Food service at the service station channel in europe


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Check for Discount on Food Service at the Service Station Channel in Europe report by Datamonitor.

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Food service at the service station channel in europe

  1. 1. Food Service at the Service Station Channel in EuropeConsumers are increasingly demanding food service at forecourts to appease their growingappetite for food-to-go. This trend coupled with declining fuel margins is stimulating fuelretailers to develop better food service, either under their own brands or through partnerships.Specialist food service retailers are also keen to exploit the service station channel to tap thefood-to-go opportunity.Features and benefits  Develop new marketing ideas and promotion strategies by identifying important customer groups and key trends with regards on-the-move consumption.  Benchmark your food service proposition by examining competitors strategies related to product mix, promotions, branding, and partnerships.  Identify potential partners for developing a strong food service offer by accessing information about key bakery, coffee, and fast-food retailers.  Adopt the most suitable route to market by examining the benefits and challenges involved in private label brands and partnerships for food-to-go.  Plan future strategies by examining key developments in the overall food service industry and potential risks from other retailers.HighlightsAcross Europe, the trend toward out-of-home and on-the-move consumption is expected to risegradually up to 2014. Motorists are increasingly demanding more variety in hot food and drinks.Among the various consumer groups, young, single, and intensive motorists have the highestpropensity to buy a food-to-go product from a forecourt shop.Given rising consumer demand, fuel retailers in Spain, Poland, and Italy have developed theirown food service concepts while also partnering with food service specialists. Repsol haspartnered with food service chains including Burger King and Nespresso. PKN Orlen in Polandand Eni Agip in Italy are also expanding their own food service brands.Specialist food service and coffee retailers are developing smaller formats suitable for travelretail destinations. Retailers such as Greggs and Costa Coffee have already entered the UK’sservice station retail space. Subway is also looking to expand its footprint with a high focus onconvenience-led retail locations including forecourts.Your key questions answered  Which customers most value food-to-go at forecourts and how are their needs changing? How can food service be tailored to better meet these needs?  What is the best way to develop a food service offer? What are the challenges in developing own brand compared to partnering with specialists?  Which food service and coffee retailers and their formats are suitable for my service station? Will they be interested in a partnership?
  2. 2.  How are competitors positioning their food service propositions/brands and what features differentiate their offers?  What is the potential of food-to-go at service stations and is there benefit in partnering with fuel retailers to open an outlet at their sites?Get more information @ DetailsPublished: July 2012No. of Pages: 79Price: Single User License: US$3450 Corporate User License: US$8625Table of ContentsOVERVIEWSummaryKEY FINDINGS  Consumer lifestyles are creating demand for food-to-go, especially for breakfast  Economic factors are compelling customers to look for value when eating out  Out-of-home consumption will continue rising with 12% meals already had while travelling  Young and single motorists are driving demand for food service at forecourts  Major oils are developing own brands and partnerships to lock-in high margins on food - to-go  Spanish and Polish fuel retailers are using famous fast-food brands to pull customers  Food quality and service are critical to improving consumer perception of service stations  Fuel retailers are marketing food service in direct competition with fast-food outlets and cafés  Fast-food and coffee retailers are keen to establish presence at service stationsACTION POINTS  Offer hot meals and achieve differentiation through partnerships and novel recipes  Drive regular custom by offering compelling promotions and loyalty schemes
  3. 3.  Improve consumer perception by investing in shop interiors and ensuring cleanliness at all times  Provide value-added services to increase customer engagement  Leverage popular fast-food and coffee brand names through partnershipsCONSUMER TRENDS AND MARKET CONTEXTDefinitionsOn-the-move consumption habits and mealtime occasionsRising out-of-home consumption is driving an opportunity for food service retailersConsumer lifestyles and financial pressures will continue to push on-the-move consumptionBreakfast is the most commonly eaten meal on-the-moveLunch is the most commonly eaten out-of-home meal and is most often eaten at the workplaceThe proportion of dinners eaten on-the-move will rise slightlyMotorists attitudes toward food and drinks to goConsumers regard service stations primarily as a refueling destination rather than a one-stopshopTrend toward consumption on-the-move is driving consumer demand for food service atforecourtsThe need for food service at service stations varies across different consumer groupsMotorists in less developed markets have a latent demand for food-to-go at forecourt shopsFood service at European service stationsFuel retailers using food service marketing to enhance their