Chinese Markets for Diabetes Drugs


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Chinese Markets for Diabetes Drugs

  1. 1. Chinese Markets for Diabetes DrugsReport Details:Published:September 2012No. of Pages: 185Price: Single User License – US$4000Chinas demand for diabetes drugs has grown at a fast pace in the past decade. In the next fiveyears, both production and demand will continue to grow. This new study examines Chinaseconomic trends, investment environment, industry development, supply and demand, industrycapacity, industry structure, marketing channels and major industry participants. Historical data(2001, 2006 and 2011) and long-term forecasts through 2016 and 2021 are presented. Majorproducers in China are profiled.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTABLE OF CONTENTSI. INTRODUCTIONReport Scope and MethodologyExecutive SummaryII. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTEconomic OutlookKey Economic IndicatorsIndustrial OutputPopulation and LaborForeign InvestmentForeign TradeFinancial and Tax RegulationsBanking System and RegulationsForeign ExchangeTaxes, Tariff and Custom Duties
  2. 2. III. DIABETES DRUGS INDUSTRY ASSESSMENTSDiabetes Drugs Industry StructureMarket SizeMarket Growth DriversDiabetes Drugs Industry CapacityWorld Market IntroductionChina Market IntroductionChina Diabetes Development HistoryMajor Producer Facility Locations, OutputIntroduction of Some Diabetes DrugsLabor Cost Potential Entrants Major DistributorsMajor Foreign InvestmentTechnology DevelopmentIV. DIABETES DRUGS PRODUCTION AND DEMANDOverview Demand of Diabetes Drugs by RegionDiabetes Drugs Production and DemandInsulin Medicines Major Manufacturers Supply and Demand a-glucosidase Inhibitor Medicine Major Manufacturers Supply and Demand Promoting Insulin Secretion Drugs Major Manufacturers Supply and Demand Sulfonylurea DrugsMajor Manufacturers Supply and Demand Biguanides Drugs Major Manufacturers Supply and Demand Digestives Major Manufacturers Supply and Demand
  3. 3. Insulin Sensitizer.Major ManufacturersSupply and DemandTraditional Chinese medicine DrugsMajor ManufacturersSupply and DemandDiabetes Drugs Imports and ExportsDiabetes Drugs ImportsDiabetes Drugs ExportsPricing TrendV. DIABETES DRUGS MARKET OUTLOOKDiabetes Drugs Market Outlook OverviewGovernment RegulationsHealth Care Insurance Industry OverviewConsumer Spending TrendsDemographic TrendsHealth Care Industry TrendsHospitals and Hospital BedsPhysicians and Physician VisitsVI. MARKETING STRATEGIESChina Market Entry OverviewChina’s Distribution SystemAnti Peptic Ulcer Drugs Distribution ChannelsTransportation and Freight InfrastructureCommunicationsChina’s Market EntryExport to ChinaIndirect exportDirect ExportLicense and Contract ManufactureAssembling in ChinaContract ManufacturingTrade Permit
  4. 4. InvestmentEquity Joint VentureContractual Joint VentureWholly Foreign-Owned EnterpriseVII. DIABETES DRUGS PRODUCER DIRECTORYDiabetes Drugs Producer ProfilesDistributors and Trading CompaniesResearch Institutions and AssociationsLIST OF TABLESI. INTRODUCTIONEconomic Outlook SummaryII. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTKey Economic IndicatorsIndustrial OutputPopulation and Labor Force TrendsForeign Investment and LoansForeign TradeIII. DIABETES DRUGS INDUSTRY ASSESSMENTSDiabetes Drugs Industry CapacityDiabetes Drugs Capacity, Output and DemandDiabetes Drugs Production and DemandMajor Producer Facility LocationMajor Diabetes Drugs Producer Output, Capacity and Market ShareMajor Foreign Investment in ChinaIV. DIABETES DRUGS PRODUCTION AND DEMANDDiabetes Drugs Capacity and DemandDiabetes Drugs Capacity and Growth RateDiabetes Drugs Capacity, Output and Demand and Growth RateDiabetes Drugs Output and Demand
  5. 5. Demand of Diabetes Drugs by RegionInsulin Medicines Production and Demanda-glucosidase Inhibitor Medicines Production and DemandTotal Diabetes Drugs Production and DemandPromoting Insulin Secretion Drugs Production and DemandSulfonylurea Production and DemandTotal Biguanides Production and DemandTotal Insulin Sensitizer Production and DemandTraditional Chinese medicine Drugs Production and DemandChina Diabetes Drugs ImportsV. DIABETES DRUGS MARKET OUTLOOKTotal Diabetes Drugs Sales Volume by MarketConsumer Spending TrendDemographic TrendsHealth Care Industry TrendsHospitals and Hospital BedsPhysicians and Physician VisitsVI.MARKETING STRATEGIESVII. DIABETES DRUGS PRODUCER DIRECTORYLIST OF CHARTSI. INTRODUCTION
  6. 6. Diabetes Drugs Production and Demand SummaryII. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Chinas GDP and Industrial Output Industrial Output by OwnershipForeign Investments and LoansIII. DIABETES DRUGS INDUSTRY ASSESSMENTSDiabetes Drugs Capacity in ChinaDiabetes Drugs Capacity, Output and DemandIV. DIABETES DRUGS PRODUCTION AND DEMANDTotal Diabetes Drugs Output and DemandTotal Diabetes Drugs ImportsV. DIABETES DRUGS MARKET OUTLOOKVI. MARKETING STRATEGIESVII. DIABETES DRUGS PRODUCER DIRECTORYContact: for more information.