (CT) 623.10 Global Market for Cardiovascular X-Ray 633.11 Global Market for Nuclear Medicine 643.11.1 Global Market for SPECT/PET 653.11.2 Long-Term Opportunities in SPECT in the Context of Technetium Shortage 673.11.3 High Energy Uranium (HEU) vs. Low Energy Uranium (LEU) 673.11.4 Effect of the Technetium Shortage on the SPECT Market 673.11.5 Improved Efficiency of New SPECT Cameras 673.11.6 New Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Procedures 673.11.7 New Cardiology Products 683.12 Global Market for PET/CT 683.13 Global Oncology Biomarkers Market 693.15 Global Medical Displays and Post-Processing Software Market 723.15.1 Selected Medical Imaging Software 733.16 Global Market for Connectors in the Medical Electronics Market 733.17 North American Market for Medical Imaging 743.17.1 North American Market for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 753.17.2 U.S. Market for Computed Tomography (CT) 763.17.3 U.S. Market for Multi-Slice CT Scanners 773.17.4 U.S. Market for SPECT and PET Radiopharmaceuticals 783.17.5.1 Medicare Payment for SPECT/CT Procedures in the U.S. 803.17.6 U.S. Market for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) 813.18 Radiology Practice in the U.S. 833.19 U.S. Market for Brachytherapy Products 843.20.2 Advances in Mammography in the U.S. 873.20.4 U.S. Market for Partial Breast Irradiation 883.20.5 Trends in Breast Cancer Mortality in the U.S 893.20.6 Medicare Reimbursement for Mammography Services in the U.S. 903.20.7 U.S. Market for Irradiated Microspheres for Liver Cancer 913.20.8 U.S. Market for Radiation Therapy 923.23 U.S. Market for Healthcare IT 1023.23.1 EMR Adoption 1023.23.2 Legitimacy of PHRs 1033.23.3 Cost Containment 1033.23.4 Emergence of Alternate Care Delivery Models 1033.23.5 War on Medicare Fraud 1033.23.6 Focus on Outbreak Preparedness 1033.23.7 Intensification of Patient Safety Initiatives 1033.23.8 Short Supply of Healthcare Professionals 1033.23.9 Storage and Business Continuity Concerns 1043.23.10 Physician Groups Joining Healthcare Systems 1043.23.11 U.S. Market for Healthcare IT 1043.23.12 Software Applications and Market in Medical Imaging 1053.24 Medical Imaging in Canada 1053.24.1 Funding for Medical Imaging Services in Canada 1073.24.2 Medical Imaging Fees in Canada 1073.24.3 Medical Imaging Market in Canada 1083.24.4 Canadian Demand for Medical Imaging Products 1093.24.5 Medical Imaging in Northern Canada 1093.24.6 Nuclear Medicine in Canada 112
  5. 5. 3.25 Medical Imaging in Europe 1153.25.1 Growing Applications in Interventional Cardiology 1153.25.2 Sluggish Growth of Cardiac MRI 1163.25.3 Trend of Miniaturization and Echocardiography 1163.25.4 Future of Medical Imaging in Europe 1163.25.6 Picture Archiving and Communication Systems Market in Europe 1173.25.7 European Market for Digital Radiography (DR) 1183.25.8 European Market for Computed Radiography 1193.25.9 European Market for MRI 1193.25.10 Mammography in Europe 1203.26 Emerging Markets in Medical Imaging 1223.26.1 Medical Imaging in China and India 1223.27 Medical Imaging Market in China 1253.27.1 Market for Ultrasound in China 1263.27.2 Multinational Medical Imaging Companies in China 1273.28 Medical Imaging Market in India 1273.28.1 Equipment Providers in India 1283.28.2 Off-shoring of Radiology 1283.28.3 Medical Imaging Industry in India 1293.28.4 MRI Market in India 1293.28.5 Nuclear Medicine in India 1303.28.6 Indian Market for CT Systems 1313.28.7 X-Ray Market in India 1333.28.8 Digital Radiography in India 1343.28.9 Cath Labs in India 1353.28.10 Ultrasound Equipment Market in India 1373.28.11 Endoscopy Equipment Market in India 1393.28.12 Nuclear Medicine Equipment and Consumable Market in India 1394. Funding Arrangements for Medical Imaging Procedures4.1 The Working of the Systems 1414.1.1 Waiting Times for Medical Imaging