brandsFood service enhances fuel retailers’ beleagured marginsService station retailers face stiff food service competition from supermarkets and conveniencestoresSTRATEGIC ISSUES AND RESPONSESFood service brands and partnershipsDeveloping a credible and successful food service brand is challenging for fuel retailersPartnering with food service specialists is a quick way to develop a strong offerTravel retail locations form an integral part of high street coffee retailers’ growth plansFood-to-go proposition and product mixService station food service is becoming more meal-orientedSnacks will continue to form an integral part of food service available at service stationsThe focus of food-to-go propositions is shifting toward freshness and qualityService station retailers are regionalizing their food service offers to suit different marketsFood service offer in the context of the physical storeFuel retailers food service propositions need to be flexible to cater to smaller sitesInstore environment and layout help to correctly position the food service offerPromotions and value-added servicesMeal deals and loyalty cards are commonly used at service station shops for promotionsComplementary facilities can help deliver better value to consumersContactless payment technology will improve the convenience attribute of forecourt shopsSERVICE STATION RETAILERS FOOD SERVICE PROPOSITIONSShell
  4. 4. Shell launches its food service brand Deli2Go for more consistent brand experienceShell has adopted a premium food strategy for the highly competitive UK marketIn the Netherlands, Shells food service concept operates under the Deli2Go brandIn Germany, Shell has a well-developed food service offer under the Break Time bannerIn Norway, Shell has a partnership with NorgesGruppen for the operation of the Fresh concept atits sitesBPBP has invested in building a successful standalone food service brand, Wild Bean CaféIn the UK, BP has a well-developed food service offer under the Wild Bean Café brandIn the Netherlands, the Wild Bean Café food concept has low penetration and tough competitionBP is expanding the Wild Bean Café concept in PolandIn Germany, BPs food service concept differs by operating under the Petit Bistro bannerTOTALTOTALs flagship food service concept Café Bonjour needs revitalisingIn France, TOTALs food service is dominant but inconsistent, falling under a variety of bannersTOTAL’s Café Bonjour food service concept is present at only a few sites in the NetherlandsIn Germany, the Café Bonjour brand is present at over half of all TOTAL-branded servicestationsEssoEssos food service offer across Europe is fragmented, with numerous partners and differentformatsIn the UK, Esso On the Run stores need revitalizing to compete with strengthening competitionEsso has a partnership with Délifrance in the NetherlandsIn Germany, Esso faces substantial competition from Aral and Shell in terms of food-to-goIn France, Elior manages all Esso motorway sites that offer food servicesIn Italy, a small proportion of Esso-branded outlets feature a food service conceptStatoilStatoil has a consistent food service offer across different markets under the Made to Go brandStatoil is adding premium and diverse food products in its food service propositionIn Scandinavia, Statoils major push has been on coffee promotionsIn Poland, Statoil sites accept the Premium Club loyalty cardStatoils focus on its own-brand Made to Go is in contrast to other operators in the regionEniEni operates its food service concept under the Eni Café brand nameItalian foods and traditions form the basis of Enis food service proposition across EuropeEni offers its own loyalty card in ItalyRepsolRepsol has its own food service brand in Spain under the Sprint bannerRepsol has formed partnerships with specialist fast-food and coffee retailers in SpainAt around 200 outlets, Repsol features designated seating areas for eat-in customersOMVOMV has its own food service concept under the Viva brand nameHot drinks are OMV’s key focus areaOMV is positioning the Viva food service concept as a high quality propositionPKN Orlen
  5. 5. PKN Orlen operates two food service concepts at its premium service stationsPKN Orlen has its own loyalty program for customer engagement in PolandPOTENTIAL FOOD SERVICE PARTNERS FOR SERVICE STATIONSBakery specialists offer hot ready-to-eat food that motorists can eat as a meal substituteUK retailer Greggs is targeting motorists by opening outlets at forecourts and motorway servicesGreggs focus on product freshness and value pricing provides it with a key competitiveadvantageFornetti’s franchise-based model and flexibility of format makes it a potential partner forforecourt retailersBrioche Dorée, s food service concept is highly suitable for service stationsPartnering with a coffee specialist is an effective strategy to attract customers to the food serviceareaCosta Coffee is a major high street coffee retailer in the UK and is fast expanding globallySielaff offers a broad range of coffee vending machines suitable for service stationsSegafredo’s brand name and franchising model of operation makes it an attractive partner forforecourtsDouwe Egberts is a strong brand name across Europe with a well developed take-away conceptFast-food specialists can help forecourt retailers in developing a credible food offerSubway has plans to expand its footprint across service stations in the UK and IrelandNordsee is focusing on take-away trade through its Snack Shop fasciaFoo Go offers a range of pre-packed sandwiches and other food products suitable for eating onthe goFor more details Contact: