Cups & Lids to 2016


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Cups & Lids to 2016

  1. 1. Cups & Lids to 2016Report Details:Published:August 2012No. of Pages: 304Price: Single User License – US$5100This study analyzes the US cups and lids industry. It presents historical demand data for the years2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., drinking cups, packagingcups, food cups, portion cups, drinking cup lids, flexible lids, plastic lids) and market (e.g.,foodservice, food and beverage packaging, retail). The study also considers market environmentfactors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles industry players.US cup & lid demand to reach $8.9 billion in 2016US demand for cups and lids is forecast to reach $8.9 billion in 2016, with growth driven by above-average gains for food packaging cups and a favorable outlook for foodservice revenues. Inparticular, cup and lid demand will be propelled by the growing focus on specialty beveragesamong foodservice operators as a means of recovering sales lost due to weakness in thecarbonated soft drink market. Many quick service restaurants are placing greater emphasis onpremium coffee, specialty coffee drinks, iced coffee, smoothies, and frozen lemonade. Theseofferings are also popular as a means of boosting customer traffic since they are often purchasedas snacks rather than as accompaniments to meals.Packaging cups to lead gainsAlthough drinking cups will continue to dominate, the fastest gains are anticipatedin the packaging cup segment due to solid product demand outlooks in key packaging cup-usingmarkets such as yogurt, coffee and tea, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, gains will bedriven by expanding uses, where cups satisfy consumer demand for portable, convenient, single-serving packaging.Among drinking cups, plastic cups are expected to log the fastest gains based on performanceand customization advantages. Additionally, value gains will reflect slightly faster price increasesfor plastic cups than for paper cups. Paper, however, will remain the leading drinking cup materialin value and unit terms through 2016. Demand for paper cupswill be supported by the continued popularity of coffee, particularly premium varieties that aretypically sold in paper cups. Increasing efforts by quick service restaurants to introduce higherendcoffees will also boost paper cup demand, as will the presence of valueaddedinsulated cups and cups featuring degradable coatings. Additionally, environmental concerns andcontrols on polystyrene foam cups will benefit paper cup demand.Lids to outpace cupsLid demand growth will outpace that of cups, fueled by an increasing percentage of drinking cups
  2. 2. utilizing lids, heightened demand for costlier specialty lids, and healthy increases for single-servingpackaging cups, all of which have lids or flexible lidding. The increased level of cups with lids willreflect the rising volume of beverages purchased for offsite consumption, consumer tendencies todrink beverages on the go, and the growing popularity of coffee in quick service restaurants,coffee and snack shops, and convenience stores.Foodservice to remain dominant marketThe foodservice market will remain the dominant cup and lid market. Growth for drinking cups willbenefit from the aforementioned tendencies of coffee and beverages to go from consumer foodoutlets. Trends such as the availability of oatmeal as a quick service breakfast item and thepopularity of self-serve frozen yogurt shops bode well for food cup demand.Solid gains in the food and beverage packaging market will be driven by favorable consumptiontrends for various products commonly packaged in cups, such as yogurt, and coffee and tea forsingle-cup brewing systems. In addition, new applications and product lineextensions utilizing cups will benefit demand. The relative novelty of the cup format in some usescombined with its convenience and portability benefits can help reinvigorate sales of matureproducts while boosting new sales channels.COMPANY PRO FILESProfiles for 39 producers including Berry Plastics, Dart Container/Solo Cup, Georgia-Pacific,International Paper, Reynolds Group, and WinCupGet your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTable of ContentsINTRODUCTION viiiI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT 4General 4Macroeconomic Outlook 5Demographic & Household Trends 8Consumer Income & Spending 12Retail Sales Trends 15Food Consumption Trends 19Packaging Overview 23Raw Material Trends 26Plastic 27Polystyrene 28Polypropylene 30Polyethylene 31Other Plastic Resins 31Paperboard 33Metal, Foil, & Other 35
  3. 3. Pricing Trends 36Environmental & Regulatory Issues 41Recycling 45Degradable Materials 49International Activity & Foreign Trade 51III. PRODUCTS 55General 55Cups 57Drinking Cups 61Paper Cups 67Plastic Cups 73Foam Cups 79Packaging Cups 84Materials 86Producers 88Portion Cups 90Food Cups 93Other Cups 97Lids 99Types 102Drinking Cup Lids 102Flexible Lids 109Other Lids 112Materials 114Plastic Lids 115Other Lids 116IV. MARKETS 119General 119Foodservice 122Foodservice Industry Outlook 123Cup & Lid Demand 127Establishments 129Quick Service Restaurants 130Coffee & Snack Shops 133Other Establishments 135Applications 139Hot Beverages 141Soft Drinks 145Other Applications 148Food & Beverage Packaging 151Food & Beverage Manufacturing Outlook 152Cup & Lid Demand 155