Procedures in Canada 1414.1.2 Funding for Medical Imaging in France 1424.1.3 Funding for Medical Imaging in Germany 1424.1.4 Funding of Medical Imaging in New Zealand 1434.1.5 Funding for Medical Imaging in the U.K. 1444.1.6 Funding for Medical Imaging in the U.S. 1464.1.7 Funding of Medical Imaging in Japan 1495. Health and Medical Imaging Expenditures in OECD Countries 1505.1 Diagnostic Imaging Equipment and Utilization Statistics 1515.1.2 Gamma Cameras per Million of Population in OECD Countries 1535.2 Utilization of Medical Imaging Modalities in OECD Countries 1576. Company Profiles 1616.1 3mensio Medical Imaging BV 1616.2 Agfa HealthCare 1616.3 Analogic Corporation 1626.3.1 Computed Tomography Systems and Subsystems 1626.3.2 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Power Solutions 1626.3.3 Specialized Ultrasound Solutions 1626.3.4 Digital Radiography Subsystems 1636.3.5 Radiation Therapy Solutions 163
  6. 6. 6.4 Ardent Sound, Inc 1636.5 Avreo, Inc. 1636.6 Bard Access Systems, Inc. 1646.7 Biosound Esaote, Inc, 1646.8 BK Medical 1656.9 BRIT Systems, Inc. 1666.10 Canon U.S.A., Inc. 1666.11 Candelis 1676.12 Cedaron Medical, Inc. 1686.12.2 OrthoCare 1686.13 Chison Medical Imaging, Co., Ltd. 1686.14 DR Systems, Inc. 1696.15 Focus Surgery, Inc. 1706.15.1 Sonablate 1706.16 Fonar Corporation 1706.16.1 The Upright MRI 1716.16.2 Fonar 360 1716.17 Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, Inc. 1716.18 Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. 1726.19 GE Healthcare 1736.20 Hitachi Medical Corporation 1776.21 Hermes Medical Solutions 1786.22 Hologic, Inc. 1826.22.1 Hologic’s Medical Imaging Product Offerings 1826.22.1.1 Selenia Dimentions 2D Full Field Digital Mammography System 1826.22.1.2 Screen-Film Mammography Systems 1826.22.1.3 R2 ImageChecker Digital CAD 1836.22.1.4 SecurView Diagnostic Workstations 1836.22.1.5 Discovery 1846.23 Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc. 1846.23.1 CTLM 1846.23.2 Invivo Corporation 1856.23.3 DynaSuite Neuro 1856.23.4 DynaCAD for Breast 1856.23.5 DynaCAD for Prostate 1866.24 InfiMed, Inc. 1866.25 InSite One, Inc. 1866.26 Intelerad Medical Systems 1876.27 Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA, Inc. 1886.27.1 Regius Model 210 1886.27.2 Xpress CR 1896.27.3 Regius Nano CR 1896.27.4 ImagePilot 1896.27.5 IQue CR 1906.27.6 FlexDR C30 1906.27.7 Xpress DR Digital Radiography 1906.28 Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc. 1916.29 Lumedx 1916.30 MEDIAN Technologies S.A. 1926.30.1 LMS-Lung 1926.30.2 LMS-Lung/Track 1926.30.3 LMS-Liver 1936.31 Medis Medical Imaging Systems BV 193
  7. 7. 6.32 Medison America, Inc. 1946.33 Medtronic, Inc. 1946.33.1 PoleStar 1946.33.2 StealthStation i7 Integrated Surgical Navigation System 1956.33.3 O-arm 1956.33.4 StealthViz 1956.34 NanoScan Imaging, LLC 1956.34.1 N1177 1966.35 NovaRad 1966.36 The Phantom Laboratory 1966.36.1 Catphan 1976.36.2 Magphan 1976.36.3 ADNI Magphan 1976.36.4 Specphan 1976.36.5 Rando 1986.36.6 RSVP Phantom Head 1986.36.7 RSVP Phantom Pelvis 1986.36.8 Phantom Patient 1996.36.9 Sectional Phantoms 1996.36.10 Liqui-Phil 1996.37 Philips Healthcare 2006.38 Sectra Medical Systems S.L. 2026.39 Schick Technologies, Inc. 2036.40 ScImage, Inc. 2046.41 Siemens Healthcare 2056.42 Shimadzu Corporation 2106.43 SonoSite, Inc. 2116.44 Spacelabs Healthcare, Inc. 2116.44.1 Sentinel 2126.45 Syntermed, Inc. 2126.45.1 Emory Cardiiac Toolbox 2126.45.2 Syntermed Live 2126.45.3 Nuclear Report Professional 2126.45.4 NeuroQ 2126.45.5 EQuAL 2126.46 TeraMedica, Inc. 2136.47 TeraRecon, Inc. 2136.48 TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH 2146.49 Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. 2146.49.1 Infinix-i systems 2146.49.4 Viamo 2156.49.5 Radrex-i 2166.50 UltraRAD Corporation 2166.51 Varian Medical Systems, Inc. 2176.52 Vepro 2176.53 Vidar Systems Corporation 2176.54 Vital Images, Inc 2186.55 VuCOMP, Inc. 2186.56 Xoran Technologies, Inc. 219Appendix 1: Medical Imaging Technologies 221Appendix 1.1: Ultrasound Systems 221Appendix 1.2: Computed Tomography 222
