Canada Cider Market Insights


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Canada Cider Market Insights

  1. 1. Canada Cider Market InsightsReport Details:Published:September 2012No. of Pages: 36Price: Single User License – US$1650Product SynopsisComprising of textual analysis and data tables, this in-depth and exclusive country report fromCanadean provides a comprehensive view of the cider industry structure including analysis andprofiles on trade mark owners and local operators. Brand volumes and market share are given byprice segment, alcoholic strength and type (e.g. apple, pear, flavored). Consumption volumes areprovided by pack mix (type, material, refill ability, pack size) and distribution channel (on- and off-premise). Other information includes market valuation/pricing data. All supported by marketcommentary.Introduction and LandscapeWhy was the report written?The 2012 Canada Cider Market Insights report is a high level market research report on theCanadian cider industry. Published by Canadean, this report provides an excellent way of gainingan in-depth understanding of the dynamics and structure of the market. The report covers totalmarket (on- and off-premise) and includes valuable insight and analysis on cider market trends,brands, brewers, packaging, distribution channels, market valuation and pricing.What is the current market landscape and what is changing?Cider has long been domestically produced and commercially distributed in Canada as well asbeing imported (principally from the UK). However, it has only been in the last number of years(since 2005) that it has re-emerged as a beverage of interest for mainstream consumers.What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?The emergence of craft beers as a significant category in the beer segment has brought with it arenewed curiosity not only with respect to beer but also with respect to other beverages such asice wine and ciders.What makes this report unique and essential to read?The Canada Cider Market Insight report is designed for clients needing a quality in-depthunderstanding of the dynamics and structure of the cider market. The report provides a muchmore granular and detailed data set than our competitors.
  2. 2. Key Features and BenefitsThis report provides readers with an excellent way of gaining a thorough understanding of thedynamics and structure of the Canadian cider market.This report provides readers with in-depth data on market segmentation: mainstream, premium,super premium, discount; alcoholic strength; type.This report provides data and analysis of the performance of both domestic and imported brandsand reports on new product activity in 2011.This report provides an analysis of industry structure, reports on company volumes and selectedcompany profilesThis report provides distribution channel data (on- vs. off-premise) and discusses the latest trendsin the key sub-channels. Packaging data includes consumption volumes by pack material, type,size, refillable vs. non- refillable. Market valuation data and selected pricing data are also included.Key Market IssuesThe emergence of craft beers as a significant category in the beer segment has brought with it arenewed curiosity not only with respect to beer but also with respect to other beverages such asice wine and ciders.Cider benefits from consumers looking for a casual type beverage in place of beer and as analternative to FABs, wine and spirits.The market is currently enjoying significant growth through marketing efforts supporting cider astrendy and fashionableThere have been significant resources put forward by the traditional brewers to reposition and/orlaunch serious cider brands.The entry of three major players in Carlsberg (Somersby), A-BInBev (Alexander Keiths) and BrickBrewing (Seagram) will bring measured, well planned growth strategiesKey HighlightsThe cider market is currently enjoying significant growth both through marketing efforts supportingcider as trendy and fashionable.The cider category has experienced significant growth over the last few years and is one of thefew areas of positive performance in the beer and cider segment. The forecast for 2012 is furthergrowth.
  3. 3. The majority of mainstream eating establishments have included cider as a permanent categoryaddition to their beverage alcohol menusCanada is a major global producer of apples and the cider category is clearly dominated by theapple segment, with pear representing a defined import segment.Through 2011 the market has been dominated by three brands: Growers Cider, Strongbow, andMagners who together have consistently account for between 75% and 80% of the market.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeSection 1 Market UpdateKEY FACTS- Market Size- Growth- Market Value- Distribution 2011MARKET COMMENTARY- Current and Emerging Trends- Outlook- Imports and Exports- SegmentationBRANDS- Top 10 Cider Brands - Volume, 2009-2011- Top 10 International Premium and Super premium Cider Brands - Volume, 2009-2011- Brand Analysis- Private Label/Private Label Producers- New Products ActivitySection 2 Brewer ProfilesBREWER PROFILES- LABATT BREWERIES (A-BInBev)- MOOSEHEAD BREWERIES LTD- Moosehead Brand Volumes, 2007-2011- SLEEMAN BREWERIES LTD- Sleeman Brand Volumes, 2007-2011- OKANAGAN CIDER COMPANY- Okanagan Cider Company Brand Volumes, 2007-2011- TREE BREWING COMPANY- THE BRICK BREWING COMPANY- COUNTY CIDER COMPANY- County Cider Company Brand Volumes, 2007-2011- PREMIER BRANDS LTD
  4. 4. - Premier Brand Volumes, 2007-2011MethodologyBeer and Cider Attributes DefinitionsProduct DefinitionsPackaging DefinitionsGlossaryMapLEGISLATION AND TAXATION TABLES- Table 1.2.1 - Taxation Base- Table 1.2.2 - Provincial Excise Taxes for Cider- Table 1.2.3 - Legal Controls on Cider- Table 1.2.4 - Tax Burden on CiderPRICING TABLES- Table 1.3.1 - Selected Consumer Cider Prices: Off-Premise, 2010-2012- Table 1.3.2 - Selected Consumer Cider Prices: On-Premise, 2010-2012DATA TABLES- Commercial Beverage Consumption - per Capita - Liters, 2001-2012F- Commercial Beverage Consumption - per Capita - % Share, 2001-2012F- Commercial Beverage Consumption - per Capita - Growth, 2001-2012F- Commercial Beverage Consumption - Million Liters, 2001-2012F- Alcoholic Beverage Consumption - Liters of Pure Alcohol (LPA) Per Capita, 2001-2012F- Cider Production/Trade/Consumption - Growth, 2005-2012F- Consumption of FABs and Cider, 2001-2012F- Cider Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2010-2012F- Cider Consumption by Local Definition, 2008-2012F.- Cider Consumption by Standard Price Segmentation, 2008-2012F- Cider Consumption by Alcoholic Strength, 2008-2012F- Cider Consumption by Type, 2008-2012F- Cider Consumption by Geographic Scope, 2008-2012F- Cider All Trademarks, 2007-2011- Cider Brands by Local Definition, 2007-2011- Cider Brands by Standard Price Segment, 2007-2011- Cider Brands by Alcoholic Strength, 2007-2011- Cider Brands by Type, 2007-2011- Cider Imported Brands by Origin, 2007-2011- Cider Trademark Owners, 2007-2011- Cider Local Operators, 2007-2011- Cider Leading Brewers/Importers, 2007-2011- Cider Consumption by Pack Mix: Refill ability/Type/Pack/Size, 2008-2012F- Cider Distribution: On vs. Off Premise, 2008-2012FINDUSTRY STRUCTURE- Chart - Leading Brewers/Imports, 2011- Market Structure- Cider Producers/Importers
  5. 5. PACKAGING- Chart - Consumption by Pack Material/Type, 2011- Packaging TrendsCHANNEL ANALYSIS- Chart - Distribution by Channel, 2011- Chart - Consumption by Price Segment, 2011- Market Valuation and Pricing- Cider Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2010-2012F- Distribution TrendsContact: for more information.