European Markets for Dental Instruments, Hygiene and Oral Care


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European Markets for Dental Instruments, Hygiene and Oral Care

  1. 1. European Markets for Dental Instruments, Hygiene and OralCareReport Details:Published:September 2012No. of Pages: 379Price: Single User License – US$4495In 2011, the market for dental instruments, hygiene and oral care equipment and disposables inEurope was valued at over €519 million.The European markets for dental growth factors includethe markets for emdogain, in addition to the markets for potential dental growth factors such asGEM-21S and INFUSE and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) This market includes dental turbines,electric dental handpieces, dental burs, dental scalers, dental lasers, prophylaxis angles andpastes, professional teeth whitening products, professional fluoride products and digital cariesdetection devices. The dental products and instruments covered in this report span a range ofclinical indications and mainly target private dental practices. Driven by the increasing number ofdentists and dental hygienists being trained and the rise in the use of cosmetic dentistry devices,the market is expected to increase at a steady rate for the foreseeable future. Scope: forecastperiod over the next 5 years (2012 - 2017) Report Includes: Competitor Analysis: We provide adetailed analysis of the competative landscape including market shares and qualitativediscussions of the leading and upcoming competitors in each market segment. Identify StrategicOpportunities, Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring, Market Overview by Segment &Country, Trend Analysis by Segment & Country, Market Drivers & Limiters, Mergers &Acqusitions. Segments included: Scope:Report covers 15 countries including Germany, France,U.K, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal.Segments included: DENTAL TURBINES, ELECTRIC DENTAL HANDPIECE DEVICES, DENTALHANDPIECE BURS, DENTAL SCALERS, DENTAL LASER, DIGITAL CARIESDETECTION,PROPHYLAXIS ANGLE AND CUP,PROPHYLAXIS PASTE,PROFESSIONALFLUORIDE,PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTable Of Contents
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS ILIST OF FIGURES VIILIST OF CHARTS XVIEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 11.1 EUROPEAN MARKETS FOR DENTAL INSTRUMENTS, HYGIENE AND ORAL CARE 11.2 DENTAL TURBINES 21.3 ELECTRIC DENTAL HANDPIECES 31.4 DENTAL HANDPIECE BURS 41.5 DENTAL SCALERS 51.6 DENTAL LASERS 61.7 DIGITAL CARIES DETECTION 71.8 PROPHYLAXIS ANGLES AND CUPS 81.9 PROPHYLAXIS PASTE 91.10 PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING 101.11 PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE 111.12 LEADING COMPETITORS 12RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 132.1 RESEARCH SCOPE 132.2 IDATA’S 9-STEP METHODOLOGY 13Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection 14Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research 16Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design 17Step 4: Performing Primary Research 18Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates 20Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis 21Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities 23Step 8: Final Review and Market Release 24Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring 24EUROPEAN DENTAL INSTRUMENTS, HYGIENE AND ORAL CARE MARKETOVERVIEW 253.1 INTRODUCTION 253.1.1 Air and Electric Dental Handpieces and Consumables 273.1.2 Dental Scalers 273.1.3 Dental Lasers 283.1.4 Digital Caries Detection Devices 293.1.5 Prophylaxis Angles and Pastes 293.1.6 Professional Teeth Whitening 303.1.7 Professional Fluoride Products 303.2 CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE 31
  3. 3. 3.3MARKET OVERVIEW 323.3.1 Dental Instruments, Hygiene and Oral Care 323.3.2 Dental Hygiene Disposables 373.4 TREND ANALYSIS BY SEGMENT 423.4.1 Dental Instruments 423.4.2 Dental Hygiene Disposables 453.5MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 473.5.1 Dental Instruments 473.5.2 Market Drivers 473.5.3 Market Limiters 473.5.4 Dental Hygiene Disposables 483.5.5 Market Drivers 483.5.6 Market Limiters 493.6 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 503.6.1 Dental Instruments 503.6.2 Dental Hygiene Disposables 563.7MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS 60COUNTRY PROFILES 614.1 INTRODUCTION 614.1.1 Population 614.1.2 GDP per Capita 614.1.3 Price Index 614.2 GERMANY 624.3 FRANCE 634.4 UNITED KINGDOM 644.5 ITALY 654.6 SPAIN 664.7 BENELUX 674.8 SCANDINAVIA 684.9 AUSTRIA 694.10 SWITZERLAND 704.11 PORTUGAL 71DENTAL TURBINE MARKET 725.1 INTRODUCTION 725.2MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 745.3MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 815.3.1 Market Drivers 815.3.2 Market Limiters 825.4 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 83ELECTRIC DENTAL HANDPIECE DEVICE MARKET 87