  8. 8. Appendix 1.3: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 222Appendix 1.4: Digital X-Ray 223Appendix 1.5: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) 224Appendix 2: Current and Future Trends in Medical Imaging Electronics 226Appendix 2.1: Power Management 226Appendix 2.2: Miniaturization and Integration 226Appendix 3: Supply of Medical Radioisotopes 228Appendix 3.1: Potential for New Reactors 229Appendix 3.2: Processing Capacities and Restraints 230Appendix 4: Opportunities in the Middle East for Healthcare and Medical Imaging Products 232Appendix 4.1: The Largest U.S. Customers in the Middle East Region 232Appendix 4.2: U.S. Exports of Medical Imaging Products to the Middle East 233Appendix 5: Value of Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging 234Appendix 5.1: Effective Use of Medical Radiation 235Appendix 5.2: Innovations to Reduce Radiation Dose 235Appendix 5.3: Innovations in CT Imaging 235Appendix 5.4: Effectiveness of Radiation Therapy 236Appendix 5.5: Efforts to Minimize Radiation Dose 237Appendix 5.6: New Dose Check Features 237LIST OF FIGURESFigure 1.1: Major Drivers of Healthcare Costs in the U.S., 2010 22Figure 1.2: Growth in Medicare Allowed Services and Charges for Medical Imaging in the U.S.,1995-2009 23Figure 1.3: Hospital Imaging Volume Projections in the U.S., 2005-2015 25Figure 3.1: Medical Imaging Markets by Region, 2009 56Figure 3.2: Global Medical Imaging Market by Modality, 2009 57Figure 3.3: Global Market for General X-Rays, 2009-2016 58Figure 3.4: Global Market for Ultrasound, 2009-2016 59Figure 3.5: Global Market for Portable Ultrasound Equipment, 2009-2014 60Figure 3.6: Global Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Market by Geography, 2010 61Figure 3.7: Global Market for MRI, 2009-2016 61Figure 3.8: Global CT Market, 2004-2009 62Figure 3.9: Global Market for Computed Tomography, 2009-2016 63Figure 3.10: Global Market for Cardiovascular X-Ray, 2009-2016 64Figure 3.11: Market for Nuclear Medicine, 2009-2016 65Figure 3.12: Estimated Lifetime Risks for Alzheimer’s by Age and Sex in the U.S. 66Figure 3.13: Global Market for SPECT/PET, 2010-2015 66Figure 3.14: Global Market for PET/CT, 2010-2015 68Figure 3.15: Global Market for Biomarkers, 2009-2014 69Figure 3.16: Biomarker Patent Filings by Type of Cancer, 2010 71Figure 3.17: Global Market for Breast Cancer, 2009-2016 72Figure 3.18: Global Market for Medical Displays and Post-Processing Software, 2009-2014 72Figure 3.19: Global Market for Connectors in the Medical Electronics, 2009-2014 74Figure 3.20: North American Market for Medical Imaging Equipment, 2009-2016 75Figure 3.21: North American Market for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2010-2015 76Figure 3.22: U.S. Market for Computed Tomography (CT), 2008-2015 77Figure 3.23: Market for Multi Slice CT Systems in the U.S., 2008-2015 78Figure 3.24: U.S. Market for Radiopharmaceuticals, 2009-2017 79Figure 3.25: U.S. Market for SPECT, 2009-2017 80Figure 3.26: U.S. Market for PET, 2009-2017 82Figure 3.27: U.S. Market for Brachytherapy Products, 2008-2016 85Figure 3.28: New Breast Cancer Incidence in North America, 2009-2017 86
