Innovative APTT Diagnostic Testing Technologies and Emerging Markets


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Innovative APTT Diagnostic Testing Technologies and Emerging Markets

  1. 1. Innovative APTT Diagnostic Testing Technologies andEmerging MarketsReport Details:Published:November 2012No. of Pages: 198Price: Single User License – US$3850This report contains 198 pages, 8 tables and presents a detailed analysis of the APTT testingmarket in the US, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) and Japan, including clinicalsignificance and current laboratory practice, as well as 5- and 10-year test volume forecasts bycountry and market segment.The growing cost-containment pressures in major industrialized nations and continuedtechnological advances will radically change coagulation testing practice during the next ten years.New specific and sensitive markers of hemostasis will be increasingly used on automatedinstrumentation. Coagulation testing in general, and APTT testing specifically, will become morestandardized, offering opportunities for quality control products and services. Moreover, thecontinuing contraction of the hospital system and technological advances will facilitatedecentralization of the APTT testing closer to the patient, creating additional opportunities andchallenges for suppliers.The report examines market applications of chromogenic substrates, monoclonal antibodies,immunoassays, IT, DNA probes, biochips/microarrays, and other technologies; reviews featuresand operating characteristics of automated analyzers; profiles leading suppliers and recent marketentrants developing innovative technologies and products; and identifies alternative marketpenetration strategies and entry barriers/risks.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTable of ContentsI. IntroductionII. Worldwide Market and Technology OverviewA. IntroductionB. Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT): Clinical Significance and Current Laboratory
  2. 2. ProceduresC. Instrumentation ReviewIntroductionBenk HemolabBenk TRT ThrombotimerBio/Data MCA 310Bio/Data MCA 210Bio/Data PAP-4C D/4D/4CCardiovascular Diagnostics COAGDiagnostica Stago STA CompactDiagnostica Stago STA-RDiagnostica Stago Star 4/8Helena Laboratories Cascade 480Helena Laboratories Cascade MHelena Laboratories PACKS-4Helena THORInstrumentation Laboratory ACL 100 and 1000 seriesInstrumentation Laboratory ACL6000Instrumentation Laboratory ACL7000Instrumentation Laboratory ACL9000Instrumentation Laboratory Electra 1000CInstrumentation Laboratory Electra 1400CInstrumentation Laboratory Electra 1600/CInstrumentation Laboratory Electra 1800CInstrumentation Laboratory FuturaITC Hemochron 8000Roche Diagnostics CoaguChekSiemens BCSSiemens BCTSiemens BF II/Fibrintimer SeriesSysmex CA-50Sysmex CA-500Sysmex CA-1500Sysmex CA-5000/CA-1000Sysmex CA-6000Sysmex CA-7000Teco Coatron II/Jr./AccuStasis 5000Trinity Biotech Amax CS190Trinity Biotech Amax CS400Trinity Biotech Coag-A-Mate MaxTrinity Biotech KC 40, 4A, 1A SeriesTrinity Biotech MDA 180
  3. 3. Trinity Biotech Coag-A-Mate MTXTrinity Biotech Coag-A-Mate RA4Trinity Biotech Coag-A-Mate XC/PlusTrinity Biotech Coag-A-Mate XMD. Major in Vitro Diagnostic Technologies and Their Potential Applications1. Chromogenic Substrates2. Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies3. Immunoassaysa. Applicationsb. Technological Principlec. Enzyme Immunoassays (EIA)OverviewELISAEMITDot Immunobinding AssaysCapillary ImmunoassaysEnzyme AmplificationElectrochemical Immunoassayd. Fluorescent ImmunoassaysFluorescence PolarizationTime-Resolved Pulse FluorescenceFluorescence Lifetimee. Latex Agglutinationf. Immunoprecipitation4. Microcomputers5. Automation6. Robotics7. DNA Probesa. Overviewb. Amplification MethodsPCRLigase Chain ReactionBranched DNAQ-Beta ReplicaseNASBASDA3 SRHPATwo-Tiered SystemLAT8. Artificial Intelligence9. Dry Chemistry
  4. 4. 10. BiosensorsIII. France: Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentIV. Germany: Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentV. Italy: Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentVI. Japan: Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentVII. Spain: Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentVIII. UK: Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentIX. USA: Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentX. Design Criteria For Decentralized Testing ProductsXI. Alternative Market Penetration StrategiesA. Internal DevelopmentB. Collaborative ArrangementsC. University ContractsD. Distribution Strategies for Decentralized Testing Markets1. Marketing Approaches2. Product Complexity3. Customer Preference4. Established Suppliers5. Emerging Suppliers6. Major Types Of Distributors7. Market SegmentationXII. Potential Market Entry Barriers and RisksA. Market MaturityB. Cost ContainmentC. CompetitionD. Technological Edge and LimitationsE. Patent ProtectionF. Regulatory ConstraintsG. Decentralized Testing Market ChallengesXIII. Competitive AssessmentsAbbott
  5. 5. American DiagnosticaAvocet MedicalAxis-ShieldBeckman CoulterBecton DickinsonBio/Data CorporationBiositeChrono-LogCorgenix MedicalDiagnostica StagoHelena LaboratoriesHYPEN BioMedInstrumentation LaboratoryITCNanogenRocheSiemensSiencoSysmexThermo FischerTrinity BiotechZyCareList of TablesMajor Companies Developing or Marketing APTT TestsFranceAPTT Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentGermanyAPTT Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentItalyAPTT Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentJapanAPTT Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentSpainAPTT Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentU.K.APTT Test Volume Forecasts by Market SegmentU.S.A.APTT Test Volume Forecasts by Market Segment
  6. 6. Contact: for more information.