Maximizing Prepaid Potential


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Maximizing Prepaid Potential

  1. 1. Maximizing Prepaid PotentialReport Details:Published:September 2012No. of Pages: 92Price: Single User License – US$3800SynopsisThe report provides market analysis, information and insights on the growing opportunities in theglobal prepaid card market, including:•An overview of key markets and descriptions of prepaid applications and the business cases underpinning their existence•Coverage of marketing and design considerations for prepaid card issuers•Various case studies that draw on the successes and failures of different programs that can be used to create strategic recommendations for competitors•Presentation of case study findings targeted at companies aiming to expand and develop their businesses, and for prospective issuers who are intending to enter the sectorThe prepaid industry is highly fragmented between financial institutions, retailers and specialtycompanies; it is also a new and rapidly growing area in many regions. Both the European andAmerican markets are forecast to record appreciable growth in the prepaid sector over the nextdecade. In general, the growth outlook is favorable and competition is set to increase as newcompetitors, such as J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM), U.S. Bancorp (USB) and American ExpressCo. (AXP), are attempting to expand their respective market shares. There is a groundswell ofsupport for the prepaid sector from large cards associations, and several important competitorshave made prepaid an important component of their growth strategies.ScopeThis report will provide you with:•A comprehensive analysis of the global prepaid market•Current values for European and US markets and their growth prospects•Case studies of successful prepaid programs from across the world•Exhaustive summary of the key trends, drivers and challenges•Strategy recommendations and best practices in the global prepaid industry•Future trends and developments in the prepaid card industryKey highlights•Appreciable growth expected in the European and American prepaid card markets. Gradual, but steady growth expected in emerging market economies.•Online retail market to drive the use of prepaid and debit cards.
  2. 2. •Unbanked customers form the primary cardholding base for prepaid cards, and are the largest growth segment for the industry.•Entry of non-banking companies to support the growth of the prepaid card market.•Legal and regulatory changes have the potential to radically alter the prepaid market in certain countries.Reasons to buy•Make strategic business decisions based on global prepaid market trends•Understand the key market trends and growth opportunities•Assess entry strategies•Gain insights into the current marketing strategies used by banks and prepaid card companies•Gain insights into potential profitability driversGet your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTable of Contents1 Executive Summary2 Introduction2.1. Market Overviews and Surveys2.2. Global Prepaid Cards Market2.3. The US Market2.4. The European Market3 Types of Prepaid Cards3.1. Travel Cards3.2. Gift Cards3.3. Private Label Cards3.4. Gasoline Cards3.5. Payroll Cards3.5.1. Prepaid payroll prospects3.5.2. Fees3.5.3. Legal issues3.6. Remittance and Money Transfer Cards3.7. Government Benefit Cards3.8. Insurance/Emergency Cards3.9. Transport Cards3.10. General Purpose Cards3.11. Youth Cards3.12. Other Cards4 The Business Case for Prepaid Cards4.1. Different Cards, Different Business Models4.2. Replacement vs Development
  3. 3. 4.3. Value, Volume and Scale4.4. Drivers of Profitability for Prepaid Cards4.5. Prepaid Card Costs and Potential Liabilities4.6. Linking Prepaid Cards with Strategic Goals4.7. The Prepaid Customer Value Proposition5 Prepaid Marketing and Distribution5.1. One Card, Multiple Customers5.2. Specialized Vs Mass Market Marketing5.3. Loyalty Programs5.4. Card Personalization5.5. Affinity Marketing5.6. Distribution Strategies6 Product Design Options and Technology for Prepaid Cards6.1. Reloadable vs Disposable Cards6.2. Open Loop vs Closed Loop6.3. Product Functionality6.4. Magnetic Stripe, EMV and Contactless Cards6.5. Customer Service6.6. Graphic Design and Branding7 Case Studies7.1. The PostPay Card – Banco Posta, Poste Italiane, Italy7.2. UNICREDIT Banca, Italy7.3. Stash – Virgin Mobile, US7.4. Travel Cash – Swiss Bankers, Switzerland7.5. Cash Passport – Travelex, World Wide7.6. UTI Band and Remit2India7.7. Octopus, Hong Kong7.8. The European E-Purse Schemes8 Strategy recommendations and examples of best practice in the prepaid cards industry8.1. Understand the Dynamics of the Potential for Prepaid use in your Target Market8.2. Bank on More than the Unbanked8.3. Expect Customers to be Creative8.4. Use Partnerships8.5. Create Incentives that Promote Desired Customer Behavior8.6. Use the Internet for Marketing and CRM8.7. Consider Flexible Pricing8.8. Understand Scale and Infrastructure Requirements9 Future Trends and Developments in the Prepaid Cards Industry9.1. Developments in Technology9.2. Product Convergence9.3. Customer Relationships9.4. Legal Limitations
  4. 4. 10 Appendix10.1. Methodology10.2. Contact Us10.3. About Timetric10.4. DisclaimerList of TablesTable 1: Global Prepaid Cards Market Size (Us$ Trillion), 2011–2016Table 2: US Prepaid Cards Market Size (US$ Billion), 2007–2016Table 3: Government Prepaid Segment Size By Type (US$ Billions)Table 4: Popular Transit Smart CardsTable 5: Fee Schedule for PAYjr VISA BuxxTable 6: Benefits from Substitution of Prepaid Cards for Pre-Existing Payment SchemesTable 7: Benefits from Substitution of Prepaid Cards for Pre-Existing Payment SchemesTable 8: Key Participants in the Distribution of Prepaid CardsTable 9: PostePay Card Fee StructureTable 10: UniCredit Banca, Genius Card, Fee structureTable 11: Multicurrency Cash Passport, Fees and LimitsTable 12: Multicurrency Cash Passport, Fees and LimitsTable 13: European Electronic Purse Schemes, 19992000List of FiguresFigure 1: Global Prepaid Cards Market Size (Us$ Trillion) , 2011–2016Figure 2: US Prepaid Cards Market Size (US$ Billion), 2007–2016Figure 3: Number Of Prepaid Cards In Circulation In Europe (Million), 2008–2011Figure 4: Breakdown Of Prepaid Transaction Volume In Europe, 2016Figure 5: Percentage Of Respondents who Purchased a Specific Prepaid Card In 2010Figure 6: Types Of Cards Purchased And Received in the USFigure 7: Value Of Closed-Loop Cards in the USFigure 8: Revenue Streams from a Typical General-Use Prepaid Card ProgramFigure 9: Costs of a Typical General-Use Prepaid Card ProgramFigure 10: Sample Revenue Profile for a Prepaid CardFigure 11: Defining a Prepaid Cards – Open and Closed Card SystemsFigure 12: Number of Post-Pay Cards in IssueFigure 13: Share of Card Payments in Non-Cash Transactions Payment Mix by Region (%) 2001vs 2009Figure 14: Check Transactions in Key Global Markets, 2010 (Million, Total for the Year)Figure 15: Development of Prepaid Card MarketContact: for more information.