  9. 9. Figure 3.29: U.S. Market for Mammography, 2008-2013 88Figure 3.30: U.S. Market for Partial Breast Irradiation, 2008-2016 89Figure 3.31: Age-Specific Death Rates Due to Breast Cancer by Age Group, U.S., 1996 and 2006 90Figure 3.32: U.S. Market for Irradiated Microspheres for Liver Cancer, 2008-2016 92Figure 3.33: Age-Specific Incidence Rate of Breast Cancer in U.K., 2007 94Figure 3.34: U.S. Market for PACS, 2008-2015 95Figure 3.35: Number of U.S. Hospitals with PACS Installed, 2000-2008 96Figure 3.36: Number of U.S. Hospitals with Installed PACS, 2000-2008 96Figure 3.37: Replacements and New PACS Purchases, 2000-2008 97Figure 3.38: PACS Installation by Bed Size in the U.S., 2000-2008 98Figure 3.39: PACS Modalities Installations in the U.S. Hospitals, 2005 and 2008 98Figure 3.40: PACS Company Market Share, 2008 99Figure 3.41: PACS Image Distribution in Hospital Departments, 2006-2008 100Figure 3.42: PACS Images Accessibility by Physician, 2006-2008 101Figure 3.43: RIS and PACS Interface, 2005-2008 102Figure 3.44: U.S. Market for Healthcare IT, 2009-2014 104Figure 3.45: U.S. Market for Software Applications, 2009-2014 105Figure 3.46: Canadian Market for Medical Imaging Modalities, 2009-2014 106Figure 3.47: Percent Distribution of Diagnostic Imaging Examinations in Canadian Hospitals, 2006106Figure 3.48: Medical Imaging Market Leaders and their Market Share in Canada, 2009 109Figure 3.49: Types and Breakdown of Nuclear Medicine Procedures that Can be DoneUsing Tc-99m113Figure 3.50: Global Nuclear Medicine Market Share by Reactor, 2008 114Figure 3.51: Percent Global Market for Tc-99m by Geography/Country and Doses 115Figure 3.52: Western European Market for Medical Imaging Equipment, 2009-2016 116Figure 3.53: Imaging Diagnostics Market in Central Europe, 2009-2012 117Figure 3.54: European Market for PACS, 2009-2016 118Figure 3.55: European Market for Digital Radiography, 2009-2016 118Figure 3.56: European Market for Computed Radiography, 2009-2016 119Figure 3.57: European Market for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), 2010-2015 120Figure 3.58: Percentage of Causes of Death in Women 121Figure 3.59: Diagnostic Imaging Market in Emerging Markets, 2009-2016 122Figure 3.60: Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Installations in the Two Emerging Economies, 2009 123Figure 3.61: Middle-class population as a % of the total population in India, 1998-2010 124Figure 3.62: Market for Medical Imaging Equipment in Greater China, 2009-2016 125Figure 3.63: Market for Ultrasound in China, 2009-2014 126Figure 3.64: Market for Medical Imaging Equipment in India, 2009-2016 128Figure 3.65: Number of MRI Units in India, 2009 129Figure 3.66: Indian CT Systems Market by Value, 2009 132Figure 3.67: Indian CT Systems Market by Unit, 2009 132Figure 3.68: Market for X-Ray in India, 2006-2009 133Figure 3.69: Indian X-Ray Equipment Market by Unit (%), 2009 135Figure 3.70: Indian Market for Cath Labs by Value, 2008-2009 135Figure 3.71: Indian Cath Lab Market by Units, 2008-2009 136Figure 3.72: Indian Ultrasonic Equipment Market Share by Segment, 2007 137Figure 3.73: Percent Indian Market Share in Endoscopy by Segment, 2009 139Figure 3.74: Indian Market for PET Systems and Gamma Camera, 2009 140Figure 5.1: Public and Private Expenditure on Health % of GDP in Select OECD Countries 150Figure 5.2: Angiography Units per Million of Population in OECD Countries 151Figure 5.3: CT Scanners per Million of Population in OED Countries 152Figure 5.4: Gamma Cameras per Million of Population in OECD Countries 153Figure 5.5: Mammography Units per Million of Population in OECD Countries 154
  10. 10. Figure 5.6: MRI Scanners per Million of Population in OECD Countries 155Figure 5.7: PET Scanners per Million of Population in OECD Countries 156Figure 5.8: CT Exams per Scanner in OECD Countries 157Figure 5.9: CT Exams per 1,000 of Population in OECD Countries 158Figure 5.10: MRI exams per Scanner in the OECD countries 159Figure 5.11: MRI Exams per 1,000 of Population in OECD Countries 160Figure App. 1.1: Block Diagram of Imaging Ultrasound Equipment 221Figure App. 1.2: Block Diagram of a Medical CT System 222Figure App. 1.3: Block Diagram of a Medical MRI 223Figure App 1.4: Block Diagram of Digital X-Ray 224Figure