Chinese Markets for Batteries


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Chinese Markets for Batteries

  1. 1. Chinese Markets for BatteriesReport Details:Published:November 2012No. of Pages: 255Price: Single User License – US$4000Chinas demand for batteries has grown at a fast pace in the past decade. In the next five years,both production and demand will continue to grow. This new study examines Chinas economictrends, investment environment, industry development, supply and demand, industry capacity,industry structure, marketing channels and major industry participants. Historical data (2001, 2006and 2011) and long-term forecasts through 2016 and 2021 are presented. Major producers inChina are profiled.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeI. INTRODUCTION Report Scope and Methodology Executive SummaryII. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Economic Outlook Key Economic Indicators Industrial Output Population and Labor Foreign Investment Foreign Trade Financial and Tax Regulations Banking System and Regulations Foreign Exchange Taxes, Tariff and Custom DutiesIII. BATTERY INDUSTRY ASSESSMENTS
  2. 2. Battery Industry Structure Market Size Market Growth Drivers Battery Industry Capacity Major Producer Facility Location, Output and Capacity Market Share of Key Producers Labor Costs Potential Entrants Major End-Users Major Distributors Major Foreign Investment Technology DevelopmentIV. BATTERY PRODUCTION AND DEMAND Battery Production and Demand Overview Demand of Battery by Region Non-Rechargeable Battery Production and Demand Lithium Batteries Normal Zinc Manganese BatteryZinc Mercury Batteries Zinc Air Batteries Alkaline Batteries Silver Oxide Batteries Other Non-Rechargeable Batteries Rechargeable Battery Production and Demand Lead Acid Batteries Nickel Cadmium Batteries Rechargeable Lithium BatteriesNickel Hydrogen Batteries Other Rechargeable Batteries Battery Imports and Exports Price TrendV. BATTERY DEMAND BY MARKETBattery Markets Outlook OverviewMotor Vehicles Automobiles and Other Transportation Equipment Transportation Industry Trend
  3. 3. Battery Consumption in Motor VehiclesElectric and Electronic Products Electric and Electronic Market OutlookBattery Consumption in Electronic Products Industrial Products Major Industrial Products Market Outlook Batteries Consumption in Industrial ProductsConsumer Products Consumer Market OutlookBattery Demand in Consumer MarketOther Batteries MarketsVI. MARKET ENTRY CHANNELS Distribution System in China Chinas Distribution System Battery Distribution Channels Transportation and Freight Infrastructure CommunicationsChina’s Market EntryLicensingFranchisingE-commerceTrading Companies and Local AgentsRepresentative Offices and Chinese SubsidiariesWholly Foreign Owned EnterpriseVII. BATTERY PRODUCER DIRECTORY Battery Producer Profiles Distributors and Trading Companies Research Institutions and Associations Major End-UsersLIST OF TABLESI. INTRODUCTION Economic Outlook Summary
  4. 4. II. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTKey Economic IndicatorsIndustrial OutputPopulation and Labor Force TrendsForeign Investment and LoansForeign TradeIII. BATTERY INDUSTRY ASSESSMENTS Battery CapacityMajor Battery Producer Facility LocationsMajor Battery Producer Output and CapacityMajor Share of Key ProducersMajor End-UsersMajor Foreign InvestmentsIV. BATTERY PRODUCTION AND DEMAND Battery Production and Demand Demand of Battery by Region Lithium Batteries Production and Demand Normal Zinc Manganese Battery Production and Demand Zinc Mercury Batteries Production and Demand Zinc Air Batteries Production and Demand Alkaline Batteries Production and Demand Silver Oxide Batteries Production and DemandOther Non-Rechargeable Batteries Production and Demand Lead Acid Batteries Production and Demand Nickel Cadmium Batteries Production and DemandRechargeable Lithium Batteries Production and DemandNickel Hydrogen Batteries Production and DemandOther Rechargeable Batteries Production and DemandChina’s Battery Exports and ImportsV. BATTERY DEMAND BY MARKET Total Batteries Consumption by Market Transportation Industry Outlook Batteries Consumption in Motor Vehicles Electrical and Electronics Industry Trends
  5. 5. Battery Consumption in Electronic Products Industrial Equipment Market Outlook Battery Consumption in Industrial Products Major End-Use Consumer Products Industry Trends Battery Consumption in Consumer ProductsLIST OF CHARTSI. INTRODUCTIONChina’s Battery Output, Capacity and DemandII. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTChina’s GDP and Growth RateIndustrial Output by OwnershipChina’s Imports and ExportsIII. BATTERY INDUSTRY ASSESSMENTS Battery Capacity in China Battery Capacity, Output and DemandIV. BATTERY PRODUCTION AND DEMAND Battery Output and Demand Battery Exports and ImportsV. BATTERY DEMAND BY MARKET Batteries Demand by MarketVI. MARKETING STRATEGIESChina’s Distribution ChannelContact: for more information.