  4. 4. 6.1 INTRODUCTION 876.2MARKET OVERVIEW 896.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 946.3.1 Total Electric Dental Handpiece Attachment Market 946.3.1.1 High-Speed Electric Dental Handpiece Attachments Market 1016.3.1.2 Low-Speed Electric Dental Handpiece Attachments 1086.3.1.3 Electric Dental Handpiece Motor Market 1156.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 1226.4.1 Market Drivers 1226.4.2 Market Limiters 1226.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS .123DENTAL HANDPIECE BUR MARKET 1277.1 INTRODUCTION 1277.2MARKET OVERVIEW 1287.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 1337.3.1 Total Dental Handpiece Bur Market 1337.3.1.1 Diamond Dental Handpiece Bur Market 1407.3.1.2 Carbide Dental Handpiece Bur Market 1477.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 1547.4.1 Market Drivers 1547.4.2 Market Limiters 1547.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS .155DENTAL SCALERS MARKET 1598.1 INTRODUCTION 1598.2MARKET OVERVIEW 1608.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 1658.3.1 Total Dental Scalers Market 1658.3.2 Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler Unit Market 1728.3.2.1 Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler Insert Market 1798.3.3 Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler Unit Market 1868.3.3.1 Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler Tip Market 1938.3.4 Air Scaler Unit Market .2008.3.4.1 Air Scaler Tip Market 2078.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 2148.4.1 Market Drivers 2148.4.2 Market Limiters 2158.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS .216DENTAL LASER MARKET 2199.1 INTRODUCTION 219
  5. 5. 9.1.1 Diode Lasers 2209.1.2 CO2 Lasers 2209.1.3 Nd: YAG 2209.1.4 Er: YAG Lasers 2209.1.5 Er, Cr: YSGG 2219.2MARKET OVERVIEW 2229.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2279.3.1 Total Dental Laser Market 2279.3.1.1 Diode Dental Laser Market 2349.3.1.2 All-Tissue Dental Laser Market 2419.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 2489.4.1 Market Drivers 2489.4.2 Market Limiters 2489.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS .250DIGITAL CARIES DETECTION MARKET 25410.1 INTRODUCTION 25410.2MARKET OVERVIEW 25610.3MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 26110.3.1 Total Digital Caries Detection Market 26110.3.1.1 Image-Based Digital Caries Detection Market 26810.3.1.2 Non-Imaging Based Digital Caries Detection Market 27510.4MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 28210.4.1 Market Drivers 28210.4.2 Market Limiters 28210.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 284PROPHYLAXIS ANGLE AND CUP MARKET 28811.1 INTRODUCTION 28811.2MARKET ANALYSIS & FORECAST 28911.3MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 29111.3.1 Market Drivers 29111.3.2 Market Limiters 29111.4 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 293PROPHYLAXIS PASTE MARKET 29612.1 INTRODUCTION 29612.2MARKET ANALYSIS & FORECAST 29712.2.1 Prophylaxis Paste by Grit Consistency 29912.3MARKET DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 30212.3.1 Market Drivers 30212.3.2 Market Limiters 302
  6. 6. 12.4 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 304PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE MARKET 30713.1 INTRODUCTION 30713.2 PROCEDURES 30813.3MARKET ANALYSIS & FORECAST 31113.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 31313.4.1 Market Drivers 31313.4.2 Market Limiters 31413.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 316PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING MARKET 32014.1 INTRODUCTION 32014.1.1 EU Directives 32214.2MARKET OVERVIEW 32314.3MARKET ANALYSIS & FORECAST 32814.3.1 In-Office Teeth Whitening Market 33514.3.2 Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening Market 34214.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 34914.4.1 Market Drivers 34914.4.2 Market Limiters 35114.5 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 354ABBREVIATIONS 360Contact: for more information.