App. 1.5: Block Diagram for Positron Emission Tomography 225Figure App 2.1: Block Diagram of Portable Ultrasound System 226Figure App. 3.1: Current Supply and Demand for Medical Radioisotopes, 2010-2024 229Figure App. 3.2: Percent Market Share of Medical Radioisotopes by Reactor, 2010 230Figure App. 4.1: U.S. Exports of Medical Products to the Middle East, 1996-2009 232Figure App. 4.2: U.S. Exports of Medical Products to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, 1996-2009233Figure App. 4.3: U.S. Exports of Medical Imaging Products to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, 1996-2009 233LIST OF TABLESTable 1.1: Code-Specific Impacts of CMS Medicare Physician Fee Schedule 21Table 1.2: CT Technical Revenue: Breakeven at Various Levels of Utilization in the U.S. 24Table 1.3: MRI Technical Revenue: Breakeven at Various Levels of Utilization in the U.S. 24Table 1.4: Reimbursement Reductions and Effect on Contribution Margin in U.S. Outpatient Imaging25Table 2.1: Properties of Scintillation Crystals in PET Imaging Systems 34Table 2.2: Radioisotopes Used in Medical Imaging 47Table 2.3: Comparative Data on X-Ray Contrast Media 47Table 2.4: Properties of Low and Iso-Osmolar Contrast Agents 48Table 2.5: A Sample of Common Radiological Contrasting Agents and Discount Rates 50Table 2.6: Common MRI Contrast Agents and Discount Rates 51Table 2.7: Common Ultrasound Contrast Agents and Discount 52Table 3.1: Top Ten Imaging Systems Purchased, 2006-2009 54Table 3.2: IT Spending in the U.S. Hospitals, 2010-2015 55Table 3.3: Biomarkers Used in Cancer Diagnosis 70Table 3.4: Medicare Payment Rated for SPECT/CT Procedures in the U.S., 2010 81Table 3.5: Medicare Reimbursement for PET Services in the U.S., 2010 83Table 3.6: Female Breast Cancer Risk Factors 86Table 3.7: FDA Approved Mammography Systems, Breast Tests and Breast Implants, 2000-2010 87Table 3.8: Medicare Reimbursement for Mammography Procedures, 2009 91Table 3.9: Mortality Rate in European Countries, 1989-2006 93Table 3.10: Number of New Cases and Rates of Breast Cancer in the U.K., 2007 94Table 3.11: Sources of Operating Funds for Medical Imaging Equipment in Canada, 2007 107Table 3.12: Canadian Fee Structure for Medical Imaging Procedures 107Table 3.13: Imaging Modalities Available in Whitehorse General Hospital 110Table 3.14: Imaging Equipment in Watson Lake Hospital and the Health Centers 111Table 3.15: Imaging Equipment in Stanton Territorial Hospital 111Table 3.16: Diagnostic Imaging Equipment in Northern Territory Hospitals 112Table 3.17: Imaging Technologies in the Qikiqtani General Hospital 112Table 3.18: Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Installations in China and India, 2000-2009 123Table 3.19: Availability of Medical Imaging Equipment per Million Populations in China and India,2009 124
  11. 11. Table 3.20: Diagnostic Imaging Affordability in Emerging Economies 125Table 3.21: Multinational Firms in China for Medical Imaging Products 127Table 3.22: Installed Base of CT and MRI in India, China, Japan and Korea, 2010 129Table 3.23: Medical Cyclotrons in India 130Table 3.24: PET/CT Scanner Profile in India 131Table 3.25: PET/CT Scanners: No. of Slices Used in India 131Table 3.26: Imaging Protocols in PET/CT in India 131Table 3.27: Drivers of X-Ray Industry in India 134Table 3.28: Major Ultrasound Market Vendors in India 137Table 3.29: Ultrasound Equipment Vendors in India 138Table 4.1: Weeks Waited for Medical Imaging Procedures in Canada 142Table 4.2: Reimbursement Rates for Medical Imaging Procedures in Germany 143Table 4.3: Reimbursement Rates for Medical Imaging Procedures in New Zealand 144Table 4.4: Non-Mandatory Tariffs for Medical imaging in the U.K, 2009-2010 145Table 4.5: Number and Cost of Medical Imaging Services in the U.K., 2008-09 146Table 4.6: Percent Distribution of