  4. 4. Dairy Products 158Yogurt 160Coffee Creamers 165Pudding 166Other Dairy Products 168Specialty Processed Food 171Fruits & Vegetables 175Coffee & Tea 178Dry Food 180Other 183Retail & Other 189V. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 194General 194Market Share 199Acquisitions & Divestitures 206Competitive Strategies 210Research & Development 213Low-Cost Manufacturing 217Manufacturing 217Marketing & Distribution 220Cooperative Agreements 222Company Profiles 225Airlite Plastics Company 226Amscan Holdings Incorporated 227Bemis Company Incorporated 229Berry Plastics Corporation 231Cascades Incorporated 234Churchill Container, see Koller EnterprisesClondalkin Group Holdings BV 235Constantia Flexibles GmbH 236Crocker (HS) Company Incorporated 238Curwood, see BemisD&W Fine Pack LLC 239Dart Container Corporation 240Dopaco, see Reynolds GroupDuPont (EI) de Nemours 248Eco-Products Incorporated 250Fabri-Kal Corporation 251Genpak, see Pattison (Jim) GroupGeorgia-Pacific, see Koch IndustriesGrupo Phoenix 254Heinz (HJ) Company 256
  5. 5. Hoffmaster Group Incorporated 257Huhtamaki Oyj 258Inline Plastics Corporation 260International Paper Company 261Koch Industries Incorporated 263Koller Enterprises Incorporated 266Letica Corporation 267Master Containers, see Spirit FoodserviceMullinix Packages Incorporated 268New WinCup Holdings Incorporated 270NEX Performance Films Incorporated 272Norse Dairy Systems, see Weston (George)Pactiv, see Reynolds GroupPattison (Jim) Group 274Polytainers Limited 276Printpack Incorporated 277Rexam plc 279Reynolds Group Holdings Limited 280Silgan Holdings Incorporated 284Solo Cup, see Dart ContainerSonoco Products Company 285Spartech Corporation 287Spiralkote Flexible Packaging, see Clondalkin GroupSpirit Foodservice Incorporated 290StyroChem International, see New WinCupToray Industries Incorporated 291Waddington North America Incorporated 292Weston (George) Limited 294Whirley Industries Incorporated 296Wihuri Oy 297WinCup, see New WinCupWinpak Portion Packaging, see WihuriOther Companies in the Cup & Lid Industry 300List of TablesSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary Table 3SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators 82 Population & Households 123 Personal Consumption Expenditures 154 Retail Sales 185 Consumer Food & Beverage Indicators 23
  6. 6. 6 Packaging Supply & Demand 257 Raw Material Demand in Cups & Lids 268 Cup & Lid Pricing 40SECTION III -- PRODUCTS1 Cup & Lid Demand by Type 572 Cup Demand by Type, Material, & Market 603 Drinking Cup Demand by Material & Market 654 Paper Drinking Cup Demand by Type & Market 705 Plastic Drinking Cup Demand by Market 756 Foam Drinking Cup Demand by Type & Market 837 Packaging Cup Demand by Material 868 Portion Cup Demand by Material 939 Food Cup Demand by Material 9710 Other Cup Demand 9911 Lid Demand by Type & Market 10112 Drinking Cup Lid Demand by Type 10613 Flexible Lid Demand by Material 11214 Other Lid Demand by Material 11415 Lid Demand by Material 115SECTION IV -- MARKETS1 Cup & Lid Demand by Market 1212 Foodservice Establishments & Revenues 1263 Foodservice Cup & Lid Demand by Establishment 1284 Quick Service Restaurant Cup & Lid Demand 1325 Coffee & Snack Shop Cup & Lid Demand 1356 Other Foodservice Establishment Cup & Lid Demand 1387 Foodservice Cup & Lid Demand by Application 1408 Hot Beverage Cup & Lid Demand by Beverage & Type 1459 Carbonated Soft Drink Cup & Lid Demand 14810 Other Foodservice Cup & Lid Demand by Product & Type 15111 Food & Beverage Shipments 15412 Food & Beverage Packaging Cup & Lid Demand 15713 Dairy Product Cup & Lid Demand 15914 Yogurt Cup & Lid Demand 16415 Coffee Creamer Cup & Lid Demand 16616 Pudding Cup & Lid Demand 16817 Other Dairy Product Cup & Lid Demand by Application& Type 17118 Specialty Processed Food Cup & Lid Demandby Application & Type 17519 Fruit & Vegetable Cup & Lid Demand by Application & Type 17820 Coffee & Tea Cup & Lid Demand 180
  7. 7. 21 Dry Food Cup & Lid Demand by Application & Type 18322 Other Food & Beverage Packaging Cup & Lid Demandby Application & Type 18523 Retail & Other Cup & Lid Demand by Market & Product 193SECTION V -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Cup & Lid Sales by Company, 2011 1972 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 2093 Selected Cooperative Agreements 224List of ChartsSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Raw Material Demand in Cups & Lids, 2011 272 Plastic Demand in Cups & Lids, 2011 28SECTION III -- PRODUCTS1 Cup Demand by Type, 2011 612 Drinking Cup Demand by Material, 2011: by Value& by Unit 663 Lid Demand by Type, 2011 102SECTION IV -- MARKETS1 Cup & Lid Demand by Market, 2011 1222 Foodservice Cup & Lid Demand by Establishment, 2011 1293 Foodservice Cup & Lid Demand by Application, 2011 1414 Food & Beverage Packaging Cup & Lid Demand, 2011 158SECTION V -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Cup & Lid Market Share, 2011 201Contact: for more information.