Health Services Visit by Expected Source of Payment, U.S. 147Table 4.7: Cost of MRI and PET in Different States and Cities in the U.S. 147Table 6.1: 3mensio’s Product Portfolio 161Table 6.2: Agfa’s Medical Imaging Products 161Table 6.3: Ardent’s Product Portfolio 163Table 6.4: Avreo’s Radiology Workflow Solutions 164Table 6.5: Bard’s Imaging Products 164Table 6.6: Biosound Esaote’s Ultrasound Systems 165Table 6.7: BK Medical’s Product Portfolio 165Table 6.8: BRIT System’s Healthcare IT Solutions 166Table 6.9: Canon’s Medical Imaging Products 167Table 6.10: Candelis’ Software Solutions for Medical Imaging 167Table 6.11: Chison’s Ultrasound Product Portfolio 169Table 6.12: DR System’s Healthcare IT Solutions 170Table 6.13: Fujifilm Medical Systems’ Product Portfolio 172Table 6.14: Fakuda’s Ultrasound Products 172Table 6.15: GE Healthcare’s Medical Imaging Modalities and Contrast Media 173Table 6.16: Hitachi’s Medical Imaging Product Portfolio 177Table 6.17: Hermes’ Medical Imaging Software Solutions 178Table 6.18: InfiMed’s Product Portfolio 186Table 6.19: InSite One’s Software Solutions 187Table 6.20: Intelerad’s Software Solutions 188Table 6.21: Lantheus’ Contrast Agent Products 191Table 6.22: Lumedx’s Cardiovascular Information System Solutions 191Table 6.23: Medis’ Software for Various Medical Imaging Modalities 193Table 6.24: Medison’s Medical Imaging Products 194Table 6.25: NovaRad’s Product Portfolio 196Table 6.26: Philips’ Computed Tomography Systems 200Table 6.27: Philips’ Nuclear Medicine Products 201Table 6.28: Philips’ Radiography Systems 201Table 6.29: Philips’ Radiography/Fluoroscopy (R/F) Products 202Table 6.30: Philips’ Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems 202Table 6.31: Philips’ Mammography Systems 202Table 6.32: Spectra’s Product Portfolio 203Table 6.33: Schick’s Product Portfolio in Medical Imaging 204Table 6.34: Sclmage’s Product Portfolio 205Table 6.35: Siemens’ Product Portfolio 206Table 6.36: Shimadzu’s Product Portfolio 210
  12. 12. Table 6.37: TeraMedica’s Portfolio of Solutions and Products 213Table 6.38: TeraRecon’s Portfolio of Imaging Solutions 213Table 6.39: TomTec’s Product Portfolio 214Table 6.40: UltraRAD’s Product Portfolio 216Table 6.41: Vepro’s Product Portfolio 217Table 6.42: Vidar’s Product Portfolio 217Table 6.43: Vital Images’ Product Portfolio 218Table App. 3.1: Major Current 99Mo Producing Reactors, 2010 228Table App. 3.2: Potential Reactor-Based Projects for 99Mo Production, 2010-2024 229Table App. 3.3: Processing Capacity of Major Reactors, 2010 230Table App. 3.4: Demand Scenarios for 99Mo, 2010-2025 231Latest Market Research Reports: • The Global Armored Vehicles and Counter IED Vehicles Market 2011–2021 • Hungary Dental Devices Investment Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts to 2017 • Switzerland Dental Devices Investment Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts to 2017 • Turkey Dental Devices Investment Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts to 2017 • Egypt Dental Devices Investment Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts to 2017 • Finland Dental Devices Investment Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts to 2017About Us:ReportsnReports is comprising of an online library of 10,000 reports, in-depth market researchstudies ofover 5000 micro markets, and 25 industry specific websites.Our client list boasts of almost all well-known publishers of such reports across the globe. We, as athirdparty reseller of market research reports employ number of marketing tools such as press releases,email-marketing and effective search engine optimization technique to drive revenues for ourclients.We also provide 24/7 online and offline support to our customers.Contact:Ms.Sunita7557 Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: +1-888-989-8004Website: